How to Clean Evenflo Revolve360 Gold

Even the best rotating car seat gets dirty. I believe the Evenflo Revolve360 Gold is the best option out there by the way. You sure don’t want to haul your LO around in a dirty Evenflo 360, and below you’ll learn how to clean the Evenflo Revolve360 Gold.

The Evenflo 360 Gold Cleans Easier Than Others

If you’re like many caregivers who own the Evenflo 360 Gold, you know it’s a real parenting game changer. With it, buckling kids in rear-facing or forward-facing becomes a completely pain-free process.

No more twisting your torso in an attempt to wrangle a fussy 1-year-old into the car seat rear-facing. No more bumps on your little one’s head when getting them out of the backseat. And no more wrenching of your back when putting baby in or getting them out.

What’s more, the Evenflo Revolve360 is pretty easy to clean. In fact, it’s easier to clean compared to other similar car seats since the shell and base aren’t permanently joined together. You can take the shell out of the base to have better access for a thorough clean.

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How to Clean Evenflo Revolve360 Gold: An Easy-to-follow Guide

How do you wash an Evenflo Gold car seat? That’s the main question this tutorial answers. Here, you’ll learn not only how to complete this critical task, but you’ll learn a bunch of tips that’ll help you take care of your seat like a pro. Below is a summary of what to do.

When washing the Evenflo Revolve360. first take off the harness covers. Then, remove the seat covers and every piece of padding including the headrest and the infant inserts (head and body pillows). Run a gentle cycle to wash these parts separately. Use cold water and a decent amount of a mild detergent.

Then wipe down the base, harness, and plastic and metal parts with a cloth dipped into soapy water and excess water squeezed out.

Finally, tumble dry for 10-15 minutes on low heat or air dry completely before reinstalling the padding and seat covers. 

That’s the short answer. Now, it’s time to add meat to the above cleaning process. Below, I describe each step you need to take to end up with a squeaky clean Evenflo Revolve360.

Step #1: First, Vacuum Up Bits of Food and Cookies

Before you remove the seat cover and pads, grab your handheld vacuum and pick up all the those crunchy bit of cookies and other dry stuff on the seat.

Be sure to attach the right cleaning tool, and a crevice tool would work best. Watch a mom cleaning her Evenflo Revolve360 Car Seat in this video.

Using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool enables you to quickly pick up all kinds of debris from the seat and in hidden places on and inside the base.

Don’t have a vacuum cleaner? Well, get one. You can rent one from Home Depot for about $20 a day.

Step #2: Remove the Seat Covers

Admittedly, this is the most involved step when cleaning this swivel car seat. It can be tricky if you’ve never done it before, but that applies to pretty much all car seats.

So how do you remove the seat cover of the Evenflo Revolve360? To remove the seat cover of the Evenflo Gold 360 Revolve, follow the simple steps below:

1.Push in (and hold in this position) the harness release button while pulling on the straps.

2.Pull up on the headrest and get the elastic straps located around the headrest height adjustment handle. This handle is located near the top of the shell.

BTW, this is one of the most adjustable headrests I know of. And when you combine this with the fact that the tallest harness height is 19″, you have a car seat that accommodates taller passengers better than the vast majority in the swivel universe.

3. Proceed to get the elastic straps from your vehicle’s seatbelt guides before sliding the pad on the headrest over it (over the headrest, that is).

4. The next step is getting a hand in the opened headrest pad to pull out the harness strap and then detaching the headrest padding from the seat.

5. At this point, return the headrest to its original position and then pull the fabric on the back of the shell down from the top. This action releases the 2 plastic tabs on the back of the seat.

6. The seat pad connects to the car seat shell via hooks, and you need to disconnect these hooks to set the seat pad free. So, take a look at the front of the seat pad. You’ll find a flap there, and you’re to slide this flap down, and doing this easily disconnects the hooks.

7. Remove the seat’s back padding, the one that supports the little passenger’s back during rides. From the rear of the shell, pull this padding to release it from the 2 rotation handles on either side of the top of the shell.

