Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms

Baby monitors are a must-have item for all new parents, but if you have an infant in one bedroom and a toddler in another, your baby monitor has to pull double duty. Finding the best baby monitors for single rooms can be enough of a challenge, but is it possible to find the best baby monitors for two rooms? Fortunately, today’s monitors for babies often include two separate cameras so that both rooms are accommodated, and finding these monitors is easier than you think.

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Bested 5 Baby Monitors for Two Rooms

1. Babysense Monitor for Babies with Two Cameras

2. Motorola Video Baby Monitor with 2 HD Cameras

3.Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

4.Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen Monitor with Two Cameras

5.LBTech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Best Baby Monitors for Two Rooms (Reviews&Buying Guide)

No one’s saying these dual camera and multi-camera video baby monitors are perfect and have zero flaws. Or that you’ll never ever have issues with any of them. But it’s true that these devices are good enough, and all of them should do the job satisfactorily. Some are great, and you’ll love having them around the house. With the best among them, checking in on your baby shouldn’t feel like complete drudgery.

1. Babysense Monitor for Babies with Two Digital Cameras

monitor with two cameras

With two cameras and two-way talk capability, you can soothe your babies even if you’re not in their rooms. With a range of nearly 1,000 feet, you can take care of your babies regardless of where you are in your home. And when you’re out of range, the device promptly warns you.

A great audio and video baby monitor, the Babysense video baby monitor features two 720p cameras. These are high-quality cameras that produce high-quality pictures so you won’t miss a thing. The 2.4″ color LCD display screen  powered by 2.4 GHz FHSS technology means you get a great view of your babies any time you like, thanks to its auto infrared night vision. 

Additionally, the monitor boasts a battery that lasts longer than most. Plus, the battery features a power-saving function for more convenience. And if the idea of a monitor that sings lullabies to your cute little thing seems appealing, you’ll love this electronic. It comes with programmed lullaby sounds created to soothe your baby, causing to fall asleep in no time.

This device also monitors the temperature in the baby room, sending in low and high temperature notifications. There’s also a timer so you can save energy, and an alarm feature which you likely won’t even use. With this device, you get a 60-degree camera tilt and a 360 degree manual pan.

Throw in expandability to 4 cameras, the Eco Mode voice activation feature, and sound activated LED indicators, and you have camera that packs pretty much every critical feature.


  • Long lasting battery and power-saving function
  • Programmed lullaby sounds to soothe baby to sleep
  • Expandability to 4 cameras
  • Two-way talk back system/capability
  • Table top usability as wall wall mountable


  • Sounds from other families’ monitors can sometimes be heard
  • Pictures can sometimes lag a bit
  • Some may prefer a larger LCD display screen

2. Motorola Video Baby Monitor with 2 HD Cameras

Good baby monitor for 2 rooms

It should be no surprise that one of the best baby monitors comes from a company like Motorola. This one comes with five-inch screens and pan tilt and zoom capability that allows you to get much better views of inside the babies’ rooms.

The split screen is a special perk, and the two-way communication feature offers you the chance to talk to and view your child any time, day or night.

It also offers excellent sound and special features such as room temperature, infrared night vision for better views in the middle of the night, and the ability to capture any sound in the baby’s room, regardless of how slight.

The wide angle lens means you can see a lot of what is going on in your child’s room, and the parent unit allows you to adjust the video function, the camera, and the remote pan so that you see just what you want to see on the monitors.

With this monitor, it is super easy to keep an eye on more than one child at a time, making this the perfect audio and video baby monitor.


  • Split screen to view both babies at once
  • Monitors room temperature for added convenience
  • Sound sensitivity that allows you to hear every sound in baby’s room


  • Sometimes only one audio works in split screen
  • Noise notification sometimes doesn’t work

3. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

best baby monitor for 2 rooms

Some of the many features found in this excellent monitor for baby include one of the best baby cameras around, allowing for a range of up to 1,000 feet and two separate cameras to go in two different rooms.

The wide angle lens allows for a great view into the baby’s room and the infrared night vision allows you to see perfectly even when it’s dark outside.

