Stroller for Snow

When harsh Canadian winters throw snowy trails and slushy roads at active moms and dads, they don’t sulk until the snow season ends. Instead, they bundle up the baby, wear snow-perfect clothes, strap the baby in a snow-safe stroller or even a sled, and head out the door.

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But what does a good winter weather baby stroller look like? What features make it particularly suited for rolling on snow and slush? And, which is the best stroller for snow out there?

Which is the Best Canadian Winter Weather Stroller?

Honestly, there’s no way of knowing which stroller is the best choice for snowy winter strollers. But the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 glides over snow better than most. And in the final analysis, it’s worth the money.

It’s stylish, and performance doesn’t plummet much at all when it encounters winter Ottawa sidewalks and streets (and snowy surfaces everywhere else). Learn more about it below.

Our Top Pick: Best Stroller for Snow
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black

The BOB Gear Revolution is an extremely solid but heavy snow stroller (28 pounds). It takes 2 hands to fold, and even though the wheels easily pop off, the fold takes up tons of trunk room.

Glides like butter thanks to 16″ rear rubber wheels and a 12″ front wheel. Front-wheel tracking prevents pulling to the side.

Great suspension plus the front-wheel swivels 360 degrees. Activate the “run mode” when gliding on snow or swivel mode when navigating sharp street corners or twisty trails.

Reclines easily and allows toddlers an almost upright seating position. And using the BOB car seat adapter (not provided), you can safely use a compatible infant car seat.

Under-seat basket: reasonably sized plus several pockets for storing stuff like phone, keys, credit cards, toys, and snacks.

Canopy: Large with multiple adjustable positions and has clear a look-through window.

Brakes: Easy-to-access foot brake activates easily and works great and the tether strap on the height-adjustable handlebar adds safety. No handbrake, though.

No cup holders and parent console. Get the BOB Gear weather shield for when it rains.

A Guide for When Buying a Snowy Roads Stroller

In this snow stroller buying guide, you’ll learn every essential aspect to watch out for.

Jogging Strollers Make the Best Baby Snow Strollers

That’s a fact. Everything about these strollers, from design and canopy size to seat width, wheel size, and wheel quality makes them particularly suitable for winter strolls. Read more about different kinds of baby strollers in this general stroller buying guide.

If you have one kid, a single stroller is definitely what you need. And if you have twins, pick up a double stroller. What if you have triplets or quadruplets? Consider investing in a sturdy wagon or choose an expandable stroller.

Choose a Stroller With Oversized Rubber Wheels/Rubberized Foam-filled Wheels

The best stroller for snow is always a jogging stroller or a heavy-duty all-terrain stroller. Good snow strollers normally have oversize rubber wheels or at least rubberized wheels filled with foam. I prefer super-sized 16″air-filled rubber wheels with deep treads for cold winter weather walks with the baby.

What stroller wheel size is best for walking in the snow? You need a stroller with at least 12″ rubber wheels, but the bigger the better. In fact, some of the best joggers for snow have 16″ wheels. Big wheels laugh at snow and slush, and small smooth wheels aren’t much use when it starts snowing in Canada or wherever you live.

Go With Foam or Rubber Handles

On snowy surfaces, it’s easy to slip and fall, losing hold of the stroller. For this reason, you need a stroller with either foam or rubber handles. I’ve found that even though rubber handles offer a safer grasp and outlast foam handles, they tend to give parents blisters after a long walk in the snow.

Handle Height Adjustability

Also, you want the stroller handle to be able to adjust to different positions so that the parents, grandparents, and other loving caretakers can use the same stroller without exhausting and straining their hands. Fortunately, some if not all of the wintertime baby strollers I recommend here have height-adjustable foam handles/rubber ones.

Bassinet and Car Seat Compatibility

Also, snowy weather strollers are compatible with infant car seats from the major car seat brands so you can enjoy safe, quiet winter walks with your little one. What if your baby is younger than 6 months and you’d rather have them lie flat and safe in a bassinet? Don’t worry. Because there’s always a decent winter weather stroller with a bassinet for you and your angel.

Seat Recline

Parents with newborns and infants like seats that recline all the way back, especially those that lie fully flat. That’s because babies and toddlers have weak necks which they struggle to steady during stroller rides in the snow.

Those with older kids (older than 6 months) are always looking for a stroller whose seat can get back up and sit perfectly upright. These parents want their growing baby to be able to soak up the sights as mommy passionately pounds tranquil nature trails.

Essential Snow-time Stroller Features

Nothing breeds confidence like a large winter weatherproof canopy on a snow-ready stroller. Luckily, snow strollers/joggers come with really generous rain covers to protect the baby against the elements.

