Best Stroller Fans for Keeping Baby Cool in Summer

Summertime is the perfect time for pushing your baby around in their stroller. But there’s such a thing as summers that are too hot. If it gets too hot outdoors, you definitely want to stay indoors with baby and just relax. But if it’s normal summer sun, install a good stroller fan, get out the door, and bond with that little angel.

Stroller fans are an inexpensive way to keep the environment inside baby strollers cool so your LO can travel in comfort. For under $25, you can get your baby one of the best stroller fans out there.

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With highly efficient fans, babies stay calm or pass out in no time. These little fancy stroller accessories disperse summer heat away from the baby while also fanning moms and dads (depending on placement) so they don’t roast in the scorching sun.

Pressed for time? Here’s a quick summary of my review of one of the best baby stroller fans ever.

Who Came Out on Top?

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Why do I think the Xasla Clip-on Stroller Fan is the best fan for a baby stroller? It’s because it moves a surprising amount of air and on low and medium and a gust of cool air on high without howling like a turbo jet engine.

With a 10000mAh rechargeable battery, few competitors touch the Xasla as far as charge retention. Also, it swivels a full 360 degrees vertically and horizontally so you can direct airflow however you choose.

best stroller fan for summer use

Its clamping base is pretty wide and there aren’t many places you can’t successfully clip it. And yes, it’s quite versatile. When not using in the stroller, you can use it to cool your bedroom, baby’s crib, an elleptical, or even a golf cart when out shooting white balls for money or fun.

One downside is that it never oscillates. But the vast majority of summer stroller fans don’t to be fair. Plus at a price point approaching $40, some parents might hesitate springing for this stroller fan when there are many sub-$20 choices. But are they as good?

And if you prefer a foam-bladed stroller fan purely for safety reasons, the Little Chicks Clip-on Foam-bladed Stroller is probably the best bet out there.

What Is a Stroller Fan?

A stroller fan is a compact, portable device that cools the air in strollers keeping babies comfortable and happy. Some stroller fan types attach onto the handle of the stroller through a clip while others are designed to bend in a way that makes them fit around the stroller.

Some use replaceable lithium batteries while the rest need you to plug them in when they need more charge . Make sure to adequately charge the fan before you go out the door for the outing with baby. Since stroller fans are detachable, you can remove them when not in use and install them elsewhere. For example, you can use your baby’s stroller fan to aerate and cool the nursery.

Do You Really Need a Stroller Fan?

People use fans for a reason. But not everyone uses a fan because it’s not an absolute necessity. Not every parent installs a fan on their baby’s ride, because a fan isn’t a must-have stroller accessory. But if it the environment in the stroller gets super hot during the warmer months of the year, a stroller fan can help improve the situation.

A fan speeds up air circulation in the stroller. Hot air exits while fresh cooler air takes its place. Nothing causes babies greater misery than sitting still in a hot stroller while sweating the whole time. One reason stroller-carried kids get all fussy is discomfort. And fewer too much heat causes discomfort.

A fan helps dramatically improve the temperature situation inside the stroller. Baby enjoys the ride more, and the odds of baby overheating reduce significantly.

Using a fan in a baby’s room can even lower the risk of SIDS by over 70 percent according to WebMD. This means that using a stroller in a strollers is a great way to keep baby cool while staving off overheating.

Are Stroller Fans Safe for Babies?

Stroller fans are safe for babies provided they’re designed with baby safety in mind and you install them properly. A good fan won’t let little hands get in between the slats and get injured. And when installing the fan, you should make sure it stays where you place it and doesn’t fall off at any time.

One more thing: it’s not safe to position the fan in a way that blows cool air directly on baby’s face. If air hits baby’s mouth, it can cause dryness, plus who knows what’s in that air. The could be germs and particles in the air that you’d not want your LO to breathe in.

Stroller Fan Types:3 Different Types

There’s at least three types of stroller fans to choose from namely bladeless stroller fans, standard portable stroller fans, and foam-blade stroller fans. Let’s look at each fan type so you can understand what you’re getting if you choose any of them.

