Baby Carrier for Big Dads with Broad Shoulders

Finding the best baby carrier for petite moms isn’t too hard. But you need lots of luck to find any carrier that fits barrel-chested dads with broad shoulders and a large tall frame to boot.

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In this post, I review 6 options that work well for large-framed fathers and gigantic men in general. Some of the recommendations are pretty affordable while others are a little on the steeper side of the price spectrum. BTW, there’s a super popular baby wrap for moms on the bigger side of the weight world.

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Who Came Out on Top?

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The Omni 360 All-Position Structured Carrier breathes quite easy and even the shoulder straps are vented. But it’s not the best summer-babywearing carrier.It’s lighter than most and fits well even when worn by big husbands with big chests and wide shoulders.

best big dad baby carrier Also, it’s supremely well padded where it matters most. And the buckles and straps adjust without issues. The waistband is wide, thick, and long enough to fit large waistlines. And the best part? CS moms can shift this supportive belt up or down for a more comfortable fit.

It offers decent storage, and detachable hood acts as a wind barrier and a sun shade. Most importantly, this carrier keeps baby’s legs in the pediatrician-approved M position where baby’s bum stays down and the knees up. Your baby deserves a hip-safe choice, and the Ergobaby 360 Omni All-positions is a safe bet.

No insert is required to tote newborns. And this carrier serves babies all the way through toddlerhood. The only downside is the price, which many might say is pretty steep.

Not sure if a structured baby carrier is the best option for you and your LO? Check out this sub-$40 carrier: Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Baby Carrier. It breathes great, even better than the top pick. And no, it’s not mediocre quality-wise. Who knows, your baby might like it.

inafantino big dad carrier

How to Pick Out the Best Big-Dad Baby Carrier

Is this your first time buying a baby carrier? The shopping can be a little overwhelming due to the dizzying number of good, decent, and great big-dad baby carriers in the baby gear market.

In this guide, I point you in the direction of good-to-great options as well as handhold you through the features and specs you need to keep an eye out for.

1. Carrier Size Adjustability

Adjustability is a big one when it comes to choosing the right baby carrier for a huge dad. Because if you can adjust it, you can make it fit a small or larger frame. Most soft-structured carriers are size adjustable, and this feature makes sharing a carrier between family members possible.

Baby ring slings also offer adjustability. They’re come two sewn-in metal rings that make size adjustment a breeze while locking in the chosen size securely and comfortably.

As for baby wraps, these have not rings nor size adjustment buckles, but they’re the most big-dad-friendly. All they are is a long piece of fabric (3-5.5 yards) that requires a good fitting and tying technique to mold around the body. When buying for a large dad or other big manly caregiver, make sure to choose an option with as long a wrap as possible.

2. What Baby Carrier Style Works Best for Big Dads?

Before I uncover the best carrier style for large-boned fathers, let me briefly describe 4 types of baby carriers available in the baby carrier market. These 4 baby carrier types include the following:

(i) Soft-structured baby carriers

(ii) Backpack-style baby carriers

(iii) Baby wraps

(iv) Baby rings slings (or simply slings)

Here’s what each kind of baby carrier is like.

(i) Soft-structured Baby Carriers

These carriers look like a backpack and are pretty bulky, but all carriers are extremely light and highly portable. One thing that makes SSCs really stand out is the padding they offer small and big dads. They come with nicely cushioned shoulder straps, harness, and waistband.

What’s more, soft-structured carriers last really long. If you pick out a good one and are planning on having a single baby, you won’t need to purchase any other carrier. As long as you choose a size that grows with your baby from birth through todderhood.

The only downside from where I sit is that SSCs aren’t cheap. While good baby slings and wraps cost $60-ish, you’re looking at a hefty bill of $250+ for any of the finest soft-structured baby carriers.

Some of the best large daddy baby carriers have a soft, structured design. Throw in some manly colors such as black, blue, green, and orange or any color combination that appeals to guys and what happens? Hubby will soon be begging to go out with baby all the time!

(ii) Backpack-style Caby Carriers

These are structured baby carriers and like SSCs look have a backpack-like design. They’re also bulky and heavier than wraps and slings. Heck, they’re even bulkier and heavier than SSCs!