The canopy shouldn’t be too bunchy. It should allow for enough headroom for the baby. Some strollers also offer a bug net to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of the sitting compartment.

You also need to have adequate storage on the stroller. Choose a stroller with a spacious underneath basket. Some baskets are cover-less, but if you’re out there in wet weather, having a covered storage basket would be nice.

You may also need additional room (think small pockets) to store small items such as car keys, apartment keys, your smartphone, and whatnot.

A Foot Muff for Baby and a Hand Muff for You

Foot muffs are another essential item when it comes to doing cold winter strolls with your little loved one. No loving parent wants their kiddo’s tiny feet freezing up during a ride. And that’s where a good foot muff comes in handy.

If it snows down to single-digit temperatures where you live, warm socks and a foot muff are must-have items. Choose a stroller that allows you to attach a warmth-generating foot muff for your baby. Foot muff accessories are easily available on Amazon and a bunch of other credible places online.

Some stroller models are compatible with universal foot muff accessories. For example, BOB and Baby Jogger walking and jogging strollers work really well with universal foot muffs.

Babies hate it when you handle them with hard, frost-bitten hands. Consider getting attaching a hand muff on the handlebar. A hand muff warms up your hands and keeps them toasty throughout the stroll. They’re the best alternative to gloves. Does your baby like gloves? Mine doesn’t, and I bet they’re not the only one.

Snow Stroller Braking Systems

Many strollers that call themselves jogging strollers have only one type of braking mechanism, the foot-activated brake. There are kinds of this brake. The first kind of brake activates a wheel lock on one rear wheel.

With this type, you have to press the brake lever with the foot to lock the first rear wheel. You need to repeat the action on the other side to lock the second rear wheel.

This brake works. However, it’s not the most convenient stopping mechanism. I’m baffled that stroller manufacturers choose to use this type when they could give parents an easier-to-use stroller safety system.

The second brake type locks both rear wheels at once. Wow! I love this kind, but only a handful of winter baby strollers have it.

Do You Live in a Hilly Area that Snows?

A foot-activated braking mechanism is OK because it does the job for the most part. However, this system may not provide adequate stopping power when strolling down slopes at speed. That’s where an additional stopping mechanism comes into play. If you live in the hilliest place on Earth, consider getting a snow stroller with a handbrake on top of the usual foot brake.

The beauty of having a handbrake is that you get to slow down the speeding stroller slowly by slowly when rolling down a hill. This makes it easier to stop on a dime if you need to, keeping your baby safe.

This system normally incorporates a disc-style brake, pretty much like what you see on decent mountain bikes. Disc brakes work really, really well, making your rides safer.

Suspension to Soak Up Shocks and Vibrations

When it comes to jogging strollers, especially joggers for use in snowy and slushy conditions, you need an option with a really good suspension system. Not all joggers come with good suspension, and some don’t even have a suspension system of any kind.

Why do you need a baby snow stroller with great suspension? Because that’s the only kind of stroller that absorbs vibrations and shocks off of the riding surface.

Options with this crucial feature tend to be pricier than strollers without any kind of suspension. And that’s because not only do they push that much better, but the snow rides get that much cushier and comfier.

One reason a jogging/winter weather stroller should have large pumped rubber wheels is that they add to the stroller’s overall suspension. A ride in a stroller with amazing mountain bike-style suspension and big air-filled rubber wheels to boot feels like floating on feathers.

Safety Tether on the Handlebar

Another snow stroller safety feature to watch out for is the tether that keeps the parent chained to the stroller during rides. It’s a sturdy strap that you wear on one hand, and it prevents the stroller from rolling away in case you lose grip or even slip and fall.

I’ve noticed stroller makers don’t care too much whether the tether is on the left or right side of the handle. Depending on whether you’re a lefty or right-hand dominant, the position of this strap might feel somewhat awkward. But this is rarely a bummer for the vast majority of parents.

Stroller Weight and Ease of Folding

Truth be told: joggers are some of the heaviest and bulkiest strollers out there. But being super sturdy, durable, and nimble in the snow sort of compensates for being too hefty.

Make sure you don’t purchase something you’ll need help lifting to the car’s trunk. Or taking it up the stairs at the metro station or climbing the stairs to your city apartment. Related: Best Apartment-living strollers.

A snow stroller that weighs between 20 and 30 pounds should be OK for most moms and dads. 20 to 25-pound jogging strollers are considered lightweight. And heavier options are, well, heavy.

Modern strollers tend to be an easy, compact fold. However, this isn’t often the case with jogging-style options. These guys are for the most part a two-hand fold. And some can be somewhat tricky to collapse. Choose an option that’s not too finicky to fold or unfold or too big to pack in the trunk of your car.