1.Bladeless Stroller Fans (A Safe Option for Kids)

They circulate the air in a space without using any kind of blades. Since they use blade-less technology to cool air, they’re a safe option for babies and pets. Not only are bladeless stroller fans nicer-looking than other fan types, but they are also a more energy-efficient choice.

2. Foam Blade Stroller Fans (Another Safe Choice)

These fans come with soft “leaves” made from soft foam. Even though they have blades, they are soft blades that don’t cut or hurt little fingers that touch them. Foam-bladed stroller fans are as safe as bladeless options. They spin air and blow it out in the stroller via an enclosure.

3. Standard Portable Fans (Can Cause Injuries)

These are a smaller, super compact version of traditional fans. They rely on revolving blades to move air and cool the stroller and baby. These stroller options for older kids because you can make them understand that putting a finger through the protective frame results in pain.

If a smaller or younger kid ever gets a hand or finger in the fan, they can seriously injured. So if you choose to buy this type of fan for your kiddo’s ride, make sure the slats are small enough and that the child can’t push a hand through them. I don’t recommend this kind of fan for use by babies though.

Stroller Fan Mounting Styles

Some fans come in a clip-on design and attach onto the handle of the stroller. Others feature flexible mounting legs that allow you to customize the way the fan attaches onto the stroller and cools baby. Options with mounting legs are pretty common.

But some stroller fans don’t require mounting at all. Some are compact, hand-held designs that older kids and adults hold in the hand to cool themselves. They’re not for younger children.

Finally, there are “collar fans” that the user hangs around the neck. Like their handheld counterparts, collar-fans aren’t for very young babies. They’re for adults and older children.

How to Pick Out the Right Stroller Fan

When out in the market looking for the best stroller fan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. I mean, there’s all sorts of blades in different shapes and sizes. And then there’s countless companies claiming that their fans are the best invention since sliced bread.

I put together a simple guide to help you choose a safe and efficient stroller fan for your kiddo. I also spend quality time searching around for the best stroller fans for the money to make your shopping easier and save you time.

Be sure to read the stroller fan reviews after the buying guide below and see if you like any of them better than any other option you may already know.

Consider the following factors when buying a stroller fan:

1.Choose a Design That Won’t Hate Baby

If you opt for a standard fan with rotating blades, pick something where the blades stay enclosed inside a shield. The enclosure’s openings should be spacious enough to allow air to blow out into the stroller. Also, be sure to position this fan type out of baby’s reach.

But these slats shouldn’t be too wide that small hands can push thru and access the blades. I strongly recommend that you choose a bladeless or foam-bladed option BTW for safety reasons.

Admittedly, foam-bladed fans aren’t as effective as bladed ones, and they come without a guard. However, nothing happens if baby touches these soft and flexible blades. Another downside is that some busy little hands are strong enough to damage the spongy blades.

2.Fan Speed, Battery Life, &How the Stroller Charges

The best options allow you to control fan speed. Most come with a button that you push in or a dial to operate and increase fan speed to a powerful breeze or reduce it to a softer, calmer air stream.

Battery life is another critical factor. Choose a fan whose battery will last long enough. With most fans, battery life hovers between 2 and 4 hours when the fan is running at full capacity.

Note: some batteries need to be replaced at some point. These aren’t what you want. You want the rechargeable kind so be sure to read the product’s description for information on battery type.

Most strollers use a USB cable to charge. It means you can charge the fan using your laptop and any other power source that lets you plug in a USB cable. This is the same cable used to deliver power to the fan when you crank it up. I suggest that you get a portable power pack for when you need to replenish some of the charge a bit mid-trip.

3. Stroller Design: How Does It Mount onto Stroller?

If buying for an older kid who wants to feel like a bug independent gal or guy, you can get them a handheld stroller fan. The thing is rotating and oscillating the whole time, and the little passenger is in charge. That must sure feel awfully powerful. And if they prefer a wearable fan, one they can wear around the neck, that’s fine.

But these stroller fan designs aren’t great for young children. For young kids, you want to install a clip-on fan or one that comes with a flexible, sturdy, and effective attachment legs. Pick something with solid clips that open up sufficiently wide for easy installs.

