Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms

Best baby monitor for two rooms

Baby monitors are a must-have item for all new parents, but if you have an infant in one bedroom and a toddler in another, your baby monitor has to pull double duty. Finding the best baby monitors for single rooms can be enough of a challenge, but is it possible to find the best baby …

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Baby Monitor FAQs

a monitor for baby

When it comes to baby monitors, there are quite a few things that cause anxiety among parents. These issues range from electromagnetic radiation (EMFs), network inference, baby monitor hacking, and false alarms to strangulation risk, range, price, and more. These baby monitor FAQs are an attempt to answer the most important questions about baby alarms …

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Ultimate Baby Monitor Guide

baby monitor with video and audio

Shopping for essential baby gear is often a journey fraught with uncertainty and the fear of making a costly mistake. But buying mistakes happen, and in this ultimate baby monitor guide, I uncover everything you should know before pulling the trigger. Here, you’ll learn tips and tricks that baby-specific monitor manufacturers may not want you …

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How to Hide Baby Monitor Cords

baby monitor cord sleeve

Video baby monitors with Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi always come with a cord that links the baby-watching device to the power outlet. Most parents (you too should because you care) try to hide their baby monitor so that their little one’s nursery feels like the warm, secure place it’s supposed to be. But what do …

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Best Baby Monitor With App

Best baby monitor with app

If you’re shopping for baby monitors, the first thing you’ll notice is how fancy they have gotten. Completely unlike they were even 10 years ago, today’s baby monitor comes with crystal-clear pictures and sound and even apps that let you view your child regardless of where you are. Below are some of those monitors babies …

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