Think of backpack carriers as a kind of really rugged outdoorsy baby carrier. The kind really manly dads and moms like hauling their LO in because they’re insanely comfortable and tough.

Comfort Backpack Carriers vs Lightweight Hiking Carriers

Some backpack styles are pretty much a “full-sized” soft-structured baby carrier. They’re thickly but softly padded, but unlike SSCs, they have a metal frame for extra sturdiness.

Another reason they come with a frame, a folding kickstand, and even hinges is that they’re fashioned after a completely foldable design. They fold down to a smaller size than regular SSCs, but they do take up a greater amount of trunk and closet space.

Others are lightweight backpacks that skimp on carrying comfort and instead focus on cutting carrier weight. These ones are suited for jaunts rather full-day, limit-busting hikes through wooded mountain sides and extremely rugged terrain and misty valleys.

They’re somewhat lacking in the support department as well. You don’t want to use certain lightweight options if you have back issues since they lack lumbar support.

These carriers are straightforward to use and really good for dads of all sizes because most are size adjustable. Plus, they have a really tough, manly feel. Your man won’t struggle loving it, or even better, strapping baby in and walking off into the tranquility of the mountain trail.

(iii) Baby Wraps

Bat wraps are really simple. All they’re is a simple straight fabric with minimal detailing.They’re really light and easy to carry. But in terms of user-friendliness, baby wraps and slings are more challenging to use compared to soft-structured baby carriers and backpack-style carriers.

There are stretchy baby wraps and non-stretchy baby wraps. Non-stretchy straps are often woven and don’t stretch much at all. However, they still offer a decent amount of give across the diagonal which makes it easy to mold them on your baby’s and your body.

These are pretty much a baby shawl and most are made from 100% linen or cotton fabrics while the rest are wool, hemp, modal, or silk blends. The way each wrap drapes over baby’s and parent’s body and how soft/textured it feels depends on which material or material combination the manufacturer’s used.

These are good options for big dads because they don’t have size-related limitations. As long as the wrap is long enough (6+ meters long and most options are at least 6 meters long), most tall, big dads can use them without a problem.

But there’s one little downside with baby wraps: many dads out there have a really hard time figure out how the heck to tie them up.

And tell me, does your hubby like asking for help? If he’s anything like mine, he’ll never say he doesn’t know how to use a wrap baby carrier.

He’ll try, try, and try again and finally kind of manage a tie of sorts. But is that little thing shaped like the letter C really safe, mom? Help dad out even though he doesn’t need any help. Because hue clearly needs it LOL.

Baby Carrier Size: Size Matters Especially If You’re a Bigger Dad

Do baby carriers have different sizes? Yes, they’re available in different sizes. There are different baby carrier sizes namely:

Newborn and infant sizes: for use from birth to around the start of toddlerhood. If you buy this size, you definitely need to buy a roomier option as your baby hits certain size milestones in the future. I don’t recommend these sizes at all because I view them as really neat way to waste money.

Standard-sized baby carriers: This baby carrier size is for babies aged 4 months all the way to month 24 months. These ones are OK, but what if you still want to wear your 33-month toddler to hikes and excursions down the road? The carrier size may not be big enough for your all-big-and-grown baby.

These are a reasonable way to spend money. Because it’s possible to use a standard sized carrier and not need a larger size after baby outgrows them. How so?

Because many babies in the 18month-4 years age range decide they no longer want to be carried all the time. They decided that they value independence a whole more than anything else. And they want out of the carrier and down to Earth.

Most big dads should be OK picking this size for their little one. As long as the carrier accommodates beefy chests, wide shoulders, and tall torsos.

Toddler sized baby carriers: This baby carrier size is meant for kids in the 18-36 months age range. These aren’t for newborns of course. Parents who start off the babywearing journey with newborn and infant size carriers end up picking a toddler sized option at some point.

Pay Attention to Shoulder Strap Length & Waist Size

The size categories above aren’t really helpful, are they? You really have no idea whether a standard sized or even a toddler sized carrier with fit your massive body size. So how do you determine that a certain carrier will be large enough for you and your LO?