The talk back feature allows you to speak to your child even when you’re not in the room, and you even get five built-in lullabies to help put the baby to sleep.

Considered one of the best baby monitors when it comes to the split screen feature, you can easily view both babies on one screen at the same time, with each screen portraying a crystal-clear image every time.

Best of all, this baby monitor requires no downloads and no Wi-Fi because it sets up quickly and simply regardless of how good you are at technology. It is the perfect camera and baby monitor for all types of parents.


  • 2 way talk capability allows you to talk to baby from another room
  • Super-easy to set up and to use
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet


  • Some problems with chargers going bad
  • Few users reported their device broke pretty quickly

4. Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen Monitor with Two Cameras

best monitor for 2 rooms

When you have not just one baby’s room but two, you need two cameras to accommodate both children, and Babysense video monitors specialize in this type of service.

When you need multiple rooms covered, with a range of nearly 1,000 feet and a two-way talk feature that allows you to talk to your baby even when you’re not in the room, this is the monitor and camera you need.

With long range views, adjustable night light, remote PTZ, and a long battery life, you can trust this monitor to provide you with excellent views of your children 24/7, allowing you to monitor them and keep an eye on both of them while still participating in other household activities.

It has a tilt and zoom feature, night vision, and programmed lullabies that can help your kids get to sleep even when you’re on the other side of the house.


  • Zoom capability for close-up views
  • Adjustable night light
  • Infrared night vision for great nighttime views


  • Some users don’t like the quality of the night vision
  • Some users think the battery life is too short

5. LBTech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

best baby monitor for 2 rooms

With two cameras that you can place in two different rooms, this high-quality monitor offers tilt and zoom capabilities and two-way communication features that can be a miracle-worker in many circumstances.

It also offers power saving capability, temperature detection, digital tilt and zoom, and the ability to make adjustments from the easy-to-use parent unit, as well as other features considered crucial for parents.

If you have two children and want to make monitoring both kids at the same time much easier, this is the baby monitor for you.

Each of the two cameras is high in quality and shows crystal-clear pictures, not to mention sound that can be picked up even if the baby is barely making a sound.

Regardless of the size of the room, this audio and video baby monitor can accommodate you and help you keep your kids safe around the clock, making your job as a parent a whole lot easier.


  • Temperature detection in baby’s room
  • High-quality views of babies
  • Easy set-up/plug and play features


  • Complaints about short battery life
  • Sometimes the kickstand on the monitor breaks

Best Two Room Baby Monitor: Verdict

All five of these baby monitors offer two HD cameras, two way talk capability, pan tilt and zoom capacity, and relatively large display screens. But we have to go with the Babysense video monitor as the best baby monitor on the list. Why?

Mainly because when it comes to great reviews from real moms and dads, this one beats the others hands-down. The pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) ability is one of the best, and its overall reliability seems to be unbeatable. For a price of around $170, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality baby monitor you can depend on year after year.

How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Maybe you have twins, triplets, or just a bunch of young children around the house. You’re going to need to keep an eye on them the entire time.

If your babies are in the other room or other rooms playing or napping, you need to be able to watch them whether it’s daytime or nighttime. And you want to do that without the inconvenience of having to pad across the room to where the babies are.

But why exactly do you need a video baby monitor with 2 cameras or even more than two? Here are a few reasons you should choose a dual-camera or multiple camera video baby monitor:

1. You Have Twins, Triplets, or Even More Babies in Different Rooms

Twins and triplets don’t happen every day, and quadruplets are even rarer. But they happen. And when they arrive, you’re going to need all the help you can get to watch over them all day and night long.

You can, for example, direct one camera to the baby nursery while pointing the other to the playroom. That way, you have eyes and ears all over the place. And you and your little loved ones can have complete peace of mind.

2. Two Babies or More in the Same Room

Sometimes you have two or more babies having fun in the same room. In that situation, you can have a baby monitor with two cameras or more, each eye and ear trained on each baby.

3.  When You Want Monitoring Eyes and Ears at Different Locations

The best baby monitors with multiple cameras may share certain capabilities with home security systems. Sometimes, you need to keep an eye on people or things other than babies. Maybe you live with your elderly parents, and they need constant monitoring and care for some reason or other.

