How to Choose Skateboard Bearings

how to choose skateboard bearings

Choosing skateboarding gear is like choosing any other kind of outdoor fun gear: it isn’t always as easy as ABCD. But it’s not too difficult or confusing either. With this skateboard bearings buying guide, you’ll be able to select a set of ball bearings that roll really well without costing your life’s savings. Related: Best …

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How to Clean Skate Shoes

dirty skate shoes

Your kid’s skateboard shoes are all dirty and messy, and it’s time to clean them. But how do you clean skate shoes and leave them looking nice and fresh? In this post, I show you the step-by-step process of TLC-ing skateboard shoes so your son or daughter will want to wear them all the time. …

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How to Clean and Maintain a Skateboard

bones bearings cleaner unit

Your child’s skateboard, just like everything else with moving parts, needs to be cleaned properly from time to time. But how do you clean your kid’s skateboard and keep it well-maintained so that it rolls like a dream all the time? In this post, I give you the step-by-step process that I follow to remove …

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A Guide to Choosing a Skateboard for Your Child

a cruiser skateboard for kids

Choosing the first skateboard for a child is often a journey fraught with doubts and worry. A million safety-related questions are racing across the mind. Questions such as: which is the safest skateboard for kids? What features and specs should I keep an eye on when pocking out a skateboard for my child? How much …

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Best Skateboards for Beginner Kids

kids skateboarding

When choosing kids’ skateboards and other kinds of outdoor fun gear, it’s easy to descend into a rabbit hole. There’s loads of options on the market that seem good. And many others that come in at incredibly low prices and have you whipping out your card instantly. But are they really the best skateboards for …

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Best Roller Skates for Kids

roller skates for kids

You’re looking to buy a pair of the best roller skates for kids so your little one can enjoy the indoors and outdoors more. But there’s tons of choices on the market, and it can get a whole lot overwhelming. You’re up against a vast sea of what looks like good quad skates for young …

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Best Rollerblades for Kids

rollerblades for kids plus a helmet

Good rollerblades for kids help them get solid exercise all while having fun indoors and outdoors. When choosing inline skates for kids, size, skating skills, skate type, brand, price, boot material, closure type, frame material, wheel size & quality, wheel softness/hardness, and a few other aspects can complicate the shopping process a bit. This resource …

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Best Roller Skate Helmets for Kids

s1 mini lifer roller skate helmet

If you’re wondering whether kids need to wear a helmet roller skating, stay with me. Children who roller skate regularly face an ever-present head injury risk. The brain of a young child is still developing, and it’s critical to keep it adequately protected at all times. The best roller skate helmets for kids prioritize head …

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Best Rollerblade Helmets for Kids

best kids rollerblades

Little rascals everywhere love wheeling around on the best kids rollerblades. But here’s a not-so-pleasant truth: kids sometimes fall while inline skating. And things can get pretty messy if they don’t have proper protective headgear. But even the best rollerblade helmets for kids don’t guarantee full protection against concussions according to the CDC. However, a …

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Roller Skates for Kids Guide

An inline skate for kids

Buying roller skates for kids can have you spending tons of hours on the web searching for the best options. There’s tons of quad skates and roller blades everywhere you look. And deciding what to pick up for your kiddo can be a doubt-packed experience. This roller skates for kids guide dives into what features …

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