Sadly, not all product descriptions list down the shoulder length measurement of their carriers. Where they show this size number, look at it. If you’re a big 6 footer, you want to choose something whose shoulder length measures at least 45 inches.

Waist Size/Length

If you know your waist size (who doesn’t? ) and can read Amazon product descriptions, determining if a particular baby carrier would be a good size for your gigantic frame would be really easy. Unfortunately, not all baby carrier makers indicate the actual waist measurement if their carriers. In this case, you have to exclusively rely on big-dad baby carrier reviews on Amazon and other places online.

With this brief buying advice, you should be able to pick up an option that fits your large-sized frame. But if at this point you don’t have any specific choice in mind, below is a list of baby carriers that big guys and dads have found comfortable. They’re definitely not perfect, which is why I’ve listed down the good and the bad about each choice.

6 Good Big-dad Baby Carriers (+ One Wrap for Plus-size Moms)

Here’s the list you stopped here for.

1. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Structured Carrier: Best Overall

Ergobaby Omni All-Position is a multi-position carrier that lets you wear baby on the hips, back, and front. And yes, you can tote baby either front facing or rear-facing. The earlier version of this carrier, the Original 360, doesn’t allow for the world-facing carrying position.

good baby carrier for large pops

One super important thing about Ergobaby carriers including the Omni is that their design compels baby to sit with knees higher than the bottom, in what pediatricians call the M position. The bottom of the carrier provides enough support for baby’s tush and the straps clip in tightly and safely. It’s like baby sits in a bucket-like seat.

According to these experts, no baby-carrying position is safer than the M position, and hips develop as they should when baby’s carried this way. If you’re looking for a hip-healthy carrier for your kiddo, this is it. The international Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes this carrier as a hip-healthy choice.

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Another nice thing about this guy is that he adjusts from petite-friendly sizes to big-daddy sizes with ease. Simply adjust the wide supportive waist band and padded shoulder straps, and voila! a new size.

If you’re small and wondering if the Ergobaby All-Positions will let you share babywearing with your big husband, wonder no more. Because this comfortable, well-fitting, size-adjustable soft-structured carrier got you covered.

*I noticed that there are listings costing like $100 vs 179 for this listing, and it’s supposed to be the same product judging from the name. But the $179 option has an incredibly solid build, cross-able shoulder straps for better older-baby support.

What’s more, the shoulder straps are vented, and the carrier comes with way more mesh than the cheaper options. Is it possible that those $70 cheaper listings aren’t from Ergobaby (imitations)?

This thing is sturdy and incredibly supportive, but I’m saying it’s a running or jogging baby carrier haha. I’m saying it supports newborns, infants, and older kids up to 45 pounds really well. The minimum weight limit is 7 pounds BTW.

I believe you can tote  your 7-pound preemie in it without baby falling through the leg holes. And did I say that the leg holes are comfortable and well-padded?

This carrier comes with a removable hood that serves as a handy cover when the sun decides to show who’s in charge or when the winds start blowing like it’s the end of the world. What’s more, this shade is removable, and there’s enough storage on the carrier to store it when not in use.

Since it’s made from soft cotton, this soft-structured carrier doesn’t wear out too fast. You can expect it to outlast the babywearing phase. Plus washing it saves you time as long as you can access a washing machine.

The Omni 360 can be intimidating to wear initially, but it’s not too hard to figure out. Besides, there’s enough videos put out by good moms and dads to help those of us who don’t like wasting brains figuring out stuff like this. Be sure to watch one or two videos before using and you’ll be fine.


No insert needed + it’s a hip-health option
Detachable hood + on-carrier storage for small items
Nursing baby friendly
Keeps baby’s legs in the pediatrician-recommended M position
Decent padding in all the right places and good built-in lumbar support
Allows parents to carry baby in a bunch of ergonomically sound positions
Breathes better than the Original 360 and many other options
A comfortable, big dad-friendly soft-structured carrier
C section moms can wear waist belt up or down for comfier carries


Many cheaper carriers out there perform similarly

2.BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Free 3D Mesh: Best for Summer Outings

If you’re a good big guy who wants to help your SO babywear, you may want to try out the BabyBjörn FREE 3D Mesh Baby Carrier. This carrier fits parents as small as size XS and as large as XL.