4. Pick a Stroller That Rotates and Oscillates

A rotatable stroller fan makes it easy to position the airflow in a direction that’s safe and comfortable for baby. You want to be able to rotate the airflow away from baby’s face. I also consider oscillation as a must-have feature. Because while rotation points airflow in a particular direction, oscillation makes sure the air circulates around the stroller.

5. Fan Noise Levels

If you have a fussy baby, stroller noise can have them falling asleep fast. Stroller’s produce pleasant white noise, the sort of beautiful sound that soothes and comforts babies in the womb. It’s the kind of noise that lulls fussy babies to sleep in no time. Some strollers can be pretty noisy, but most operate quietly enough.

Not all white noise fosters baby sleep though. According to Happiest Baby dot com, white noise begins benefiting sleep from 60 to 65 decibels. But you want to stay from any stroller hums louder than 80 decibels. And stroller noise louder than 85 decibels can be damaging to baby’s hearing. So, be sure to check the fan’s stated maximum decibel figure before buying.

6. Is the Fan Easy to Open and Clean?

A good stroller fan is simple to open and clean the blades. For the most part, cleaning a fan involves dusting and wiping off the dust and grime. A rag or sponge should do the job. That said, these air-cooling devices don’t require much maintenance at all.

As for fan brands, my opinion is that brand doesn’t really matter. If the fan is solidly built, safely designed, easy to use, oscillates , allows you to direct airflow however you want, and has great customer reviews, grab it regardless of brand name.

7. How Much Does a Good Stroller Fan Cost?

The cheapest stroller fans I’ve seen cost less than $10 while the best ones cost $20+. Mid-range options live in the $15-$19 range, but some of the best baby stroller fans are found in this price range. As you can see, these are super affordable stroller accessories every mom/dad should get for their babies.

6 Best Stroller Fans for Summer Strolls

1. 10,000mAh Xasla Clip-on Fan: Best Overall

The Xasla Portable Rechargeable Clip-on stroller fan is the most versatile choice I know of. You can use as a desktop fan at your job, as a personal fan when traveling on a plane, or a as a bedroom fan. You can also use it in the nursery, on a golf cart, on a treadmill, to cool baby in the stroller, in an RV, in a hotel room with a problematic air conditioning system.

Its clip is extremely solid, and no part of the fan feels like flimsy or cheap plastic. It doesn’t move around the stroller’s handle or belly bar once clipped on as others do. The clip opens wide enough to fit pretty any place you want to attach it onto, and it stays where you place it.

It’s a bladed fan and blows out more air per second than most fans. Don’t worry; I guarantee that your little one won’t be able to shove a finger or hand through any of the many narrow openings on the well-constructed safety guard. This fan type is powerful yet safe for younger and older babies.

I like that this fan allows you to adjust wind speed whenever you want. Its RPM ranges from 1350 to 2150 and it comes with 4 speed modes. Wind speeds 1 through 4 are pretty quiet, but how quiet? The manufacturer says it hums at 20 decibels on low and 40 decibels on high. I didn’t measure the decibel, but I can barely hear this thing even when it’s moving hefty amounts of air on the highest speed.

Well, this fan offers zero oscillation, which is something I’d improve if I had any pull around the company that makes it. However, its design enables you to rotate it in pretty much all directions.

And do you know how long the 10,000mAh USB-charged lithium battery lasts? It lasts forever. On a full charge, you can run it the entire day and night, which makes it a great choice for folks who live in places that see frequent power outages. Many other options have batteries that last no more than 2 hours, so the Xasla wins hands down in the charge retention department.

What’s more, this fan features a remaining charge meter that lets you plan charging better so you’re never out of juice. It takes 5-6 hours to completely charge this mighty wind spewing machine. BTW, this thing features two charging ports, a USB port C and a micro USB port, and what you get is 2A fast charging.


