Are Kick Scooters Dangerous

woman riding a scooter kick

We’ve always associated kick scooters with kids. But more and more adults are beginning to ask, why are kids having all the fun while we just stand and watch? In fact, kick scooters and electric scooters are becoming a trend of sorts. Many people around the world are using these devices as a last-mile personal …

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What is an Electric Kick Scooter?

electric scooters

There are kick scooters, and then there are electric scooters. But wait, there’s also self-balancing scooters aka hoverboards. What the heck is an electric scooter? Is an electric scooter the same as a hoverboard? This post answers this questions and a bunch others that might interest you. What is an Electric Scooter? Also called stand-up …

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Are Kick Scooters Bad for Knees

Fact: riding a kick scooter is endless fun. And it burns unwanted calories. But what does it do to the rider’s knees? Is scooting a high-impact outdoor activity like running? In other words, are kick scooters bad for knees? This post (hopefully) answers all these important scooting-related questions for you and your loved ones. Related: …

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How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Scooter

Your kid’s brand new kick scooter just arrived. Now what? The next thing to do is teach them to ride it. But how do you teach a child to ride a kick scooter when you’ve never done it? Or when you don’t know how to ride this personal transportation device yourself? Don’t worry. Because in …

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How to Choose Kick Scooters for Kids

kids scooter

I imagine you’re planning on buying a kick scooter that your kid can use for commuting to school. Or just have kiddie fun with friends around the neighborhood. Or they want a toy and insist it need to be a kid’s kick scooter. But here’s the tricky part: how do you choose a kick scooter …

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Hoverboard vs Waveboard Which is Better?

A growing number of people want to connect with themselves, others, and the great outdoors.  And one always needs a board in some form or shape for that, right? There are hoverboards, waveboards, skateboards, electric skateboards, longboards, electric scooters, Segways, and whatnot to make it all happen. But which board is the right choice for …

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Hoverboard vs Electric Scooter Which is Better?

Micro-mobility’s become quite a thing, and while not everyone can or wants to scooter or hoverboard to work, more and more people are joining the movement. But which last-mile transporter works better for most people, hoverboards or electric scooters? Each device represent a set of advantages, and it may not be easy for everyone to …

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Hoverboard vs Onewheel Which is Better?

Standing on the fence and aren’t quite sure which between a hoverboard and a Onewheel to buy for personal enjoyment? This resource discusses all kinds of things you need to know about each of these electric personal transporters so that you can make an enlightened choice. Related: Hoverboard vs Electric Skateboard Hoverboard vs Segway Difference …

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Hoverboard vs Segway What’s the Difference?

Many people use the word Segway when they’re actually talking about hoverboards, and vice versa. While these two-wheeled self-balancing scooters use the same board balance and propulsion technology, they’re not the exact same product. In this post, you’ll learn the differences and similarities between these two personal transportation devices. Related: Hoverboard vs Waveboard What’s the …

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