How to Hide Baby Monitor Cords

Video baby monitors with Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi always come with a cord that links the baby-watching device to the power outlet. Most parents (you too should because you care) try to hide their baby monitor so that their little one’s nursery feels like the warm, secure place it’s supposed to be. But what do you do with the cord that constantly poses strangulation risk?

Every baby room design is different. Some parents may not face any trouble regarding where to place their baby monitor or how to hide the baby monitor cord. But for others, the nursery’s overall design may make it somewhat challenging when it comes to keeping unsightly monitor cords out of the baby’s reach.

Here’s a few practical approaches you can borrow to reduce the chances of accident to your baby, especially strangulation risk. By the way, baby monitor cord strangulation hasn’t killed scores of young children. In fact, the entire decade between 2002 and 2012 saw just 7 young children die from strangulation.

These statistics are somewhat comforting. But the hard truth is that these were real children with real parents rather than just numbers.

5 Practical Ways to Hide a Baby Monitor Cord

When it comes to small DIY projects such as mounting a video baby monitor or hiding the potentially hazardous cord, creativity really helps. I now present to you 5 easy-to-implement ideas that will help you easily conceal your baby monitor’s cord.

1. Hide the Baby Monitor Cord Behind a Curtain

If you’re as lucky as me to have your baby’s crib standing right behind a curtain, your baby monitor cord problem is as good as solved. I and many other moms and dads I’ve bumped into online have mounted their baby monitor on the curtain rod.

how to hide baby cord monitor behind a curtain
Image Credit: the DIY Playbook

The beauty of this arrangement is that the device stays well outside the kid’s reach. Additionally, you can tuck the cord to the power outlet right behind the drapery and solve the problem. The downside? Hiding a baby monitor cord behind drapery isn’t exactly a permanent solution.

Babies are growing the entire time, you know. And, soon they’ll want to know what’s hiding behind the luxurious curtains. It’s anybody’s guess what could happen if and when they access the baby monitor cable. In the end, all you’re doing is postponing a critical aspect of baby-proofing your nursery.

However, this ideal usually works when you’ve installed the baby monitor on the curtain rod. Don’t want to have the device on the curtain rod? Consider attaching the  baby monitor to the wall using command strips or baby monitor clips.

2. Run the Baby Monitor Cord Inside the Wall

Hiding the cable inside the wall itself is probably the smartest strategy as far as keeping your baby safe from strangulation. It’s a great way to protect the baby monitor from sudden fatal falls that have you asking your favorite search engine what’s the best baby monitor I can buy now?

Just a little muscle power and some elbow grease and you’ll get the job done. I asked my husband to do it for our son, and the activity took him just a couple minutes.  We’re no longer asking ourselves what if all the time, and everyone is happy.

3. Use Long Cable Covers

Cable covers are a truly secure way of hiding a baby monitor cable and keeping it out of your little tyke’s reach. It’s the approach I recommend. But as mentioned above, a different approach might just work better for your situation.

I find that the cable concealer kit works best in pretty much all situations. With this cord-hiding kit, you get cable covers with a length of 150 inches. But it gets better. You also get elbow joints that are super important in case you need to redirect the cable to a horizontal direction.

covering monitor cord using cable cover
cable covers work pretty well, and attaching them to the wall really isn’t rocket science.

This cable concealer is white, which means it’d blend in well with pretty much any interior decor. You can also paint the cable covers with a color that perfectly matches the dominant hue in the nursery.

To secure the cable cover to the wall, grab some adhesive tape and a couple screws and get down to work. It’s easy. Anyone can do it, and that includes mothers with nearzero hand skills.

I keep seeing schools and even daycare centers using this cable-covering method. And I’m not surprised — it’s super easy to implement. Plus, it works.

The downside to this method is that the cable cover gets permanently fixed to the wall. What if you live in a rented apartment and don’t wish to drill holes in the wall? That’s where cable sleeves come into play.

4. Use a Cable Sleeve

A cable sleeve is basically a flexible tube with a zipper. What makes this solution great is that you get to hide your baby monitor cable while retaining 100% access to it. To access the cable at any time, all you got to do is pull the zipper tab toward the start of this tubular closure.

baby monitor cable sleeve
You can zip and unzip the sleeve to conceal the cable or access it.

While like this cord concealing option, I can still see how a walking-age child can open the zipper and access the electrical cable . So, I recommend this approach, but with a bit of caution.

A cable cover is for me the greatest way to tuck away loose baby monitor cables. But cable sleeves definitely aren’t for strong-enough, exploring hands.

5. Get an Electrical Plug Cover

Well, this isn’t exactly a way to conceal baby monitor cables, but I included the idea here so your little one can stay safe 24/7.

You sure don’t want your baby or child unplugging the monitor cord the whole time.  And, that’s where a high-quality, durable electrical plug cover comes in.

With this cover, the outlet that powers your baby monitoring device stays safely covered. Plus, it’s pretty hard for your baby/child to access the plugged-in cable. But this casing doesn’t really hide the cable, just a small portion of it.

Final Thoughts on Hiding Baby Monitor Cords

It’s vitally important to cover loose baby monitor cables as these cords are an ever-present strangulation risk. You can hide the baby monitor cable behind the drapery in the baby room. Alternatively, you can use a cable cover, a cable sleeve, or an electrical plug cover to safely hide a baby monitor cord. Even better, you can hide the cable inside the wall, and this is probably the neatest strategy.