Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold FAQs

Have you heard of this new piece of baby gear that moms, dads, grandparents, and everyone else can’t stop talking about? I’m talking about the Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold here, an all-in-one car seat that actually rotates, making super easy buckling kids in as well as getting them out. Here’s a comparison of the Evenflo 360 Revolve vs Cybex Sirona S in case you’re interested to know.

In this post, my job is to answer every small and big question you may have about this life-changing all-in-one car seat. But before we dive right into the Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold FAQs, let me tell you what’s amazing about this car seat. Or what makes it unique.

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Why Everyone Loves the Evenflo 360 Revolve Rotating Car Seat

Parents everywhere have been heaping love and praise on the Evenflo 360 Revolve Car Seat. The first reason is that it’s an all-in-one car seat. It’s an infant car seat, a forward-facing toddler car seat, and a seat belt-positioning booster all at once.

The second reason and perhaps the most important one is that this car seat actually rotates. It swivels 360 degrees, which means that once you install it rear-facing, you won’t have to uninstall to re-install it forward-facing. And that’s Amazing!

The third reason is that it’s a weak back saver. When you want to get the child out of this car seat, you don’t have to hunch over or do any other thing that makes your situation worse. Simply spin the seat so that baby faces the side door and get them out. That’s how easy it is to unload baby, and the same goes for loading.

Here’s another reason: The Evenflo 360 Swivel Car Seat is easy to use, easier to use than most comparable rotating car seats. Take, for example, the Cybex Sirona S. The Sirona S has a top tether that gets in the way of the seat’s shell when you try to swivel it forward-facing. But the Evenflo 360 doesn’t do this because it’s top tether links to the base and not to the seat shell.

In addition, installation is pretty easy. But here’s something to know: it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes installing the Evenflo 360 Gold. In fact, I recently wrote a post about how to get a stuck Evenflo 360 Gold unstuck. I’ll let you in on a little secret that makes sure your car seat never ever gets stuck between rotation angles. Like between 90˚and 180˚, which can be completely frustrating.

It’s easy to clean. Car seats that swivel are generally an easier clean compared to those that don’t rotate at all. But not all car seats that rotate are created equal when it comes to cleaning them. The Evenflo 360 Gold is probably the easiest to clean option ever created.

To clean the Evenflo 360 Gold, simply tear it down and do the job. And you know what? The base of this car seat is actually detachable. Which means accessing the nooks and crannies to clean up the little dried bits of snacks your kiddo hid in there is way easier with the 360 Gold.

What Are the Dimensions and Weight of the Evenflo 360 Gold?

The dimensions of the Revolve 360 Gold are 20.55″ Depth x 19.6″ Width x 25″ Height (52.5cm Depth x 49.8cm Width x 63.5cm Height). These measurements apply when the car seat is in the forward-facing position and adjusted to the lowest headrest position. As for weight, the Evenflo 360 Gold weights in at 29.66 pounds or 13.5 kg. It’s pretty heavy and bulky, and those with weak backs and bodies may face serious difficulty lifting this car seat.

How Many Angles Does the Evenflo 360Revolve Rotate Through?

As the name of the product suggests, the Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold rotates a full 360 degrees. This means once you install this car seat, you don’t need to reinstall it forward-facing when the time to do so comes. When your child reaches the listed-down weight and height limits, pull up on the rotation handle on the sides of the shell (top) and swivel the seat so that it faces to the front.

How Do You Install the Evenflo 360 Gold Car Seat?

Watch these 5 videos created and published by the manufacturer to learn how to install the Evenflo 360 Gold.

Does the Evenflo 360 Gold Include the Base?

Yes, the car seat includes 2 parts: a base and a detachable top shell. Unfortunately, Evenflo hasn’t yet started providing extra bases for this car seat. This means you can’t simply lift off the seat shell, carry it to a second car and install it on a base there.

Does It Have a Load Leg?

No, it doesn’t have a load leg. Its closest competitor, the Cybex Sirona S, also a swivel car seat, features an adjustable load leg for extra safety.

Does It Have an Anti-rebound bar?

Yes, this car seat comes with a built-in anti-rebound mechanism that performs more or less the same function as an anti-rebound bar or load leg. It seems like the anti-rebound bar is becoming more and more common on newer car seat models.