  • Fan safely designed, won’t hurt baby’s fingers/hands
  • A super sturdy clip that holds the fan securely where you clip it
  • A 10000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Super quiet yet super powerful; 40dB on the highest wind speed setting
  • Rotates in all directions for flexible airflow direction
  • An extremely versatile stroller fan
  • 4 wind speed modes and tons of airflow put out
  • A long-lasting battery that charges reasonably fast


  • Costs twice the price of many options out there
  • Fan doesn’t oscillate: you have to manually rotate it so it faces the desired direction

2. GRANDFAST Rechargeable Battery Stroller Fan: Best Flexible Tripod Pick

The GRANDFAST Stroller Fan is an octopus-armed stroller fan whose 7″ tentacles bend around whatever you want to mount onto. This is an improved 2022 design, and the legs are longer and don’t break as was the case with the earlier version. It is 360-degrees rotatable: you can tilt it up/down or from left to right without difficult.

grandfast fan

Also, the legs are pliable enough and the fan stays in place. But I found that the thing tends to slide around if you wrap the legs around smooth bars. These silicone legs didn’t hold as firmly when I mounted the fan onto the smooth metal bar of our car’s backseat. The good thing is that most strollers have foam-covered metal handles and aren’t smooth.

Because the legs are super flexible, you can easily manipulate them into some sort of a tripod and use the device as a tabletop fan. You can also straighten the legs out to use this as a handheld personal fan. Or twist the legs so you can hang the fan on any kind of bar. It’s a pretty versatile fan, but I suggest that you get more than one so you won’t have to keep moving it around.

It’s a regular metal-blade fan, which means it can hurt small hands and fingers, but it doesn’t because the safety guard is strong and the openings very narrow.

It comes with a 5000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. After charging it fully (for 3 hours) and setting the fan on the lowest wind speed, it lasted a day and a night. On Medium, it gave baby 8 hours of cool comfort and 4 hours on its most powerful mode. You can’t replace the battery though, which I don’t like.

On low and medium, the fan is pretty quiet but does get a tad louder on speed setting 3. But it’s not like too loud.

If the battery dies completely, you’ll have to invest in a new fan. Fortunately, the battery works great and lasts for reasonably long. I’ve owned this little cool breeze generator for 9 months now, and the battery hasn’t started misbehaving.

It’s not like the most powerful fan on the planet, but running it on medium works fine for most users. One thing I like about this thing design simplicity. There’s only one control button on the back of the fan for starting and powering off the fan as well as toggling through the three wind speeds. But to switch this thing off, you have to toggle through all 3 settings, which wastes precious seconds.

They included a USB cable for charging and not an adapter just in case you’re wondering. And yes, you can run the fan while it’s charging. If you want faster charging, I suggest that you get a 5V/2A adapter.


  • 7″ foam-covered, extremely bendy legs make this fan versatile
  • A solid guard that keeps small hands and fingers safe
  • Fan rotates 360 degrees: up/down & right/left
  • Pretty quiet on low and medium
  • 3 speed settings
  • A simple, single-button design
  • USB cable charging
  • Battery lasts reasonably long


  • Battery not replaceable
  • Fan doesn’t oscillate
  • No dedicated on/off button

3. BRIGENIUS Battery Operated Clip-on Stroller Fan

This clip-on stroller fan features a nice and sturdy clip that holds it firmly in place. Some clip-on options can be pretty flimsy, but the BRIGENIUS Stroller Fan is a solid, compact choice.

summer stroller fan

It comes with a rechargeable and replaceable 2600mAh battery that lasts reasonably long. More on its charge holding capability below. Remove the plastic cover before inserting the battery into the back of the fan. And make sure to install this battery correctly or it won’t work.

I didn’t experience battery charging issues, but some other users did. Some parents said the fan only worked when plugged in the whole time, which means they couldn’t use it as a stroller fan.

This wasn’t my experience, and it’s possible they received a defective battery. Fortunately, you can always contact Brigenius for a replacement, and their customer is helpful (I emailed this company, and they responded back to me in 24 hours).

I like that the battery is replaceable, but it’s not always easy to find replacement batteries. Plus, the cost doesn’t make sense at all. I mean, why buy the replacement battery when you could buy a new fan at the same price?

I think this stroller fan brand wants parents to buy a new fan every time the battery goes bad…because they’re in the business of selling stroller fans and not batteries LOL.

Tip: make sure to charge the battery before the first use. The user manual doesn’t say this, but this tip should help preserve the battery. The manufacturer says this fan charges fully in 1.5 hours.