Stroller Weight Capacity

You don’t want to load more weight on the stroller than the manufacturer recommends. Most strollers for this use case are in the 50-75-pound range. An option like this lets you use it from infancy through toddler-hood and usually until the kid outgrows the stroller.

If you have twins or will be walking with two kids, make sure that the double stroller or wagon is rated for that much weight.

Snow Stroller Price and Brand

Of course, the best choice for you is the one you can afford. With that being said, jogging strollers that are good for snow aren’t usually the cheapest deal around. In fact, the better ones can cost somewhere north of $1000!

I’m not saying you need the most expensive option, though. I’m Just saying that the cheapest strollers such as those sub-$100 hot deals that keep popping up on questionable websites aren’t usually the best choice.

Good wintertime strollers typically cost between $150-and $1,000. That’s quite a wide price range there, I admit. I’ve seen a lot of OK strollers in the $150-$200, but the really good ones start happening from $250 upward.

Be sure to learn the features and specs each recommended option provides before buying. Also, spend some quality time reading helpful snow stroller reviews. Reading real mom reviews is often the most reliable way to know how each option handles, steers, folds, unfolds, and lots of other little details that manufacturer product descriptions omit or gloss over.

A stroller is for many parents the biggest and most expensive piece of baby gear they ever buy. So, learn as much as you can about what you’re eying before splurging on it.

5 Baby Strollers for Walking in the Snow

Let’s roll!

1.BOB Gear Revolution FLEX 3.0: Best Upright Sitting Position

snow stroller BOB Revolution

Is the BOB Gear Revolution the best snow stroller ever made? Here’s what you get from this option.

16″ Air-pumped Rear Wheels and a 12″ Lockable Front Wheel + Tracking Knobs

This stroller’s nimbleness in snow has its 16″ rear wheels and 12″ lockable front wheel to thank. These wheels are organized into a 3-wheel design that fosters stability because the wheelbase is pretty wide. Also, this wheel configuration makes pushing and steering remarkably easier.

The front wheel of earlier BOB Gear Flex models popped off when you worked some weird lever. Not the same with the Flex 3.0. Instead of a weird lever, you use an Allen Wrench to tighten or loosen the wheel, preventing front wheel wobble. Learn how to tighten a BOB Stroller front wheel to resolve wobbling.

These aerated rubber wheels have a wider contact patch compared to others. And this aspect makes floating on snow, mud, and slush that much easier.

Learn the correct way of attaching and detaching the front wheel. Because some parents experienced issues with the wheel’s quick-release mechanism.

And Like all BOB strollers, the Flex 3.0 has tracking knobs in the front wheel that prevents the stroller from pulling to one side. Finally, this BOB stroller has wheels with rubberized spokes. The rubber coating prevents rusting and breakages.

Stroller Weight and How It Folds

The Revolution Flex 3.0 weighs 28.5 pounds. It’s heavy and bulky, but not like too heavy. But if you have back issues and struggle lifting things onto the car trunk or walking up stairs carrying heavy objects, this stroller isn’t for you. Also Read: How to go up and down stairs with a stroller.

Small-car moms may want to drive down the local stroller and try this product out for fit. It folds quite big. You probably won’t have much space left once you pack the stroller in the trunk.

The Seat is Heavily-padded, Wide and Roomy Enough, and Sits Upright

With the Revolution Flex 3.0, BOB has addressed the issue of earlier versions not sitting upright.

Your kiddo gets to sit perfectly upright to soak the surroundings as the both of you stroll through stacks of snow and slush in Montreal winter streets.

The seat also adjusts to multiple angles, and reclining it is pretty easy. Pressing a button modifies the recline angle to whatever position you want, even to an almost flat one for a baby.

There’s tons of padding on this stroller seat. And the 5-point harness has decent padding too and doesn’t dig into the skin of the little passenger.

The harness secures safely, but it’s not too hard for active little hands to unfasten the buckle. Keep a vigilant eye on your tyke. As for the maximum weight limit of the BOB Flex 3.0, it’s 75 pounds.

A long-lasting rubberized leg rest increases baby’s comfort during rides. But you can’t remove the seat and toss it in the washer. Fortunately, you can easily spot clean it with soap-less water and a sponge.

An Oversized Adjustable Canopy With a Pekaboo Window & Lots of Storage Room

The canopy on the Flex 3.0 adjusts really well, shielding baby from rain and snow. The shade also features a vinyl pekaboo window that promotes parent-child bonding while strolling in the snow.