How Long Does My Child Ride Rear-facing in the Evenflo 360 Revolve Gold?

This car seat allows for extended rear-facing, up to 40 pounds compared to 30-35 pounds with regular infant car seats. Once there’s less than 1″ of space between the top of the head and the top of the car seat shell, you MUST stop using the seat in the rear-facing mode.

In most cases, you should be able to carry newborns all the way to 3-year-olds rear-facing. Evenflo says that the stated height limit of 40″ and weight limit of 40 pounds fits 3-year-old boys in the 93rd and 97th percentile respectively. In other words, this car seat can be used rear-facing up to age 3 for most kids.

How Long Can You Use the Evenflo 360 Revolve?

You can use the evenflo 360 Gold for up to 10 years (check the expiration date label on the base of the car seat, near the LockStrong Belt Tensioner) And since it comes with a foldable body insert and also converts to a booster seat down the road, this car seat is usable right from birth throughout preschool and beyond (up to 120 pounds).

It’s possible to buy this as your forever car seat, one that grows with your child from infant-hood to seatbelt use age. If you do tons of air travel, though, you definitely will have to buy a second car seat that’s lightweight and aircraft approved since the Evenflo 360 Gold isn’t.

Can You Use Evenflo Revolve 360 Without the Base?

No, the base of the Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold is detachable. However, the base and the car seat need to stay together as one unit for proper functioning of the product. When transferring this seat to another vehicle, you have to move the seat shell as well as the base it attaches to.

Is It Easy to Install the Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold Car Seat?

Installing with either the seatbelt (highly recommended) or LATCH system is quite easy. And the added LockStrong Belt Tensioner makes sure you get a really tight install. One reason this car seat isn’t hard to install is that the belt path is really wide, even wider than the belt path on the Cybex Sirona S.

What’s the Best or Easiest Way to Install the Evenflo 360 Gold?

The best way to install the Evenflo 360 Gold is through the seatbelt. With the seatbelt, you won’t need to reinstall the seat for forward-facing seating in the future.

Note that you must use the top tether rear-facing and forward-facing. And the great thing about this car seat is that the top tether doesn’t attach to the shell as is the case with the Cybex Sirona S. Instead, the top tether comes out of the base which makes sure it stays out of the way in both seating modes.

Does the Evenflo 360 Gold Have a Seat Belt Tensioner?

Yes, the LockStrong functions as a belt tensioner and makes sure you end up with a safe and secure installation.

Is the Evenflo 360 Gold UAS or LATCH Compatible?

Yes it is. Whether you’re in the US or Canada you should be able to use this rotatable car seat.

Is the Tether Required When Installing the Evenflo 360 Gold?

Yes, the tether is required when installing rear-facing as well as when using the seat in the forward-facing mode. HOWEVER, the tether ISN’T required when using the seat as a seat belt positioner.

What Does the One-time Install of the Evenflo 360 Gold Mean?

It means that once you install this seat in the rear-facing mode, you won’t need to uninstall and then reinstall for forward-facing rides. HOWEVER, you’ll have to reinstall the base when the time comes to use the seat as a seatbelt positioner. Read the manual to learn how to do it correctly.

Does It Work for Taller Kids?

Yes, it does. The max harness shoulder height is 19″ versus 16″-17″ for most similar car seats. The Cybex Sirona S, for example, has a max harness height of 16.5″, which makes the Evenflo 360 a better fit for taller kids.

Can I Buy an Extra Base for the Evenflo 360 Gold?

Sadly no at time of writing. If you need to move the seat to a different car or other vehicle, you have to uninstall the shell and base and reinstall the both of them in the backseat of the other vehicle. It’s not something you want to do often because this thing is heavy and pretty bulky (28 pounds).

Can I Use this Rotating Car Seat Without Cupholders?

Yes, the cupholders easily removable. It gets even better: these cupholders are dishwasher safe. You want to put them in the top rack.

Does the Evenflo 360Revolve Gold Rotate on Its Own?

The only time the car seat rotates or swivels is when you squeeze the rotation handle. This handle is found on either side of the car seat. Actually, you shouldn’t start driving unless the seat is locked into place.