Or you have several adorable pets such as scooby the playful puppy and Scuzzy the lovely cat. And you need to know what’s going on in their lives 24/7.

Also, you may want to watch various entry points to your home. You probably would want to see your garage, the front porch, the windows and doors down in the basement, or wherever else you need constant surveillance.

Since you can’t be everywhere at the same time, it makes perfect sense to install a whole-house security system. Alternatively, you can install the best baby video monitor with multiple cameras.

Now that you know why you need a baby monitoring device boasting more than one camera, let’s learn how you go about choosing the best of the best.

And here are…..

Guide to Selecting the best Dual-camera Baby Video Monitor

Below is a set of critical factors to keep in mind while shopping for a baby monitor for twins.

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1. Baby Monitor Type

Different types of baby monitors exist, but I’ll focus on just what you need. To properly monitor two rooms at the same time, you should be looking for the best video with audio monitors. Many of these types of monitors feature a touchscreen and offer the zoom, pan, or tilt capabilities.

Additionally, these types have built-in night vision technology. Properly working night vision technology makes it so you can view clear images even when the lights in the nursery are off. Or when the lighting in the nursery isn’t bright enough for whatever reason.

But wait, do you need an analogue or digital baby monitor? There are two main types of baby monitors namely analogue and digital baby monitors. As someone needing to spy on two or multiple rooms at once, you need a video baby monitor with digital audio.

Fortunately, majority of video baby monitors on the market come with digital audio. Such video baby monitors experience less interference from other signals. They typically offer a secure connection. With such options, you likely won’t hear every tiff and ugly fight happening in your neighbor’s bedroom.

Also, it’s best to go with DECT digital baby monitors. These video baby monitors experience even less signal interference than plain digital baby monitors. Plus, DECT digital baby monitors are much quieter than other options.

They feature pretty sensitive microphones with inbuilt ambient noise filters. What that means is you can clearly hear your little loved one as they breathe or cry. But you shouldn’t hear undesirable noises, such as that baby nursery air purifier or air conditioner.

2. Image Resolution and Audio Quality

If you have to squint extremely hard trying to make out the images displaying on the screen, what’s the point of owning that baby monitor?

Nothing irks more than having a camera that shows blurred images. Anyone that ends up with a monitor like that almost always hates their purchase.  And they almost always return the monitor. Hopefully, that won’t be you down the road.

The best baby monitor for mostly tired parents may have an extremely high resolution screen, but that’s not really necessary. As long as the screen is clear and wide enough for you to make out the baby’s or whoever else’s facial features even at night, it’s a good buy.

But what do you do about ambient sounds such those emanating from your air conditioning unit and other background noises? That’s where having a sound activation feature comes in handy.

Few things are as distracting or irritating as having your baby monitor pick such noises and amplify them for you! With the sound activation feature, images and sounds that stream from the baby nursery to the handset or handsets are crystal clear. A baby monitor with video and sound interference filters has the ability to filter out background noises and white noises.

Another great-to-have feature is the light-up indicator for baby sounds. This baby noise indicator enables you to monitor the baby’s noise levels even when you’ve set the volume low. Or when you’ve muted the receiver altogether.

3.Note Down the Baby Monitor’s Camera Options

Having a zoom option as well a wide-angle lens is nice. But it’s not a must-have feature when it comes to effective baby monitors. It helps to choose an option you can pan and tilt even when you’re away via the parent unit. Also, consider how easy the monitor would be to mount. Something you can install on a tabletop or wall with ease should be a good buy.

4.Monitor Features and Controls

Some monitors feature physical buttons while others boast a touchscreen. Regardless whether the device features physical buttons or a touchscreen, it should have responsive controls. The monitor should also be easy to use and intuitive.

I also recommend options that track temperature and tell the time. Some monitors also function as a nightlight while others let you set an alarm with ease.

But few parents really care about being able to use their baby’s monitor as a nightlight or alarm.  After all, parents buy a monitor so they won’t need to walk to the nursery all the time.

