Infant Car Seat Weight and Height Limits

When to forward-face a car seat

Infant car seats and all car seats come with clearly indicated weight limits. Car seat manufacturers sometimes list the minimum and maximum heights. But the weight limit is always a given no matter the model you choose. In this post, you’ll learn the typical infant car seat weight and height limits as well as those …

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Best FAA Approved Car Seats for Air Travel

best faa approved travel car seat

If you and your little one are globe trotters who are always on a plane heading to this or that destination, you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll learn what you need to know about traveling with a car seat on planes as well as what the rules are for various major airlines. You’ll even …

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How to Fly with a Car Seat

A baby in a car seat on a plane

I think I know why you’re looking to learn how to fly with a car seat on a plane. It’s because you’re planning on traveling to some new destination within or outside of the U.S and Canada. And you’re not sure how car seat policies on airlines work and how those rules might affect your …

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How to Carry a Car Seat Without Killing Your Back

A mom carrying a baby in a car seat

Hauling a car seat around with a baby in isn’t always easy. And it’s not uncommon for some of us loving moms to experience a bit of discomfort or even pain in the back, hips, or shoulders. But, is there’s a way to lift and carry a baby car seat without it hurting your back, …

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How to Keep Baby Warm in Car Seat

How to keep warm in car seat

It’s sub-30 outside and snowing. Naturally, everyone from grannies to fast-pedaling cyclists is bundling up to escape the bitter nastiness of winter weather. And it’s tempting to put the puffiest jacket or snowsuit on your baby to keep things warm and cozy for them throughout the ride. But child safety experts say that heavily padded …

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Car Seat Mistakes That Can Be Deadly

twisted seat belt pic

You’re a careful parent and have been securing your tot safely because, unlike some parents, you read the car seat manual. But are you sure you’re using that baby car seat correctly? Are you sure that car seat would protect your little one in case of a crash? One study published in the Journal of …

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How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

How to clean a baby car seat

Babies don’t know how hard it is to clean a dirty baby car seat. No matter what you do, that rug rat will throw up all over their seat, shoot poop on it, stain it, and drool on it. They’ll spill yogurt, crunchy bits of snack, orange juice, and other kinds of liquids all over …

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Baby Car Seat Guide

baby car seat picture

This baby car seat guide covers all the big and small things you need to look for when buying a safe riding seat for your child. I bet you’re about to welcome your first baby to the world. Or you’re a mom or dad looking to pick up a forward-facing seat because your baby has …

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