8. Move to the bottom of the back pad and disconnect the connectors there and then remove the padding from the seat starting from the top of the shell.

9. Proceed to the lower vehicle seat belt guides and get the fabric binding from around these guides.

10. Finally, remove the seat padding from the seat after pushing the buckle and harness adjustment strap through a slot.

Step #3:Clean the Soft Goods

Toss the harness covers, seat padding, back padding, newborn insert (body & head pillows) and headrest in the washer.

Evenflo says to wash these parts separately on the gentle cycle. You should use cold water and add in a reasonable amount of a mild detergent.

You don’t want to add chlorine bleach to the wash, nor should you use any kind of excessively strong or abrasive cleaner or solvent.

Step #4: Put the Pads into the Dryer (or Air Dry Them)

The padding and cover on the Evenflo Revolve360 can be safely tumble dried. The manufacturer recommends tumble drying these parts for 10-15 minutes.

You can air dry these parts as well. Don’t worry; most car seat fabrics are made from polyester or nylon, and these fabrics don’t fade quickly or break down when exposed to sunlight according to A Cleaner World.

Step #5: Clean the Harness Straps, Buckle, and Metal&Plastic Parts

Definitely don’t immerse the harness straps in water. Instead, wipe them down with a damp cloth dipped into mildly soapy water. A damp cloth or microfiber, not a wet one.

Afterward, wipe the harness with a clean dry cloth and air dry it. But if the harness isn’t dirty, you can get away with not cleaning it.

To clean the buckle, use a clean damp cloth, BUT the water you dip the cloth into shouldn’t be soapy. Absolutely no soap for the buckle.

As for the base, and other plastic and metal parts, wipe them clean using a damp cloth. Simply dip a clean cloth into soapy water (prepped with a mild detergent) and wring excess water out. Then, dry these parts with a soft dry cloth.

To remove tiny bits of debris from the inside of the base, you can use a small handheld vacuum cleaner. You’re going to need to lift off the shell to expose the dirty base. And to clean the outer surface of the base, use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Here’s how to clean the buckle on the Evenflo Gold 360:

  • Warm some clean water and put it in a cup.
  • Grab the buckle (not the harness webbing) and dip it in the warm water.
  • Move the buckle around in the water while pressing the red button a couple of times so that the warm water reaches every nook and cranny to dislodge the dirt/grime. If the buckle isn’t properly cleaned, latching might stop working properly.

Step #6: Replace the Seat Covers and Other Padding

Here’s how to replace the cover of the Evenflo Gold 360:

1. Lower the headrest, which takes almost zero effort to do.

2. Put the back padding around the upper part of the shell. As you do this, secure the plastic tabs on the seat’s back.

3. Use the two hooks on the flap on the front of the car seat to secure this flap to the shell.

4. Move to the lower vehicle seat belt guides and start tucking the plastic tabs (these plastic tabs are found on both sides of the seat) into the “groove” around the seat’s perimeter.

5. Once you’re done tucking in the plastic tabs, start tucking the back pad into the groove/channel located around the seat’s rotation handles.

6. Get the elastic binding back around the lower belt guides.

7. Pull the seat pad over the seating area and then pass the adjustment strap on the harness through the outer slot (the slot on the front of the seat) and pull on it.

8. Get the buckle strap through the right slot (usually the slot closest to baby without the buckle being underneath) and pull.

9. Secure the hook-and-loop fasteners that connect the back padding to the seat pad and be sure that the harness straps are correctly routed. The good thing with the 5-point harness on the Evenflo Gold 360 is that it doesn’t wind up all twisted when you’re replacing the seat pad.

10. Pull up on the headrest and then replace its padding. As you put the padding back in, tuck it around the shoulder belt guide.