It’s a good bet for both petite parents and larger ones as well. One thing I love about BabyBjörn is that their carriers are size adjustable, which makes it possible for different size parents to share babywearing. Whether you’re skinny and stand 5’4″  or stand 6′ 3″ and have wide shoulders, the FREE 3D should work for you. A tape measure-like strip sewn into the carrier makes it easy to adjust to different heights for comfort.

best large dad carrier

One thing big dads notice when they wear this carrier is how incredibly breathable it is. It’s made from 100% lightweight mesh polyester, and this fabric design promotes breathability way better than other fabric designs. It’s thinner and less bulky than other carriers, and it folds down and stores easy because it’s one of the most compact carriers ever designed.

Another amazing thing about the 3D Mesh FREE carrier is that it boasts generous padding where you need softness and comfort most — around the waist, shoulders, leg holes, all around baby. Hubby and I found that the waist strap didn’t dig into our tummies like some not-so-comfy options did.

If you’ve ever worn a baby carrier that required the incredible flexibility of a contortionist to work the clips between the shoulder blades, you didn’t like using the product. But this isn’t how it is with the FREE 3D Mesh carrier. It’s easy to slip on, and the straps adjust easily.

This thing is machine washable, too, plus it dries faster than most carriers out there because it’s all mesh. As the machine does the job, you can use that free time to do something else or just relax.

You don’t need an insert to use this product to tote around a newborn. Some carriers such as the Ergobaby 360 Original need parents to buy an insert separately and this sucks. Plus using an insert is completely agony IMO.

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This thing serves you from birth up to 15 months when most babies weigh around 26.5 pounds. While you can use this product for reasonably long, you’re forced to buy a larger sized carrier down the road to wear toddlers. I mean, there are baby carriers whose weight limit tops out at 60 pounds.

With the FREE 3D Mesh, you get to carry in three modes: front-facing and facing in. Front-carrying carriers are for babies aged at least 5 months while baby-facing-in carriers are for newborns and old babies. No carrying baby on your back.

Lest I forget, the BabyBjörn FREE 3D Carrier is a hip-healthy baby carrier having been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It compels baby to stay in the M position, a carrying position pediatricians consider the safest for babies. What’s more, newborns get great neck and head support with this choice.

It provides good back support, and it’s a great option for parents with a bad back. You can wear this carrier for hours and not experience any kind of back discomfort.

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But why the heck is there’s a detachable hood for protection on windy days and when the outing gets all sunny? There are tons of cheaper options that don’t require you to buy a windproof canopy separately. And why couldn’t BabyBjörn give parents a higher upper weight limit at that price point?

Here’s one more con: It’s good that flap on the front folds down so older babies can see the world. However, this flap flops back up which annoys parents no end. If you decide that these aren’t deal-breaking cons for you, grab this thing and start bonding with the newest member of your family now.

Finally, this carrier is available in limited color options. And you can’t buy it in cute prints because there’s no version with prints.


  • Acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Keeps legs in the recommended M position
  • Super breathable and comfortable
  • A lightweight, slim, stylish carrier for modern babywearing
  • Offers a wide fit range, from XS to XL
  • No knots to tie or hard-to-reach clips to work
  • Newborn friendly
  • Comes with a fabric tape measure that makes adjustments easier
  • Good lower back support
  • Machine washable and dries super quickly


  • Front flap can’t stay folded down because there’s no clasp
  • No hood for protection against wind and sun
  • Low max weight limit: Not useful past month 15
  • Limited color options

3. Ergobaby Omni Breeze Cotton Carrier: Great for Big Dads With Lower Backs

One look at the Ergobaby Omni Breeze, and you know you’re looking at a high-end, comfortable, cool-when-it-gets-warm, highly supportive baby carrier. It looks super sturdy, and the design seems well-executed in terms of workmanship and fit.

ergobaby omni dream

The straps adjust great, and switching from front-facing to inward-facing position is pretty easy. Its shoulder straps have better padding, making for more comfortable particularly when toting bigger babies.

