How to Avoid Foot Cramps When Skating

How do you avoid foot cramps when skating? Foot cramps when ice skating or skateboarding or when doing any other kind of skating sucks. But it’s not like there’s nothing you can about them. In this post, you get to learn why skaters experience foot cramps, most important, what you can do about this annoyance …

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Why Skating Hurts Feet And What to Do About It

Skating is supposed to be tons of fun, but most skaters if not all skaters have experienced foot pain at some point. But why does skating hurt my feet when I’m supposed to be having endless wheel-y fun the whole time? This is the question this post sets out answer. Disclaimer: I’m a hobby skater, …

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Does Your Kid Need a Helmet Roller Skating?

roller skate kids with helmet

Good roller skate helmets are rarely the cheapest purchases you can make. Small wonder you’re wondering whether your kid really needs a helmet roller skating. Related: Best Kids’ Roller Skates Kids need to wear a certified skate helmet plus protective pads for the knees, elbows, and wrists. But if they can only wear one piece …

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What Are Inline Skates

inline skates what are inline skates

Exactly what are inline skates? In casual conversations, kids and adults use the term roller skates when talking about quad skates as well as when discussing inline skates. But strictly speaking, inline skates aren’t the same as roller skates (quad skates), nor are rollerblades the same thing as roller skates. I dedicate this post to …

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Best Skate Shoes for Kids

skateboard shoe kids

Your grom can wear any well-fitting flat sneaker to ride their skateboard. As long as the sneakers are the right size and have reasonably thin soles, there’s no reason your child can’t use them for skateboarding. But if your son or daughter wants to feel and look like a serious skateboarder, you need to buy …

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Best Kids Skateboard Helmet

A kids skateboard helmet

Any parent who’s spent any amount of time shopping for a kid’s skateboarding gear knows how overwhelming it gets. There’s all sorts of brands to sort through, bazillions of skateboard helmet models to choose from, and all kinds of enticing price points. Then there’s the ever-confusing marketing jargon such as multi-sport, dual sport, dual-certified, and …

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How to Loosen and Tighten Skateboard Trucks

How do you tighten skateboard trucks? You’re asking this question because you’re a beginner skateboarder or are looking to learn how to give your kid a safe, stable, easy-to-maneuver setup. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do precisely that. Related: Best Children’s Skateboards How Tight or Loose Should Skateboard Trucks Be? There aren’t clear …

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How to Store Skateboards

Over time, every skateboarder collects a couple of skateboards. Most of those boards are to be trashed, but there’s one or two that are too good to be abused. In the end, you have a bunch of skateboards, and the question of where to store these skateboards arises. Related: Best Beginner Children’s Skateboards and Cruisers …

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How to Teach a Kid to Skateboard


You recently bought a brand-spanking new kids skateboard for Ryan. What a great parent you are! Now it’s time to dive deep and tap into your teaching ability. It’s time to teach your child to ride a skateboard so they can start enjoying the wheely thrill skateboarding offers. But how do you teach a kid …

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