Additionally, the monitor needs to be durable enough and shouldn’t break the first time your baby knocks them off the dresser or nightstand. That said, be sure to mount the baby monitor out of reach of the busy little hands of babies and toddlers.

5.Buy a Baby Monitor with Split-screen Display

Nothing feels better than being able to view the goings-on in every room at the same spot. A dual-camera video baby monitor with a split-screen display enables you to do precisely that. With this feature, you get to see both cameras at once.

A baby monitoring device with a split-screen display becomes an absolute necessity when you have two babies in the same room needing your attention.

Some of the better baby monitor models on the market today allow parents and grandparents to view two cameras simultaneously while hearing audio separately.

6.Night Vision Video Technology

When it’s dark and your baby needs you, you want to be able to be available for them. And how can you know they need you when it’s dark and your none of the two cameras on the baby monitor can see in the dark? As you shop, be sure to order a device that offers great views even at night.

With the best night vision baby monitor that features two cameras, you no longer need to tiptoe into the baby nursery to check in on them. You’ll stop worrying about rousing the little man or woman from sleep.

7.Will the Multiple Camera baby Monitor Soothe Your Baby?

Pediatricians recommend using various activities meant to relax the baby, lulling them to sleep. Treating your baby to a warm bath is one of those relaxing approaches you can use to encourage them to fall asleep. But these relaxing methods don’t always work as intended.  And sometimes they’re just plain ineffective with some babies.

That’s when other more aggressive measures such as running an infant white noise machine come into play. Baby white noise machines produce soothing sounds aimed at drowning out natural environmental noises. Such devices produce noises that mimic those of the baby’s mother. And that has the baby falling asleep faster.

In one small study had 40 babies listening to white noise, 20 of them fell asleep a couple minutes after exposure to white noise.

But why invest in two devices when you could invest in just one and achieve pretty much the same results? Buying a baby monitor that doubles up as a white noise machine saves you money while, in a sense, supporting a more minimalist lifestyle.

So, read the 2 camera baby reviews above and see if you’ll find one that plays soothing songs and lulling lullabies for your baby. Sleep training sure does get easier with the right baby gear.

8.Two-Way Talk Back System

Nothing eggs on a tantrum-throwing baby than the presence of their parents or grandparents in the room. Good thing is they don’t really need you to fall asleep.

Unless they’re the unkindest, most troublesome babies on the planet, your soothing voice should suffice as far as comforting them.

Now, a good two-camera baby monitor boasts the two-way intercom function that allows you to not only hear your baby but also respond back. This great functionality packs lots of convenience, and you don’t need to stride to the nursery to nudge them to sleep.

9. Are the Handset Receivers Portable?

Typically, baby monitors remain stationary where they were initially installed. You usually don’t need to move them around unless you’re moving to another city or something. But then, there’s the handset receivers that connect you to your baby’s world.

The ideal baby monitor comes with handset receivers that can be easily carried from one point to another. When you leave the bedroom to do laundry work or cook or just relax in the living room, you want to have your handset with you. That’s why the receiver should be highly portable.

Some of the best baby monitor models I’ve seen provide parents and caregivers additional handsets for use in different rooms. Another benefit of getting an extra receiver or two is that you get to use one handset as the other one recharges.

10.Think About Frequency Interference

Does it seem like everyone in the United States decided to make your city their home? Living in  a densely populated area is ok, but only when your neighbor’s radio or baby monitor frequencies aren’t disrupting  your baby monitor’s sound the whole time.

To minimize that possibility, consider buying a 2 camera baby monitor that relies on DECT technology or encrypted digital technology. Using an option with such capabilities ensures clear and secure sound transmissions.

11. Consider the Number of Receivers Needed

The number of receivers or handsets you need depends on how large your home is. If it’s a small home, having a single base in your bedroom should suffice in most cases. But what if you live in a considerably large home and your baby needs constant surveillance? What if you live in a home with multiple floors?

In such situations, it may be necessary to have an extra handset for monitoring your little one while prepping a meal in the kitchen or while watching a movie upstairs.