What’s more, these straps are crossable as is the case with the original Omni, and this helps them to more evenly distribute weight. As for the waist belt, it’s quite wide and wraps around the waistline, and it stays firm and secure, and supportive. Oh, and we’re talking about a vented waist belt here.

One thing owners of this carrier notice is how well it provides lower back support. If you’re a large dad with wide shoulders but a not-so-great back, this is the carrier for you.

This carrier contains lots of mesh (so-called SoftFlex Mesh) which means it breathes well. But if you want the most breathable baby carrier out there, this isn’t it. You want to check out the BabyBjorn FREE 3D Mesh Carrier. The 3D Mesh breathes better than any other carrier I know, and it’s super light and easy to fold and store.

Back to our guy, the Omni Breeze. This is an improvement of earlier versions including the Omni and the original Ergobaby 360. One area where Omni Breeze really outshines the Omni and 360 is baby and parent comfort as well as breathability. Pretty much all Ergobaby baby carriers fit well and are comfortable, but the Breeze is even comfier and cooler when the weather gets warmer.

Another notable upgrade is storage. The 360 offers little in terms of storage, the regular Omni offers more storage, but the Breeze wins out. The Breeze comes with side pockets that let you stash away items such as phones, pacifier, cards, and whatnot.

A larger detachable zippered pouch on the front stores larger items such as wipes and diapers.  You even get a pacifier clip loop with this deal, plus reflective piping on each side of the front. Plus the carrier’s design includes a detachable hood that protects baby from the wrath of windy and sunny days.

This carrier allows for 5 carrying positions: on the hips, front facing out, front facing in, and on the back. The Omni also offers multiple carrying positions, but the 360 doesn’t support the baby-facing out position. It’s best suited for babies from 7lbs all the way up to 45lbs, meaning newborns, older babies, and toddlers. And yes, it’s newborn-friendly — you won’t have to separately buy a newborn insert.

It’s available in black, gray, and slate blue. Not many options.


  • A stylish, comfortable pick
  • Vented waist belt
  • Sturdy and well made with premium-quality materials
  • Machine washable, saving time
  • Useful from birth through toddlerhood
  • Highly adjustable and fits larger dads well
  • 2 side pockets for storing small items
  • Easy-to-access zipper-shut front pocket for bigger stuff
  • Extras: detachable UPF50 sun shade + reflective piping + pacifier clip loop


  • Many cheaper options that work as great
  • Limited color options

4. Alpha Six Big-dad Baby Carrier: Best for Hiking

If you’re a large, tough father with broad shoulders to boot and like hiking, the Alpha Six is a pretty good bet. This is a vet-owned-and-operated business, and the product best fits adventurous guys who hate leaving their little ones behind.

This backpack-style carrier comes with a large zipper-closed pocket on the front so you can carry your smartphone and other small stuff conveniently and without worrying about losing them.

front carrying backpack baby carrier

On the front pocket is a patch decorated with the US flag…because every tough dad loves America and would be willing to sacrifice and even die for country. Below the flag is a sewn-on patch with lettering that announces to the whole world that you’re confident about babywearing and everything else!

Don’t like this patch? No worries; get a little creative and add a patch with your own name-art onto the Velcro part the manufacturer left that way for this very purpose. I like being able to customize a product so that it fits me and reflects my personality better.

If the outdoors gets too sunny or windy when you’re out walking trails with baby, put the detachable sun/wind hood to work. I like that this tuck-away hood fits in the front pocket with room to spare.

Everything about this choice screams “rugged”, and the overall carrier design reminds you of the uber popular Swiss Army Knife. Made of 1000D nylong, it’s a sturdy backpack carrier made to handle everything walks in the wild and city walks throw at loving dads.

Like every option in these big dad baby carrier reviews, this option prioritizes baby safety.  It’s a baby-safe carrier that proudly wears the ASTM F223 safety badge. And the CPSC has issued a Children’s Product Certification as a demonstration of the faith they have in its safety. Ignore everything of questionable safety credentials and just pick this or any of the other options I have reviewed.

One thing I love about the Alpha 6 is how size adjustable it is. The carrier comes with easy-work straps and clips that make adjusting for size pretty easy. There’s a sturdy adjustable waist belt, but it isn’t as thick or wide as most.