I tested this claim by using a 5V/2.4A USB charger to charge a completely depleted battery. Well, this claim fell flat on its ass.  It took me 3.5 hours to fully replenish the charge. On High and with the fan running the whole time, the battery lasted 1.5 hours, 3-4 hours on Medium, and 5-6 hours on Low.

How do you know charging has completed? The BRIGENIUS stroller fan features a LED charge indicator that changes from red to blue once the battery is fully charged. You can use the fan while it’s charging, and I like this.

The polarity markings may be too small for parents with vision issues, and the rubber padding on the clamping base could be a little thicker. Be sure to install the battery correctly.

The fan comes in 4 colors: white, pink, blue, and black. I like this. Most stroller fans come in only one color, typically black. I chose the white one because white works with pretty much any color.

It doesn’t oscillate, but it does rotate both ways — vertically and horizontally. It’s not as versatile as legged options are, which means there’s only so many places you can mount it.

The arch-shaped clamping area is wide enough to fit the edge of a table or on a stroller’s handle or belly bar. And once you work the clip, you can expect it to stay there until you unclip it thanks to a super strong spring in the clip. The design of this clip allows you to stand the fan on any flat surface to cool the air there.

One button on the back of the fan cycles between three fan speeds Low, Medium, and High. The button also serves to power the device on and off. As is typically the case with these sorts of fans, fan speed 1 and 2 are pretty quiet, but the thing does get noisier on speed 3.

I’d even say this choice is noisier than some more powerful fans I’ve used. I got the impression it’s even noisier than the most powerful option on this list, the 10,000mAh JUSULIFE Clip-style stroller fan.

My baby did try to stick a small hand between the slats of this fan in an attempt to touch whatever was moving inside, but he didn’t succeed this is a safety-focused design. Accessing the fan to clean the blades is pretty simply because the grill/guard pops right off. Not that the baby can easily remove this guard.


  • A baby-proofed stroller fan design
  • LED charge indicator
  • An extremely sturdy mounting clip that stays in place
  • Rotates both ways, vertically and horizontally
  • A good fan at a good price
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Not as versatile as tripod-style fans
  • Expensive replacement battery
  • Battery not the most long-lasting
  • No oscillation
  • Speed 3 gets pretty noisy

4. Mieuxbuck Battery-powered Stroller Fan: Also Good

The Mieuxbuck Stroller Fan has a really solid base, one that opens pretty wide. How wide does the Mieuxbuck stroller open? It opens 3.7 inches wide, which means you can clamp it to the side of an office desk, a bed, a crib, and of course a baby stroller.

stroller fan for summer strolls

It’s a safe stroller fan, too. The gaps on the outer casing are very small/narrow, and it’s not possible for a child to stick a hand or finger in the fan.

This fan doesn’t oscillate. I like fans that oscillate on top of being rotatable. But I won’t count that against it since most fans don’t oscillate anyway. That said, you can point the fan in multiple directions to keep baby cool in the stroller.

It comes with a 2500mAh rechargeable battery, and the manufacturer recommends using a 5v/1A charger. Included in the package is a micro USB cable and it takes about 3-4 hours to charge fully.

You can use a 5v/2A charger to juice up the battery, but the manufacturer warns that doing this might fry the battery. Well, I’ve fast-charged this fan with a 5v/2.4A USB charger multiple times, and nothing has happened.

But how good is the battery? On Low, expect about 4-5 hours of wind, 3 hours on Medium, and 2 hours when the fan runs on the fastest speed. An easy to operate button on the fan helps you adjust fan speed and also enables you to shut down and crank up the device.

And if you’re wondering how loud this fan whirs, it’s not loud at all on Low and Medium. Obviously, it operates less quietly on High, but it’s not like eardrum-shattering high.

If you’re looking for a stroller fan that can tackle summer heat without being jet-engine loud, this is it. The base is wide enough so that you can use this thing as a standalone tabletop fan. Alternatively, you can clip it to whichever place it fits and swivel it to blow air in all kinds of beautiful angles.

It’s a lightweight stroller, and you can easily and safely clip it to your stroller’s hood, handle, or belly bar. One thing I love about this clip is how securely it holds the fan once mounted. Keeping things nice and firm is one thing clip-style fans do better than legged ones.