12. Insist on DECT Technology for Signal Clarity

DECT technology is pretty much the standard when it comes to sound and image clarity. Unlike the 2.4 GHz frequency that’s typically relied on by wireless devices, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, video game controls, and other home devices, DECT technology-based baby monitors use a low-frequency band (usually 1.9 GHz).

This low-frequency band is designed exclusively for voice-only communication. Thanks to this technology (DECT),  your monitor will consistently stream super clear sound to the handset.

13. Camera Expandability

Look for an option that supports multiple baby units. The best two-camera baby monitors allow you to add cameras so you can keep vigilance on two or more babies as the need arises. Or just be able to keep an eye on different rooms in your home. Instead of buying a new monitor every time another baby comes on the scene, why not buy a unit that offers camera expandability right off the bat?

14. Battery Life of the Baby Monitor

The ideal 2 cam baby camera easily connects to the power supply through a standard USB connector. Also, the best options are rechargeable, charge reasonably fast, and hold a single charge for fairly long.

While researching for these double-camera baby monitor reviews, I found that Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors tend to be power guzzlers.  Actually, low battery life is among the most recurring complains by real moms on Amazon and elsewhere online.

You want a baby monitor whose single charge lasts one night or one that retains charge for at least 8 hours. The best of the best dual-camera baby monitors shut off their idle display screen, prolonging battery life. So, stay away from options that take forever to re-charge and hold charge for an unreasonably short time. You know, monitors that need to be plugged in the whole time to function at all.

But if there’s one area even the best baby monitors with several cameras don’t perform very well, it’s how well their batteries work and how long they hold charge. So, don’t expect too much in this respect. Good news is most monitors let you recharge them while still in use.

15. Best Baby Monitor Price Point

While price varies by features and often brand, even the best options rarely cost more than $200. Generally, the higher the price point, the better the baby monitor quality. But there’s always that budget baby monitor that outperforms or matches in performance the finest options.

16. Don’t Ignore Security Issues

There’s a reason or two a radio frequency baby monitor (monitor without Wi-Fi) is preferable over a Wi-Fi baby monitor. The upside is that it’s generally safer than a Wi-Fi option since it gives baby monitor hackers a hard time when they try to do their mischief.

17.What’s the Longest Range a Baby Monitor Gives?

Regardless of what baby monitor manufacturers and marketers say, there’s nothing like a monitor with a real effective range of 1000  feet. When they claim their product offers a range of 900 feet to 1,000 feet, they mean their device would have that range if there were no walls! But your house has walls, right?

For the most part, you’re looking at a pretty conservative range of between 50 feet to roughly 400 feet-ish. If the device you’re eyeing provides a real range of anywhere between 150 feet and 400 feet, grab it.

Audio monitors, a type that’s more or less a speaker, offer longer range than RF models. But who wants to hear their baby without seeing them? And if you desire a monitor with wireless connection that gives limitless range, go with a Wi-Fi baby monitor. Such an option lets you surveil your home remotely, from anywhere, anytime. But security issues aren’t uncommon with Wi-Fi options.

18. Baby Monitor With 2 Camera Price Point

While price varies by features and often brand, even the best options rarely cost more than $200. Generally, the higher the price point, the better the baby monitor quality. But there’s always that budget baby monitor that outperforms or matches in performance the finest options.

Baby Monitor with Multiple Cameras FAQs

1.Do Baby Video Monitors Have Radiation Emissions?

Yes, baby monitors regardless of who makes them emit radiation to some extent. They’re electronic devices after all. And electronic devices naturally emit a certain amount of radiation. For that reason, it’s safest to install the baby monitor at least 6 feet away from the baby crib.

2.Is the Radiation Emitted By Baby Monitors Safe?

According to Professor Rodney Croft, Director of the Center for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research in Australia (2014), the emission from baby monitors stays within safe limits. He stated that the effects from such radiation were “extremely small”, no more harmful than the emission people get from cell phones. The researcher further stated that baby monitor radiation remain well below the levels experts consider dangerous.

In fact, the professor asserted that this emission level is 100 times less than what would be considered lethal. Not everyone agrees with the researcher, though, and some authorities have expressed concerns regarding safety as far as baby monitor radiation. Still, you want to position your baby monitor at least 6 feet away from the crib.