One gripe I have is that the canopy is gets a tad bunchy sometimes. If your kiddo is rather tall, they probably won’t have enough headroom. But there’s a fix: work some pull strap to deal with this annoyance.

As far as storage, the BOB Flex 3.0 is a real upgrade from the earlier version, the BOB Revolution Flex 2.0. An accessible-from-the-rear storage basket holds baby essentials such as diaper bags, baby wipes, and more. But this cargo area could be bigger.

Everyone loves pockets. And this stroller comes with lots pockets, and the extra room adds up to a decent amount of space. There are two pockets located in the back of the basket to help you organize your stuff even better. And there are even more pockets on the side of the seat.

Then there’s a roomy mesh pocket in the back of the stroller seat. There’s even a zippered pocked on the canopy to store your iPhone or whatever. It offers enough room in the side pockets to store toys and snacks for your tot.

However, this stroller lacks parent and baby snack trays and cup holders. Many budget all-terrain jogging strollers come with these features. I wasn’t impressed that this $490+ BOB stroller didn’t have them.

However, you can inexpensively accessorize the stroller with a snack tray for your baby as well as a parent console.

How Does the Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Fold?

Folding the Flex 3.0 requires two hands because it’s not a one-step fold. But it’s a relatively easy fold.  However, the stroller doesn’t fold small. But this isn’t unexpected of a jogging stroller.

How to fold the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging

  • Locate and work the two release levers on the handlebar. This action collapses the stroller roughly 50%.
  • Pull the folding loop found on the back of the stroller’s seat to fold the stroller.
  • Engage the provided strap to lock in the fold.

Which Car Seats is the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Compatible With?  

The Flex 3.0 is infant car seat-friendly. With a BOB car seat adapter (sold separately), you can easily mount Chicco, Peg Pelego, and Britax infant car seats onto this stroller. BOB also sells car seat adapters for Graco, Peg Pelago, Chicco, and Nuna.

I recently wrote a post on stroller car seat compatibility. There, you’ll know the particular infant car seats the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is compatible with.

 *You can walk with an infant in snow. But you should NEVER jog or run with any baby younger than 6 months in any kind of outdoor condition.

Stroller Braking Mechanism, Handlebar, and Safety Tether

A foot-friendly brake in the center of the rear axle helps manage stroller speed. This stroller gathers speed pretty fast, but this parking brake works effectively. However, this brake may be inadequate when strolling down snowy, icy hills. And the stroller lacks a handbrake, but the foot brake works well enough.

The handlebars are made from foam and grip well. Foam may not be as durable as leather, but it’s comfier and won’t cause blisters.

Also, handle height is adjustable. This ability makes BOB Flex 3.0 an option that family members of different heights can use comfortably.

Finally, a safety tether on the right side of the handle restraints the stroller any time it tries to roll off without you.

The Bob Flex 3.0 Offers Decent Suspension

This stroller offers great suspension which makes for smooth glides in the snow and other demanding terrain. It comes with two shock absorbers located on each side, and this suspension system is adjustable. The suspension allows you to make tweaks in tandem with your kiddo’s increasing weight.


  • Great suspension
  • Foot-friendly braking mechanism
  • Amply padded seats and harness
  • Stroller doesn’t pull to one side
  • A large canopy that adjusts well & a peekaboo window
  • Seat sits all the way and also lies almost flat
  • Height-adjustable foam handlebars
  • Decent-sized storage basket and many extra pockets
  • Rubberized wheel spokes that don’t rust or break
  • Wide wheelbase for stability
  • A lockable front wheel for easier steering and safety while riding on snow


  • Doesn’t self-stand
  • A two-hand fold and folds big
  • No parent & baby trays/cup holders
  • No handbrake

Since this thing won’t stand on its own after folding, a stroller rack such as those sold by Scout Family Equipment and a tow hitch can help you save trunk space.

Verdict: This is a good snow stroller, but it’s hardly the best option because it lacks a handbrake. Plus, at that price point, parents should really get cup holders and snack trays.

2.Thule Urban Glide 2.0: Best Snow Stroller for Toddlers

The Thule Urban Glide 2.0 comes in a sleek design and oozes elegance. Except the fold locking catch, no part feels flimsy or cheap. And it’s available in a couple of colors including cypress green. It’s hard to find strollers that aren’t black or gray.

cypress green thule glide 2.0

Don’t Confuse the Thule Urban Glide 2 with the Jogging-only Thule Glide 2

The Thule Glide 2 is designed for jogs and runs ONLY. One thing that makes this jogging option stand out is its 18″ bike-style rear wheels and 16″ front wheel. With these wheels, the stroller easily handles everything snowy trails and sidewalks throw at it.