Whether you’re looking for an Orlando summertime stroller fan for your little one or a something to cool off baby on those balmy summer nights, this choice deserves a chance. The on/off dial works nicely, and it also helps you set the fan to one of 3 wind speed settings.

It’s available in 3 colors: blue, white, and black. No matter the color of your stroller, any of these colors should work fine for you.


  • A lightweight fan with a sturdy clamp that opens really wide
  • Swivels in multiple directions to allow you cool stroller without disturbing baby
  • A replaceable battery that lasts reasonably long
  • Easy-to-access and operate on/off and speed dial
  • Rotates in multiple directions
  • Sold in three colors to suit different stroller colors: white, blue, and black


  • Charging with a 2A charger could fry the battery
  • Fan doesn’t oscillate, but that’s the way it is with most fans

5. Little Chicks Clip-on Foam-bladed Stroller:Best Foam-bladed/Safest Choice

If you don’t trust any stroller fan that can harm your little one’s small hands and fingers, consider the Little Chicks Clip-on Foam-bladed Stroller Fan. Instead of metal blades enclosed in a guard, this fan features three pliable foam blades that won’t hurt fingers if touched.

foam bladed stroller fan

My son did touch this fan a lot, and sometimes roughly, but it was tough enough to not get torn. Or my son didn’t pull at the spinning spongy fins strongly enough LOL.

Here’s the thing: the foam blades are sturdy enough to withstand abuse from small groping hands and pliable enough to not cause injury. As you can see in the picture above, there’s no outer casing to cover the fans, and that’s completely OK because it is 100% safe.

The neck of this fan is a contortionist of sorts. Thanks to this adjustable neck design, you can manipulate this fan in different ways so that you can cool stroller from the most effective angle.

How much airflow does the Little Chicks Clip-on Foam-bladed Stroller Fan blow out? Most fans with spinning foam blades aren’t super powerful, and that includes this option. But for a sponge fin fan, the airflow is impressive. However, it isn’t much use for strolling through the hottest of days in hot, humid Florida.

This fan isn’t a great choice for super hot climates, but if you’re in a moderately hot climate, this guy should be adequate. In moderately hot summer weather, this little cute thing pumps out a decent amount of breeze to keep babies cool and comfortable on medium-speed setting.

What powers this fan? Unlike all the other fans in these reviews, the Little Chicks Clip-on Foam-bladed Stroller Fan uses 2 2AA Duracell batteries.

Note that these aren’t rechargeable. You have to replace the batteries every time they die on you, and in my experience, these aren’t long-lasting batteries. I purchased a pack of 2AA Duracell batteries and popped them in. And how long did they last? 1-2 days of continuous use.

That’s a pretty short duration, and who wants to buy replacement batteries all the time? And what happens when you forget to buy the batteries? Well, you won’t be able to use the fan. But there’s an upside too — you can use the fan forever theoretically — as long as you can replace the batteries.

One thing that makes this fan versatile is the amount of width you get when you open the clip. I never had a bar that was too wide for this clamp. I’ve clipped it to the backseat of our car, to the thick bars of the ellipticals at my local gym, to the belly bar of all kinds of strollers, large-diameter stroller handles, table edges, bunk beds, and whatnot.


  • An adjustable neck design that lets you direct airflow however you like
  • A wide clamp that lets you clip fan to all kinds of bars and things
  • Soft-foam blades/fins that throw off decent airflow
  • A quiet yet relatively powerful fan
  • NEVER hurts fingers and hands even though there’s no protective guard
  • Batteries replaceable and readily available online


  • Batteries not included and don’t last as long as you’d like

6. Mieuxbuck Mini Rechargeable Fan: Best Handheld for Older Kids

Are you looking for a little fan with decent airflow, something you can shuttle from home to work and back without trouble? I invite you to join me as I review the Mieuxbuck Mini Rechargeable Battery Fan.

handheld stroller fan

This fan differs from the others in my reviews as far as design. A stem with a bladed fan sitting on the top sinks into a base with a hole in the center. You can remove and put in the top part anytime, and the force required for this action is pretty low.

