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I’m Esther Monie, a youngish mom born and partly raised in Chicago. A few years ago, my parents held a yard sale. They sold everything they could and flew away to a destination you likely haven’t heard about.

That destination was Kenya. This is where I live with my hubby, two playful kids, two dogs that shed heaps even though they’re supposed to shed way less, and a curious cat. 

There’s a bunch of reasons our family moved, but it’s majorly because we wanted a cheaper, slower life. Mom and Dad felt America was just too fast for us. I believe they were right. 

We live in Nairobi, the country’s largest city. Some folks in this almost-always-sunny city think we’re rich. Isn’t everyone from the U.S. rich? I guess it’s because our family has always driven what seems like nice cars. 

Perhaps, it’s also because we lived (still do, and no, we don’t live with our parents) in a nice home located in some leafy suburb.

Plus, my hubby and I jog almost every morning. We even pushed jogging baby strollers around when our babies were young.

And jogging in this country isn’t for everyone. Only a certain “class” of people have the time for (or resources to invest in) this kind of luxury. Only “rich” people jog. Rich people like us. If only they knew…

But I digress.

I’m a mother. And I’m tired nearly pretty much the whole time.

Still, I’m happy. Happy because two cute little babies adore me.

But there’s more.

Ricky, my hubby, dotes on me. He still looks at me the same way he did when we first became love birds back at college. At least, that’s what I like to think. 

I earned my BA. degree in Psychology from one of the best universities in this country, USIU (United States International University). And I joined grad school in June 2021 to pursue a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

So, why did I study psychology? Because I love kids and people in general; I’m looking to increase my capacity so I can help them live better, happier lives.

 Back to my adorable little kiddos, Ryan and Brian. I’m their proud mom, a mom who actually enjoys taking care of her hubby and kids.

I can relate to the struggles moms and dads, especially working parents, endure each day. This blog details my parenting journey: the struggles I’ve faced, and the little joys raising my kids brings. I share my experiences in the hope that they might enrich your life in some way. Or even inspire it, who knows. 

As any loving mom does, I’m always shopping around for all kinds of baby essentials that promise to make my babies’ daily existence easier, better, and healthier.

I’ve bought my fair share of not-so-good baby gear along the way. From leaky baby bottles and diapers that couldn’t hold poop to kids rollerblades that sucked at supporting weak ankles. 

But I’ve also bought a boatload of fantastic baby items such as:

Here, I journal my thoughts about all the awesomeness my babies derive from some of the best baby products I gift them. I also share thoughts about the occasional item that turns out to be a bad buy to save you from future disappointment.

Before you buy common baby gear whether it’s a baby monitor or your kid’s first-ever stroller, visit this blog. Chances are you’ll find a detailed buying guide that’ll clear up any misconceptions you might have about the product.

Oh, and I don’t work alone here. Joe Waweru, a medical professional practicing in the United States, helps me help other moms by reviewing any piece of information that mentions anything health/medical-related. Waweru is a became a registered nurse (RN) after graduating from St. Joseph School of Nursing in Nashua, NH and getting the requisite licensing and board approval.

Then then’s Stacey Whitney, a fellow mom who likes writing about parenting stuff here on She’s a freelance content writer, and when she’s not writing for this site and her other clients’ sites, she’s busy wheeling here tots around in some jogging stroller or creating an educational parenting video on YT.

Have any concerns about anything on this website? Please, don’t tell anyone else online before telling me. Be nice to this tired but loving mom and air your concerns to her first. I promise to always do everything I can to address your concerns.

I try to respond back to everyone who emails me. To contact me, email me via this address:


Happy parenting! 


Esther Monie

Joe Waweru

Stacey Whitney