The Wheels, Suspension of Thule Urban Glide

The Thule Urban Glide 2.0 features a three-wheel design that makes pushing feel almost effortless. Add in the built-in all-wheel suspension, and I can easily push it with one hand.

The front wheel is lockable for safety when strolling through piles of snow and slush. This lock-ability prevents potentially disastrous turns/change of direction while strolling at speed.

The rear wheels measure 16″ in size while the front one measures in at 12″. These oversized rubber wheels are the best bet for conquering snow, slush, and mud.

Stroller Feels a Tad Too Long

While the design seems sleek and narrow, this stroller feels a tad too long. If you’re looking for a Disney-friendly stroller that maneuvers around tight spaces like a dream, this isn’t it.

Navigating tight spaces in crowded city streets with this stroller can feel quite challenging. But it pushes and steers amazingly well in roomy spaces.

Front Wheel Features Adjustable Tracking

Like most high-quality, snow-ready joggers, the Thule Urban Glide 2 boasts a mechanism that helps you correct any veering of the stroller to one side.

I Noticed This About Wheel Placement

It seems like Thule placed the rear wheels somewhat wider apart. And the front wheel sticks out a little too far. This becomes quite noticeable when you get into restaurants and other indoor spaces. It’s easy to bump into things if you’re not careful enough. I believe Thule favors this wheel placement because it makes the pushchair more stable for intense jogs.

Handlebar, Brakes, and Runaway Strap

The foam handlebar curves nicely and offers a great grip. But there could be more height settings between the highest and lowest handle positions.

A runaway strap stays beside an integrated twist handbrake on the handlebar. This handbrake connects to a disc-style brake for greater speed control when going down snowy slopes on hilly terrain. Also, there’s a foot brake that works well. However, it’s not flip flop-friendly. Besides that, the parking brake does feel somewhat flimsy.

Product Weight and Upper Weight Limit

At 25 pounds, this is considered a lightweight jogging stroller. Well, it’s not exactly light, but it’s lighter than many joggers I know. For folks with strong hands and backs, lifting this thing to the trunk or walking up a set of steps shouldn’t feel like a chore.

The upper weight limit hovers around 75 pounds, a decent limit compared to 50-65 pounds for many strollers.

Seat Padding, Recline, and Foot Muff

The seat packs tons of thick padding that boosts comfort. Also, the padding on the 5-point safety harness is great. The straps don’t cause discomfort to the baby and allow for lots of adjustability.

Its seat reclines to different positions and even sits almost upright. This seat offers 21 inches of sitting height to the little passenger. However, tall, skinny 3-year-olds may have a little trouble fitting in this stroller.

Also, the upright position isn’t perfectly upright. And this is where the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 bests the Thule Urban Glide 2.0. Thule needs to address this little issue in future models.

To keep baby’s feet nice and toasty, this stroller’s design allows you to attach a foot muff. You can also add an organizer with trays and cup holders if necessary.

Canopy and Cargo Basket

The canopy adjusts well, offering decent front protection against snow, rain, and sun. But this canopy could be more generous. Additionally, it has a peekaboo window with a magnet closure compared to a velcro closure on many strollers.

Two mesh pockets on the side of the seat provide adequate room for toys and snacks. And the basket underneath is pretty roomy. What’s more, this cargo basket features a closable top cover. There’s also a mesh pocket in the back of the basket for even more storage space.

Compatible With Many Infant Car Seats and Thule Bassinet

During the first 6 months of your baby’s life, you can haul them around in a bassinet. And this stroller works well with the Thule bassinet, but this bassinet can prove hard to find in some locations. No bassinet? With a universal car seat adapter, you can easily attach an infant car seat.

Folding the Thule Urban Glide 2

Some people say it’s a one-hand fold, but I disagree. How do you fold Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller? First, access the handle-like feature under the footrest. Give this handle a quick twist and pull while pressing the handlebars down.

For an even smaller fold, press the blue buttons on the rear wheels and pop the wheels off. Finally, engage the plastic latch that holds the fold in place. Parents have noted that this plastic fold lock isn’t sturdy enough.


  • Adjustable foam handlebar with a twist handbrake
  • Thickly padded seat with a highly adjustable 5-point harness
  • 16″ aerated rear wheels that easily pop off for a more compact fold
  • Lockable front wheel with tracking for safety on snow
  • Decent storage with extra pockets
  • Peekaboo window with magnetic closure
  • Amazing all-wheel suspension
  • Compatible with Thule bassinet + multiple car seats
  • Canopy has a closeable cover
  • Allows attaching a foot muff


  • Easy to fold but not a one hand-fold
  • Expensive but no cup holders and trays
  • Canopy could be more generous
  • Folding catch/lock could be better quality

Overall, the Thule Urban Glide is a great snow stroller, and it checks almost every box. But it’s pricey, plus it’s not the best fit for tall kids.