When I remove the stem from the plastic base, I can easily carry the entire fan in my small lady’s bag. I really love how insanely portable this fan is. When I use it in the office, it’s not too loud as to disrupt conversation. Even on the highest speed setting, I can hold a phone conversation with my boss or clients about business.

But you’re looking for something to keep baby cool in stroller when out and about in hot Florida weather, right? This isn’t the stroller for you. I mean, it gives off a decent amount of cool breeze, but it’s not nearly enough for the balmiest of summer days and nights.

It is most suited for those summer walks when the temperature isn’t too high. But you know what, it’s always super hot in FL so don’t even think about it. But if you’re based out in a place with consistently moderate temperature such as San Diego or Hawaii, this could be a worthy purchase.

Since this is a handheld fan, it’s not a good choice for very young children. Anyone who can’t hold a fan in an intelligent way that doesn’t blow all the air onto the face for a reasonable duration shouldn’t use this. Yes, the design of this fan allows parents to use it as a standalone fan on flat surfaces. But where would you place it in a stroller? In the child tray? No, this is a toddler-friendly stroller fan and unlike many doesn’t come with an attaching clip.

This thing relies on 4 spinning regular blades to move stroller air. And no, your kiddo won’t manage to hurt themselves when around this fan since the guard won’t allow them to stick in this little fingers.

An easy-to-press button enables you to toggle through 3 fan speeds. It’s quiet, this thing, quieter than many I’ve tested. And since you’re buying this for an older kiddo, you don’t really need to worry it’ll wake them up from naps. I mean, do big curious kids ever sleep when riding in a stroller?

With a 2600mAh rechargeable and replaceable battery, chances are you won’t have a dead fan mid-trip provided you charge the thing adequately before heading out the door. I advise you to charge this little fan before using it for the first time. Actually, you should do this with any of the fans I recommend in my reviews. On a full charge and on high with the fan running the entire time, I got 2 hours of juice.

Some parents reported this fan died on them after just a few uses. But I suppose these were isolated cases since the issue didn’t affect many people. It didn’t happen to me, and I’m not guaranteeing it’ll be the same experience for you and your LO.

This is one of the most compact portable handheld stroller fans I’m aware of. And you can buy it in either white or black, colors that blend well with almost any other color.

Unlike most stroller fans, this one doesn’t rotate at all. Yes, it doesn’t rotate one bit, but how is that a problem when you could hold it however you want to direct the airflow as needed?


  • One of the most portable handheld stroller fans ever
  • Top part easily detaches from the base for easier carrying
  • Battery reasonably long-lasting but could be better
  • Can be used as a desk fan or as handheld stroller fan
  • Comes in black and white
  • A good personal stroller fan for older kids


  • Doesn’t rotate, but this isn’t a problem
  • Not the best fan for the hottest climates
  • Not ideal for younger kids

10 Tips for Keeping Baby Cool When Summer-strolling

Below are 10 tips for keeping baby cool in the stroller when it’s hot outside and you still want to put in a little workout.

1. Install a Good Stroller Fan

The baby gear market offers all kinds of stroller fans to help little ones stay cool while riding in a stroller. If you’re based out in Texas or California or some other locale that gets pretty hot, consider accessorizing baby’s stroller with a good fan.

The best fans clip firmly onto the stroller’s frame and oscillate, cooling baby and producing beautiful white noise that babies love. If you have a fussy baby, it’s possible this white noise will soothe them to sleep in no time. Plus, your little will enjoy watching the stroller oscillate. A fan can be a great way to keep baby entertained during those warm summer strolls.

Stroller fans are really easy to install and take off. They’re versatile, too. You can use this fan to cool the nursery on hot summer nights.

2. Use a Sun Canopy

Most strollers these days come with a sun canopy. However, not all stroller sun shades are created equal. The best ones have the ability to protect your little one against 99 percent of harmful UVA and UVB sun’s rays. They’re also extendable. You can pull them all the way down to completely block out the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The worst ones are usually small and do very little to protect baby from the sun. I once bought a ultra-lightweight stroller whose sun shade was pretty much non-existent. And I ended up taking it off and installing a proper sun shade for my LO.

