What’s the 5 Step Seatbelt Test?

According to the NHTSA, kids start using the booster seat between the ages 4 and 7 and should continue using it until about age 12-13. However, not all 8-years-olds are ready to start using the seatbelt because kids are individuals and don’t develop at the same rate or in the same way. Nor do seatbelts …

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Commonly Asked Car Seat Questions

car seat faqs

Car seats can be complicated. Small wonder parents, especially new ones are always asking questions about them. This post brings together in one place at least 21 commonly asked car seat questions so you can dramatically increase your baby safety car seat IQ in under 1 hour. I won’t pretend this is the most comprehensive …

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Stroller Car Seat Compatibility

stroller car seat compatibility

When buying a car seat for the newest arrival of your family, one question to consider is whether the car seat you’re looking at is stroller-compatible. And if it works with strollers, which stroller(s) is it compatible with? Travel systems are a good idea for many parents. They make moving baby from the car to …

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How to Get a FREE Car Seat and Save Money

get a free car seat

Babies are lovely and cute and many other things, but they’re expensive. According to Bloomberg, the estimated cost of childbirth in the United States seats somewhere north of $18,000. And the cost of raising the same child? A typical middle-income family should expect to spend $310,000+ to raise a 2015-kid through their 17th birthday. Related: …

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How to Install a Car Seat Correctly

How to install a car seat

An OK car seat installed correctly is safer than the best car seat on the planet installed incorrectly. Some car seats such as infant car seats and convertible car seats from Graco and many other companies have an angle indicator to help parents know when they have the recline angle set right. Also, the best …

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