11. Pull the elastic straps around the back of the headrest and shoulder belt guides to snap them into place.

12. Pull the harness straps through the opening on the headrest pad and you’re done!

Tips for Cleaning the Evenflo Revolve360 Car Seat

According to the manufacturer, you shouldn’t do any of the following when cleaning the Evenflo Gold 360:

  • Don’t damage labels.
  • Never use any kind of abrasive solvents or cleaners.
  • Don’t clean the buckle with soap.
  • Don’t lubricate the LATCH/UAS connectors or any other parts of the seat at all.
  • Don’t immerse the lower connectors, harness, and buckle.
  • When machine-washing the seat covers and padding, don’t use any kind of chlorine bleach.

What to Do When Your Evenflo 360 Gold Expires

When this car seat reaches its expiration date, which happens to be 10 years from DOM, you can recycle most of its parts.

If the recycling center nearest to you accepts it, you should be able to recycle the metal parts, padding, fabric, and plastic parts. You need to break down the seat by removing all screws.

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What if the recycling plant near you won’t accept your old Evenflo Gold? Then break it down and trash it. Be sure to cut up the harness and mark the seat as unsafe so that no one will end up using it.

Cleaning Evenflo Revolve360 FAQs

1.How Do You Clean the Evenflo 360 Seat?

First off, remove the harness covers, seat pad, back padding, newborn inserts, and headrest pad. Turn on your washer and wash them using cold water and some mild detergent. Finally, air dry these parts or tumble dry for 10-15 minutes and then replace the seat covers and padding. Returning the padding isn’t hard. The harness happens to be no-rethread, which means it won’t give you problems.

2.Do You Need to Remove the Cupholders When Cleaning the Evenflo 360 Gold?

No, that’s not necessary. However, removing and tossing them in the top rack of your dishwasher is a good idea. Don’t worry, these cup holders are dishwasher safe. Also, you don’t need to remove the cupholders when replacing the seat pad.

3. How Do I Wash the Base of the Evenflo Revolve360?

Remove the shell to get better access of the seat. If there’s bits if cookies and small debris hiding in the base, you can suck them up with a hand-operated vacuum cleaner. As for cleaning the outside of the base, get a damp cloth and wipe it down.

4. How Do I Clean the Buckle and Harness of the Evenflo 360 Gold?

The best way to clean the harness of the Evenflo 360 Gold is to dip a clean rag into warm water mixed with a mild detergent, squeeze out excess water, and wipe down the straps. According to the manufacturer, immersing the harness straps in water is a bad idea.

As for the buckle, don’t clean it with soap. Instead, put the buckle in a cup or small container with warm water and move it around while pushing the red button in and out to make sure every corner gets cleaned.

5. Do I Have to Get the Car Seat from the Vehicle to Clean It?

If the car seat isn’t too dirty and doesn’t need deep cleaning, you can clean it while still inside the vehicle. But if it’s quite dirty, removing the shell and base from the car to clean them outside would be the best approach.

Cleaning Up the Evenflo 360 Gold: Wrap Up

Cleaning the Evenflo Gold isn’t a difficult task. First remove the padding and seat cover (follow the guide above to do this). Then, run a gentle cycle and wash each pad separately in cold water and mild detergent.

Tumble dry the padding and fabric for about 10-15 minutes or air dry if you can before finally replacing the seat covers and reinstalling the seat.

Wipe down metal and plastic parts with a damp cloth and dry them up with a fresh dry cloth. Don’t clean the buckle with soap.

You can clean this car seat without removing it from the car. But if you want to deep clean the car as well, you can certainly take the seat out and clean it outside.

Avoid using any kind of strong cleaning compounds or solvents and definitely stay away from chlorine bleach.

Author: Stacey Whitney

As a freelance content writer and sleep-deprived mom, Stacey Whitney's hands are always full, but she never misses an opportunity to share her personal experience with any product or idea that helps other moms survive parenting.

Stacey Whitney

As a freelance content writer and sleep-deprived mom, Stacey Whitney's hands are always full, but she never misses an opportunity to share her personal experience with any product or idea that helps other moms survive parenting.

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