How to Go Up and Down Escalator With Stroller

How do you go up and down an elevator with a baby in the stroller? I imagine you own a city life-friendly stroller, but you can take pretty much any stroller up or down an escalator.

However, this isn’t a good idea. Climbing up and descending stairs with a stroller isn’t easy, but it’s not as unsafe as getting on an escalator with baby in the stroller.

Is It Safe to Use Stroller on an Escalator?

No, it’s not always safe to use a stroller with or without a baby on an escalator. In fact, it’s dangerous to use a stroller on an escalator. Small wonder many escalators have banned the use of any kind of wheeled device including strollers on these machines.

The safest way to go up a building is to wear your baby and walk up the stairs. The  next best thing you can do as a caring loving parent is to use an elevator.

A video of a nice mom letting of pram with baby strapped in happen all the time. I hope it won’t happen to you or anyone you know, knock on wood. Just use the elevator and avoid these kinds of scenarios completely.

YouTube video

Using a stroller on an escalator or not is a personal choice in some cases. But anyone who’s seen stroller-on-escalator mishaps knows better than to take a baby stroller on this device. I believe there should be rules/laws in place in every country on the planet banning stroller use on escalators.

When going up an escalator with a stroller and baby strapped in, there’s always the risk that the stroller might catch at the transition to the platform. And when going down one might slip and lose control. As a result, the stroller might flip over and the baby gets bruises or even worse injuries.

Stroller on Escalator Accidents Happen…Sometimes

I once saw this happen, and it was a shocking experience.  Everyone on the descending escalator fell into a really shook heap on top of the stroller and baby! Fortunately, the child didn’t get ejected from the stroller seat. Maybe they had a 5-point stroller harness restraining them. But I wonder what would have happened had they fallen off the stroller face down!

You Don’t Want to Be Social Media Shamed, Do You?

If I’ve not yet convinced you that getting on an escalator with your toddler is a bad idea, here’s one more thought to consider.

There’s always some social-media fanatic recording little nice videos and taking pics of parents who make others wait for a few extra seconds at the escalator. People have become increasingly intrusive, and personal privacy’s gone to the dogs.

I think it’s not OK to post pics or videos of parents who choose to use the escalator with their stroller and toddler. But I bet you wouldn’t want to be the unlucky person that shameless social media junkie chooses to expose to the world, would you?

How to Take a Stroller Up an Escalator

Let me guess why you sometimes get on an escalator with your baby. It’s because babies love escalators, and your little one is no exception. Plus, other nice parents do it all the time, so why not you?

I insist that it’s best to use an elevator instead. And chances are that where there’s an escalator, there’s an elevator around. Besides, you can always use the stairway. Only use a stroller on an escalator if it’s allowed and there’s no other way to go up.

Method #1

Before getting on the human conveyor, make sure there’s nothing that can catch on anything as you go up or down an escalator. Tie up shoes laces on your toddler’s shoes if the ends have come loose. Also, check the stroller’s buckle straps to make sure they’re nice and snug. One more thing: remove all dangling items such as bags hanging from the handlebar or any sling bottle attached to the canopy.

If the buckle straps aren’t properly secured, that can be extremely dangerous when going down an escalator. Since the stroller tilts at an angle when descending, the safety device might come undone. And the forward momentum and gravity would force the baby out of the stroller, hitting the floor face-first! Obviously a scenario no parent ever wants to see.

Never get on the escalator if there’s too many people on it. Better to wait until there’s enough room for the stroller, you, and lots of space around. You need enough room to maneuver the stroller on your way up the escalator.

Press down on the handles to cause the front wheel/wheels to lift off the floor and onto the base of the escalator (comb-plate). The stroller is now balancing on two steps, so hold it down the whole time to prevent the wheels from  moving.

The final step is to lift the front wheel/wheels over the last step/comb-plate). Then, push the stroller hard so that the rear wheels roll over the final step and onto the platform. Don’t waste any time there, just roll away to give way to other users.

Method #2: Carry the Stroller Ask Another Person to Carry Baby

  • Fold the stroller and get any loose or dangling straps or laces out of the way. Meanwhile, the other person holds baby.
  • In this folded position, lift the stroller’s wheels over and rest them on the escalator’s base. The stroller’s wheels should fit on one step instead of two.
  • Hold the railing with one hand, and try to stay in the middle of the machine.
  • Have the other person hold baby with one hand and keep the other hand on the handrail. The person needs to keep an eye on the baby so that they don’t stick out their little arms and get hurt.
  • Once you reach the other end, lift the wheels onto the final step.
  • Quickly unfold the stroller after exiting, strap the baby back in, and roll on.

How to Take a Stroller Down an Escalator

Just don’t do it. Because it’s unsafe. Use the elevator instead. But if you’re allowed to use it going down, strap baby in securely. Also, lock the brakes nice and secure. Have baby facing in the same direction they faced going up. Their weight rests on the back of the stroller instead of on the harness/straps. Hold the stroller down with both hands. And once you reach the bottom of the escalator, exit quickly and roll away.

Take Stroller on Escalator Tips

  1. Stand in the middle of the escalator rather than to either side to prevent any dangling straps and items from catching on the sides of the device.
  2. If the stroller balances on two steps, hold it down firmly to stabilize it.
  3. Always stay in the middle of the conveyor to prevent things or even your baby’s hands from catching on the side of the escalator.
  4. When going up escalator, keep both hands on the handlebars. No hand on the rail.
  5. Be sure to stand upright whether going upward or descending so you won’t fall.
  6. Don’t use the phone while climbing or going down. Stay focused.

Final Thoughts

It’s not very smart to use a stroller on an escalator. Nor is it permitted in many places. It’s always best to use the elevator and if this isn’t possible, walk up or down the stairs with the stroller. It’s dangerous to get on an escalator with a baby strapped in a stroller or any other kind of wheeled device. An accident can happen, one that’d leave baby and other users seriously hurt.

Safe parenting!


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