3. Good Traction: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller

Baby Jogger Strollers are some of the most popular in the parenting community. This one works for all kinds of surfaces, even snow.

Wheel Quality, Traction Maneuverability, and Suspension

The rear wheels stand 16″ versus 12″ lockable front wheel. This locking mechanism sits on the handlebar, and you can lock and unlock the front wheel on the fly.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 features remarkably wide bike-like wheels with a deep tread pattern that translates to tons of traction. This stroller came out on top in the traction department. These fat tires bring to mind images of thin motorcycle tires or real fat-bike tires.

This stroller offers all-wheel suspension. However, front-wheel suspension could be better. This suspension system soaks up shocks surprisingly well, though.

The tires are inflatable, so always carry a small bike pump. If you don’t have very thick snow and don’t want to bring a pump each time, consider the City Mini GT2.

This alternative comes with 8.5″ wheels, though, but these are rubberized wheels filled with foam. You never have to worry about flats or checking air pressure and airing up. However, these all-terrain foam tires suck at rolling when the going gets extremely tough.

Also, the Summit X3 steers and pushes really easily. The swivel front wheel helps loads maneuverability-wise. And when it comes to going through standard doorways, you shouldn’t have any problem with this 31″ wide stroller.

Stroller Weight and Weight Limit

It weighs slightly over 28 pounds, which is neither too heavy nor lightweight. Most moms and dads shouldn’t have trouble lifting this snow monster into the trunk or climbing stairs with it. Its weight capacity tops out at 75 pounds.

Speaking of carrying it, the Summit X3 features a carrying strap that makes hauling it around convenient. Learn how to carry a stroller up and down steps here.

Fit, Seat Recline, and Canopy

With a head height of up to 22.2″, this stroller should accommodate kids up to age 3 without issues. Also, the seat offers more depth compared to the BOB Flex 3.0.

Seat depth is the distance between the knees to bum when seated. The kid is highly unlikely slip out during rides. Besides, a 5-point harness adds a layer of protection against a potential scenario like this.

The UPF50 canopy is large enough and blocks out wind chill, rain, and sun. It adjusts to multiple positions too. You can pull it fully out or retract it as the need arises. It also offers a peekaboo window so you can watch your kiddo and comfort them throughout the snow walk.

The seat adjusts to multiple sitting positions including a near-flat position and a near-upright posture. However, kids who prefer more upright sitting may not find the most upright position super comfortable.

Handlebar, Handbrake, Rear Parking Brake

A rear parking brake helps control strolling speed, but it’s not as foot-friendly as BOB Revolution Flex 3.0. And when strolling down hills, a hand-operated drum-style brake helps a whole lot.

The handlebar isn’t foam. It has a rubbery feel, grips well, and lasts. Also, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t soil easily or hurt the hands after long excursions in the snowy outdoors.

However, the handlebar doesn’t have a tether for keeping the stroller chained to the hand, a surprising omission. Even worse, you can’t adjust handle height.

The handlebar sits 41″ above the ground. And anyone between 5’4″ and 5’10” tall will use it comfortably.

Basket Storage

It’s a sizeable basket that’s also to access from the rear.

No Parent Console, Belly Bar, and Baby Tray

This is a $500-ish snow stroller. I was bummed about it lacking a parent console for moms who like sipping drinks on steamy jogs. Also, the child console is lacking, plus no belly bar for safety.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

With a suitable car seat adapter (not included in the package), you can mount an infant car seat, converting your stroller to a travel system. It’s compatible with Baby Jogger, Chicco, Cybex, Graco, Clek, Peg Peleg, Maxi-Cosi, Britax infant car seats. *Running with a kid under 6 months old isn’t advisable.

How Easily Does the Baby Jogger Summit Fold?

If there’s one area where Baby Jogger strollers really shine, it’s folding. It’s really easy to fold the Summit X3 with one hand thanks to Baby Jogger’s patented quick-fold technology. This stroller is pretty much a one-stage pull-to-fold action. And it’s not too big once folded.


  • Wide wheels with deep tread for traction
  • A handbrake + foot brake for increased safety
  • Front wheel lock easily accessible on the handlebar
  • All-wheels suspension
  • Easy to fold with one hand
  • Rubbery handlebar offering lots of grip and longevity
  • A large, retractable UPF50 canopy + peekaboo window
  • Seat has ventilation panels at the top for comfortable summertime rides


  • No runaway strap
  • Handlebar not size adjustable
  • Belly bar, child console, and parent console not included at this steep price point

Verdict: A decent snow stroller, but Baby Jogger should lower the price or add a belly bar, parent console, child tray, runaway strap, and height adjustability.

4. UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller: Best Tires

First off, is UPPAbaby good in snow? Yes it is. More about that later. Weighing 43 pounds, the UPPAbaby Ridge is an extremely heavy single stroller. I suspect the stroller’s disc-style/mountain bike-style brake and foam-filled rubberized tires account for this huge weight difference.

Wheel Type, Quality, and Suspension

Unlike all the other options I reviewed here, the UPPAbaby Ridge comes with large rubberized foam tires that never go flat. Nothing ever pricks these foam wheels and you can snow-stroll to your heart’s content without a care in the world. The rear wheels measure 16″ while the front one stands 12″ tall.

The front wheel swivels 360˚ or locks to a fixed straight position. And like all high-quality joggers, this one boasts hand-adjustable tracking. This mechanism keeps the stroller from veering to one side when riding on straight trails or when pushing through fluffy snow.

A Hand-activated Disc Brake, a Foot Brake, and Tether

Many jogging strollers come with drum-style brakes, but this one relies on a disc-style break which is a better-quality speed-control mechanism. This handbrake comes in handy when rolling down a snow-covered hill or any other non-flat surface.

This superior brake enables you to start managing the stroller’s speed long before you need to stop. It’s like feathering in mountain biking, literally a life safer.

The foot brake works by activating two levers each of which sits on either side of the rear axle. These two stopping mechanisms add up to safer rides in the snow.

This stroller’s suspension is pretty good. Unlike most, this suspension system is highly responsive and self-adjusts per your child’s changing body weight.

When you add this suspension to what the foam wheels offer, you get silk-smooth rides even on the roughest terrains.

Decent-sized Under-seat Storage Basket + Water Bottle

The sizeable storage basket is easily accessible from the rear once you lift off the cover. The basket doesn’t feel as flimsy as the more common mesh-y ones. Much thought went into the basket’s design, and unlike many, it boasts a front-to-back cover that keeps your stuff away from prying eyes and the elements.

It offers at least 5 pockets, one zippered pocket in the canopy for your smartphone, two pockets in the side, and two in the back. The basket and these pockets add up to decent storage space.

And the icing on the cake? There’s a water bottle that clips onto the left side of the stroller. No other of my picks offers this extra feature. However, this thing offers no trays or cup holders. It seems like the pricier the jogger, the fewer the features!

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

The UPPAbaby Ridge is compatible with the UPPAbaby MESA, Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi Cosi infant car seats. You need a car seat adapter to mount the car seat, which isn’t included in the stroller price.

UPPAbaby also provides a bassinet that mounts onto this stroller through a special bassinet accessory (sold separately). With a bassinet, it converts into a baby baggy for infants. Don’t jog with the infant though. By the way, this stroller is also compatible with the UPPAbaby Vista bassinet.

The stroller’s seat boasts really deep padding for added comfort and is wide enough to fit a child wearing multiple winter layers. Also, the seat reclines to multiple angles, even to a near-verticle sitting position. While this nearly upright position is better than most three wheelers, it’s not as upright as the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0.

Adjustable Rain Cover

The rain canopy extends with ease and provides adequate protection from the elements. Unzipping the rain canopy at the rear and pulling the front down adjusts it.

When the summer shows up, be sure to pop open the two ventilation panels on the sunshade. And if this isn’t enough, the extra ventilation panel on the seat’s back helps. Here are a few tips for keeping baby cool in stroller in summer.

Folding the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller

I voted this pick as the winner in terms of foldability. To fold the UPPAbaby Ridge:

  • Engage the brakes.
  • Move the handle to the highest position.
  • Lift off the footrest.
  • Twist and pull the gray folding feature concealed by the footrest to activate the fold.
  • To collapse the stroller even further, easily remove the rear wheels .
  • Unfolding is just as easy if not easier.


  • Extendable rain cover with air vents
  • Large, forever-aerated foam wheels
  • Cargo basket comes with an end-to-end cover
  • Adjustable tracking for safer rides in the snow and rough terrain
  • Canopy pocket for storing phone
  • Compatible with a bassinet or infant car seat
  • `Water bottle holder
  • An ergonomic handlebar and hand-activated disc brake + a parking brake
  • Really easy to fold and unfold
  • Adjusts to several recline positions
  • Easy-to-detach rear wheels for easier folding and storage
  • Self-standing stroller for easier storing


  • On the costlier side of the price spectrum
  • No cup holders + trays
  • Seat doesn’t sit perfectly upright
  • Extremely heavy and not suitable for daily use at the mall or wherever

Final verdict: This is a higher-end stroller from a great brand. The handbrake/parking brake combination makes for extremely portent braking power. The wheels have great traction and are big and the spoke design looks stunning. The front wheel swivels for maneuverability and safety. If only the seat could sit fully upright…

5. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Stroller: Best for Twins

double stroller for snow

This double stroller is similar as far as specs and handling to the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0. In fact, it’s a BOB Flex 3.0 designed for twins or two kids. At just 33 pounds, I consider this a lightweight double stroller. Many single strollers weight more than this.