But before you say this isn’t the carrier for you, look at the picture again. See the extra hip belt right above the waist belt? Working together, these two belts amount to pretty good lower back support so you can tote your tot in comfort. The hip belt fits guys from 24″ all the way up to 48″, which means it fits most big fathers.

The weight limit stretches from 8 pounds to 35 pounds. Hubby should be able to help with babywearing from the newborn phase through toddlerhood.

But this thing isn’t machine-washable, but it’s easy to spot-clean. Plus it’s available in black only. And, do you really see in your mind’s eye wifey wearing this?


  • A removable tuck-away sun shade
  • A sizeable front pocket for hood, phone, keys, other items
  • Allows for parent-facing and world-facing carries
  • An additional belt around the hips for better support
  • Meets the ASTM F2236 carrier safety standards
  • Buckles and heavy-duty straps that adjust well
  • Removable sun/wind hood


  • Not exactly gender neutral
  • Not machine-washable
  • No back carries
  • Available in black only

5. Boba Wrap Original Stretchy Wrap Carrier: Best Wrap for Big Moms

Do you know how long the Boba Wrap really is? Boba says it is 5.5 yards long, but I measured and the Boba Wrap measures 16 feet. Well, that’s not 5.5 yards but still quite close. It feels like there’s miles of fabric to deal with when tying the Boba Wrap. Whether you’re small or are the bustiest mom in the neighborhood, this wrap is long enough for you.

boba wrap for big mommas

It’s one of the longest baby wraps ever designed. When I saw all the piles of fabric that sat before me for the first time, it was intimidating. The sheer number of folds would make petite moms mutter under their breath, “this isn’t for me!”

It’s made of a stretchy fabric consisting of 5% spandex and 95% cotton. The fiber composition suggests it’s a tough and durable option that should stand up well to the agitation inside washing machines.

But is it durable?

Well, it’s reasonably durable, but past 25 pounds, it begins to feel like baby isn’t safe and secure in the stretchy wrap. But you can always shrink it a bit, ya know. BTW, the manufacturer says the wrap is good for 8 to 35-pound kiddos.

While it doesn’t come with any kind of dedicated neck support for newborns, there’s a way to it so baby’s neck and head stay adequately supported.

When baby drools (and they will), wets the wrap with spit-up, or stains it with diaper blowout, you shouldn’t freak out. Instead, toss the dirty wrap in the washer and let the machine get all the stains out.

The Boba Wrap doesn’t offer much in terms of carrying positions. While many similar wrap-style carriers allow you to carry baby on the back, wear them on the hip, or front-carry them, the Boba Wrap ONLY allows you to front-carry.

And you can’t carry baby facing out, they need to be facing in the entire time. Not a great position for kids who like soaking up beautiful sights as mom or dad totes them around.

My son was OK with facing me all the time — he actually seemed to enjoy it. The little dude would snuggle down in the wrap and start snoozing just 10 minutes into the carry. But that was when the weather permitted…

When the weather got warm and humid, the little angel seemed to sweat way more than I’d seen them do in any other carrier. That made me a little nervous, and I stopped using this wrap in the summer.

But when days got cooler, I fished out the wrap from wherever I’d stored it and did the miles, baby strapped in. This carrier is a heat trapper, and it offers babies a nice and cozy environment to bond with mom/dad in when winter weather rolls around.

One thing that moms love about the Boba Wrap is that it allows them to nurse baby discreetly. It’s roomier and more comfortable than other wraps I’ve owned. Plus it’s easy to manipulate into a comfortable sitting position for baby.

Other wraps I’d used before buying the Boba Wrap tended to keep baby’s face squished into my boobs. And it felt like suffocation wasn’t too far off!

You’ll want to watch a few YT videos before toting baby in this thing. It’s quite easy. Also, I suggest that you mold the wrap around your body before leaving the house and put baby in when you reach your destination. This isn’t the sort of thing you quickly wrap at parking lots or airports.

Colors? There’s a bunch of neutral colors for moms who don’t like being noticed and brighter hues for color lovers.