3. Can Others Have Unauthorized Access to My Baby Monitor?

Unfortunately yes. If a bad person (maybe a kidnapper?) was near enough, say behind the basement window or just waiting out in the shadows in the backyard, they could gain access. But the evil person would also need to be on the same transmission frequency as your baby’s monitor. That’s why many parents favor radio monitors rather than baby monitors with Wi-Fi.

4. How Can I Boost the Security of My Baby Monitor?

First off, be sure you understand all the security features the particular model you’re considering offers. All, too often, parents don’t understand all the features the device provides. Also, be sure to open a separate email for the baby monitor to reduce the risk of hackers accessing your systems.

Additionally, make sure to replace the manufacturer’s password with one hackers will have an extremely hard time guessing. Use a super strong password that is hard to guess, but be sure you can remember it. Oh,  your pet’s name doesn’t cut it. Setting up two-factor authentication also comes highly recommended.

Very important, opt for a baby monitor that supports encrypted connection. Having the strongest password in the world may not always block access if a sudden nationwide data breach relating to your device or its manufacturer occurs. In a situation where baby monitor hackers access your unit’s footage, encryption prevents them from viewing the details.

Also, make sure to visit the manufacturer’s website to register your device. That ensures you get every important detail regarding the product’s safety and other relevant information. Another step to take is to set up a Google Alert for the particular model and company. That way you’ll get notified in case of massive security vulnerabilities happening.

Finally, form a habit of shutting off your home’s security systems and baby monitors on a weekly basis. Doing that has the monitor picking and installing any security updates, and that typically keeps security vulnerabilities at bay.

5.Should I Leave a Baby Monitor on All Night?

Most folks buy a baby monitor months before their bundle of joy arrives. During the early days, the baby needs heaps of attention. You’ll want to keep the monitor hissing away throughout the night. But after 6 months, most babies start sleeping more and needing care somewhat less.

When that milestone comes, your usage of the monitor may lessen to reflect that reality. But if you have a baby with some condition that warrants constant supervision, they’ll need their device for several months or even years.

6. Where Should You Position a Baby Monitor?

Deciding where to place the baby monitor for your little one can be quite challenging. If the baby hasn’t learned how to stand yet, you can hang the monitor on a nail driven into the crib. Be sure the nail is high up enough. But this is a temporary solution. Once the baby starts to stand, you’ll have to find safer places for the device.

Alternatively, consider buying a shelf, even if it’s just a small corner shelf, and install the monitor there. The beauty of this approach is that the device stays out of reach of children, and that increases safety.

Another suggestion is to install the monitor on a dresser. If you choose this option, be sure the changing table is high enough and that the cameras have a good view of the baby crib through the slats.

Mounting the baby monitor to the wall is another safe and practical way to install this useful electronic. Thankfully, many baby monitoring products come with a wall mount option. In fact, the only way to use some monitors is to mount them on the wall. Such options feature a wall mounting system so you can install the monitor fuss-free fast.

Whatever you do, be sure to place the monitor at least 3 feet away from the crib. Actually, make it 6 feet since these devices emit low levels of radiation.

Also, you MUST devise creative ways to install the monitor cable safely to avert strangulation risk. Toddlers and babies are known to pull or tug at cords, and that can lead to disastrous happenings. So, make sure to employ long cord covers to hide the cords. Some parents choose cord clips, though, but the problem is these small clips can be choking hazards.

7. Does Baby Monitor Hacking Happen Regularly?

No. While baby monitor hacking happens, it’s not a widespread problem. You can take a few easy steps (described above) to secure your home systems and prevent this from happening. Or at least reduce the likelihood of it happening.

The reason the issue seems like a terrible problem is because the media do their job really well when it comes to publicizing such stories. That said, it’s wise to understand it happens albeit rarely and do whatever it takes to keep your home safe and secure.

Author: Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being Ricky's wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. <a href="">Visit my Facebook profile here</a>, and this is my <a href="">LinkedIn profile</a>, and here's my <a href="">nascent youtube channel.

Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being a wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. Visit my Facebook profile here, and this is my LinkedIn profile, and here's my nascent youtube channel.