The seat recline works really well, sitting perfectly upright. And the no-rethread 5-point harness works adjusts much better than most.

But the under-seat storage basket is bigger, plus the double stroller offers at least 10 pockets so you can pack snacks for your twins and store other stuff.

The foam handlebar adjusts to different heights, each of the canopies provides adequate coverage against snow, rain, and UV rays. Be careful when adjusting the sunshades as it’s easy to bunch the canopies too, eating up much-needed headroom.

Suspension is amazing, and the seats adjust all the way up so your twins can enjoy all the sights. The wheels are large (16″ rear and 12″ front), and the front one swivels and is lockable for safe rides in the snow.

Also, there’s a safety tether and an easy-to-use foot brake. I expected a handbrake at that price point, but it isn’t there.

Weight capacity? Each seat is good for up to 50 pounds, giving the double a combined load capacity of 100 pounds.

Folding this double stroller can be tricky, but that didn’t surprise me.


  • A sturdy, effective, foot-friendly brake
  • Carries two kids and seat sits perfectly upright
  • Handlebar adjusts to 10 different positions to allow sharing of the stroller
  • A small pocket with a zipper on the back of canopy to store smartphone
  • Large canopies with clear vinyl peekaboo windows
  • No-re-thread 5-point harness that adjusts extremely well
  • Great suspension, steering, and pushing
  • Big air-filled rubber wheels that cope well with snow


  • No handbrake
  • No cupholders/trays
  • Folding the stroller not easy

Verdict: A decent double stroller from a great brand, BOB. The price is pretty steep, but you’d pay way more if you bought 2 separate BOB Flex 3.0 strollers.

9 Winter Strolling Tips

1.If you live in the most snowy regions of Canada, consider pulling your kiddo in a sled: Many parents find that sledding with baby works better than strolling in extremely thick snow. Use a sled with an upright seat to improve ride comfort. Definitely not for newborns.

2.Bundle up baby: What’s the best way to dress a baby for winter weather strolls? Put the same number of layers you’re wearing on them plus one extra layer according to What to Expect.

3.Go for 16″rubber or foam rear wheels with tread: Wheels like these provide tons of traction, keeping you and baby safe while hiking in the snow.

4.Use a rain cover, stroller blanket, or stroller cover : These help keep rain and wind chill out of the stroller so baby can enjoy warm cozy rides. For the most part, an adjustable rain cover plus layering are enough.

5.Cover the stroller’s wheels with stroller wheel covers or use shower caps if they fit: Covering the wheels before entering the house or apartment prevents mud stains, salt stains, and other kinds of stains from getting onto your carpet.

6.Warm socks, a baby hat, and a foot muff are must-wear items: No explanation needed here.

7.Treat the stroller to a quick wipe-down once you get home: Use a damp cloth to quickly wipe it down and get rid of moisture from the wheels, metal frame, and fabric.

Moisture on stroller fabrics encourages mold growth. If you notice mold on the fabric, here’s a step-by-step guide for removing mold from stroller fabric.

8. Do regular stroller cleans and maintenance: Clean and well-maintained strollers generally outlast dirty and poorly maintained ones. Here’s how to keep your snow stroller clean. If the front wheel of your jogger wobbles, it’s time to learn how to fix a wobbly stroller front wheel.

9. When cleaning a winter weather stroller, pay extra attention to the metal frame and metal wheel spokes. Rinse the frame and wheels thoroughly to remove the salts from your excursions in the snow. Because these salts can and do cause rusting which can in turn seriously damage the stroller frame and wheels.

Want more stroller tips? Here are 24 stroller tips  that new parents need to know yesterday.

Author: Joe Waweru

As a medical professional practicing in the United States, Joe Waweru medically reviews every piece of relevant content at, but nothing he says here should be construed as medical advice of any kind.

Joe Waweru

As a medical professional practicing in the United States, Joe Waweru medically reviews every piece of relevant content at, but nothing he says here should be construed as medical advice of any kind. He's also an entrepreneur of some sort, but he prefers to keep this under wraps. <a href="Visit Joe's Facebook Profile here

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