What is an Electric Kick Scooter?

electric scooters

There are kick scooters, and then there are electric scooters. But wait, there’s also self-balancing scooters aka hoverboards. What the heck is an electric scooter? Is an electric scooter the same as a hoverboard? This post answers this questions and a bunch others that might interest you. What is an Electric Scooter? Also called stand-up …

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Are Kick Scooters Bad for Knees

Fact: riding a kick scooter is endless fun. And it burns unwanted calories. But what does it do to the rider’s knees? Is scooting a high-impact outdoor activity like running? In other words, are kick scooters bad for knees? This post (hopefully) answers all these important scooting-related questions for you and your loved ones. Related: …

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How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Scooter

Your kid’s brand new kick scooter just arrived. Now what? The next thing to do is teach them to ride it. But how do you teach a child to ride a kick scooter when you’ve never done it? Or when you don’t know how to ride this personal transportation device yourself? Don’t worry. Because in …

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How to Choose Kick Scooters for Kids

kids scooter

I imagine you’re planning on buying a kick scooter that your kid can use for commuting to school. Or just have kiddie fun with friends around the neighborhood. Or they want a toy and insist it need to be a kid’s kick scooter. But here’s the tricky part: how do you choose a kick scooter …

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