  • Keeps baby and mom warm in cool weather
  • Allows for discreet breastfeeding
  • Machine washable: easy to care for
  • Easily fits even the biggest moms out there
  • Not too hard to tie


  • Gets pretty warm when worn by petite moms

6. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier: Best Budget Soft-Structured Carrier

When I got my hands on the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, I was skeptical and didn’t expect much from a sub-$40 option. The weight limit stays between 8 and 32 pounds, making it something useful from birth thru toddlerhood. But no decent soft-structured carrier costs this low, right? Let’s see.

infantino ssc for bid fathers

The first thing I noticed when the Infantino arrived is how lightweight and slim it was. Compared to the Ergobaby 360 Omni, this one felt a tad lighter. Plus it contains way more mesh than the Omni 360, which is why hubby and I sweated less in it.

Most guys may not notice or even care, but when stitching isn’t perfectly straight and even as it is around this carrier’s relatively wide waist belt, I notice.  But this is no way detracts from the effectiveness of this carrier or safety.

The waist belt extends from 24″ to 49“, long enough to fit petite parents, plus-size moms, and big dads. And the shoulder straps offer enough adjustability to fit wide shoulders.

The straps are of a decent width and boast an acceptable amount of padding. But when I tried carrying my 25-pound LO in this, pressure built up on my shoulders and lower back which didn’t happen with the the Ergobaby 360 Omni.

If I wore this thing for a prolonged period, my lower back hurt like hell.  This may not bother many healthy dads, but dads with back problems should stay away from this carrier.

The polyester waist belt isn’t vented, but it adjusts well. Infantino says this choice offers lumbar support. Not saying they lied, just saying my lower back ached. And I’m not the only one who experienced a sore back wearing this.

It allows for multiple carrying positions: facing-in for newborns with the seat folded, facing out with the seat expanded, facing out with the seat folded, and baby-on-back with seat expanded. Adjustability for baby’s and parent’s comfort is great with this option. You can even adjust the leg openings to fit a smaller or larger baby.

However, the arm and leg holes could use more padding. It’s odd how this less-padding-issue didn’t seem to bother my baby. I imagine some babies could get all fussy in leg holes like these.

Extras: you get a drool cover, plus foldable head support for when baby’s facing out. This support stays on when you snap it into place.

But the drool cover is pretty useless. The velcro on it is only on one side. Aside from that, this cover tends to come off no matter which way you attach it. Anyone can live with this, but why add a feature if it doesn’t work?


  • Head support folds down nicely
  • A lightweight, highly breathable, machine-washable, quick-drying carrier
  • Adjusts to fit medium sized and big-chested, broad-shouldered dads
  • Leg holes adjust for a better fit, letting you carry smaller and older babies
  • Newborn-friendly thanks to good head support
  • Flexibility: Multiple carrying positions
  • A low-cost carrier for parents who’d like to “test” a soft-structured carrier
  • Drool cover included


  • Not enough padding around shoulders and waist
  • Stitching around waist belt doesn’t look perfect
  • Shoulder pads not crossable

Verdict: Who Won the Big-dad Baby Carrier Race?

Five of the recommendations reviewed above work well for burly fathers and one works great for plus-size moms. None of them is a size carrier. All of them are a kind of one-size-fits-most carrier that works equally well for average-sized and bigger fathers. All of them are newborn-friendly and also work for older babies and toddlers, a sort of buy-once-and-forget purchase.

IMHO, the Ergobaby Omni 360 All-position is the best big-dad baby carrier because of the following reasons: It adjusts to fit average size and bigger dads (and moms). Also, it boasts more mesh than most carriers, which makes it a good choice for moderately warm climates.

It’s got great padding, too, and the shoulder straps are thick and vented. As for the waist belt, it’s wide, thickly supportive, and CS moms can wear it at a lower or slightly upper position for comfort.

Even though it’s pricier than most, the purchase never feels like deception. And yes, this carrier is hip-healthy, which means it’s acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and keeps baby’s legs in M position.

Author: Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being Ricky's wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. <a href="">Visit my Facebook profile here</a>, and this is my <a href="">LinkedIn profile</a>, and here's my <a href="">nascent youtube channel.

Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being a wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. Visit my Facebook profile here, and this is my LinkedIn profile, and here's my nascent youtube channel.

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