What Are the Car Seat’s LATCH Weight Limits?

It’s recommended that you install via seatbelt, but you can still install via LATCH if you so decide. The LATCH weight limit is 35 pounds versus 40 pounds forward-facing limit.

How Do I Know that the Seat is Locked into Place?

The car seat comes with a seat lock indicator located on the sides of base lights green if the seat is locked into place and stays red when the seat isn’t locked.

Does the Seat Rotate When the Vehicle is in Motion?

As long as the car seat is locked (the seat lock indicator is green), it shouldn’t and doesn’t rotate when the vehicle is in motion.

What Do I Do If My Car Seat Gets Stuck and Fails to Rotate?

Make sure that the car seat doesn’t get stuck in the first place. And the best way to do this is to recline the car seat fully before installing it on the base. But if the car seat is already stuck, read this post to learn how to get it unstuck.

How Do I Clean the Base?

Dip a cloth into water mixed with a mild detergent and use the damp cloth to wipe down the base. As you do this, avoid soaking the labels. So, wring out as much water from the cloth as you can.

How Do I Remove the Seat Pads for Cleaning?

The covers remove easily and are machine washable. The manufacturer recommends that users wash the covers separately and run the delicate cycle with mild detergent. You can even tumble dry on low heat for about 10-15 minutes. Dry cleaning the padding is a no-no, and you definitely shouldn’t iron it.

Does the Fabric on the Evenflo 360 Get Too Hot in Summer?

Yes, it does get hot when exposed to too much sunlight. What you can do is place a towel on the seat when it’s empty to prevent it from getting too hot. The fabric is plush, feels soft enough, and spot cleans with ease.

Can I Disinfect the Evenflo 360 Car Seat?

Yes, you can disinfect the car seat according to the manufacturer. You can disinfect various parts of this seat including the 5-point harness, buckle, fabric, foam, labels, and any plastic parts using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

You can spray the disinfectant onto the car seat and booster seat to dampen them rather than wet them or soak anything. Once you’ve got the disinfectant in, allow the surfaces to air-dry completely. In case you’re interested, here’s how to clean a car seat.

Never treat other car surfaces including the seatbelt with a disinfectant. Refer to the vehicle manual to learn how to disinfect the seatbelt and other surfaces.

Does the Package Include a Car Seat Protector Mat?

No, you don’t get a car seat protector. However, you can buy it separately.

Does This Car Seat Fit Into a Travel Bag?

Yes, it fits into the Evenflo Travel Bag, but you’ll have to purchase the bag separately.

What’s the Warranty on the Evenflo 360 Look Like?

It’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty named the Gold Lifetime Warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover secondhand use or improper storage. Also, damage during air travel or freight damage isn’t covered. And if you misuse the seat in any way or don’t give it proper maintenance, you’ll void the warranty.

Finally, the warranty doesn’t apply to the following: damp storage, frequent washing (don’t get in the habit of hosing down this thing, mom), sweat, use of detergents, or even sweat. Be sure to register your car seat with Evenflo. And no, the warranty doesn’t apply to those who buy the product for use in locations outside of the US and Canada.

Are There Installation Videos for the Evenflo 360 from the Manufacturer?

Yes, there are 5 videos put out by the company to help parents and caregivers when installing the car seat. But I learned that the installation manual that comes with the seat isn’t super clear on how to install the seat correctly.

Some owners of this car seat soon found that it got stuck and didn’t rotate at all no matter what they did to change the situation. But one person online suggested to recline the car seat fully before installing it on the base, saying that doing this prevented the swivel feature from malfunctioning.

Is there anything you needed to know about this life-changing car seat that I didn’t cover in these FAQs? Tell me about it in the comment box below.

Author: Joe Waweru

As a medical professional practicing in the United States, Joe Waweru medically reviews every piece of relevant content at, but nothing he says here should be construed as medical advice of any kind.

Joe Waweru

As a medical professional practicing in the United States, Joe Waweru medically reviews every piece of relevant content at, but nothing he says here should be construed as medical advice of any kind. He's also an entrepreneur of some sort, but he prefers to keep this under wraps. <a href="Visit Joe's Facebook Profile here

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