3. Put Lightweight, Cool Clothing on Baby

Babies are unable to regulate body temperature the same way adults do. That’s the reason they overheat some of the time, especially when the temperature in the surrounding environment is too high. For this reason, you should be careful when dressing your baby.

If you put heavy clothing on them, there’s a likelihood baby might overheat or experience heat rash. On the other hand, not covering a baby’s body adequately can lead to heatstroke or sunburn. That’s the advice my baby’s pediatrician gave us when my first child was 2 and logging in lots of stroller time in the summer.

You want to use lightweight clothing that breathes well. Cotton and bamboo are lightweight, breathe well, and absorb moisture from the skin.

Both fabrics get the moisture off baby’s skin, but cotton retains most of it. Bamboo takes sweat from baby’s skin and lets it wick through to the surface of the fabric. From there, the moisture evaporates, and the skin stays nice and cool as a result. Small wonder more and more babies’ clothes these days are made from bamboo.

4. A Large-brimmed Baby Hat Helps Too

Moms and dads wear hats with a large brim to keep out the sun’s rays out the face and eyes. Why not buy a hat like that for your LO? Stay away from baby hats that stay on through elastic strings because these can cut off circulation, definitely something you don’t want to happen. Instead, go for a hat with a comfortable chin strap as this stays on without cutting off circulation.

5. Keep Your LO Drinking Hydrating Liquids

Babies and everyone else sweat when temperatures rise. We loose lots of water through perspiration, which is why we need to take in more fluids than we do when the weather is cool.

According to Mom Loves Best, one way to tell if a baby’s lost too much water via perspiration is to observe how often they’re wetting diapers compared to normal. The color and smell of urine is another telltale sign: if the color is dark and the smell stronger than usual, baby might be dehydrated.

Experts say to give babies older than 6 months extra water but not too much. About 4 ounces of extra water should be adequate. And if your LO takes baby formula, give them a little more than usual.

As for breastfeeding babies, you shouldn’t give them water or anything else even during the hottest days according to this article published on Pub Med Gov. The author of that article says that fully breastfed babies are fully hydrated through nursing.

6. Use “Natural” Stroller Cooling Methods

Sometimes all you need to solve a problem is a little creativity. One strategy you can use to keep baby cool in the stroller is to put water into used water bottles, screw the cap on tightly, wrap them in a towel, and place them on each side of the seat.

Another effective strategy is to use cooling packs or pads. All you have to do is put the packs and pads under the cushions. You can also wet a towel, ring excess water out, and give baby a nice wipe-down. As the moisture evaporates, baby’s skin stays cool.

7. Install a Stroller Seat Liner

It might seem like installing a stroller seat liner could worsen things instead of helping, but this isn’t what happens. The best stroller seat liners are made from highly breathable fabrics that soak up sweat like there’s no tomorrow.

The liner’s cushioning also absorbs sweat, and together with the fabric, they improve baby’s comfort while making overheating less likely. Some stroller seat liners come with gel whose job is to disperse heat away from baby, keeping them cool.

8. Roll Up the Peekaboo Window and Remove the Back Panel

Not every stroller comes with a peekaboo window or a removable back panel. But the best strollers out there do. Some pekaboo windows have mesh underneath, and when you roll the cover away, airflow in the stroller improves quite a bit. The same thing happens when you take off the removable back panel. These actions get heated stroller air moving out and fresh air moving in.

9. Schedule Your Strolls for When the Day Is Cooler

The sun is naturally cool and more forgiving in the mornings and evenings and scorching hot around midday. If you plan your stroll time so that it happens when the day’s isn’t too hot, you may not even need a fan, cooler pads, or any other stroller cooling strategy.

10. Stay Out of the Sun Whenever Possible

When carting your baby around town on a balmy summer day, make sure to stay under shade wherever possible. If there are trees on one side of the street, you want to push the stroller while on that side. And if gets too hot and you can’t push baby in the sun, stop in a large building’s shade or stand under a tree’s branches.

Baby safety tip: Never cover a stroller with any kind of blanket when baby is in on a hot day. While it might seem like a nice way to block the sun and wind, putting a blanket on a stroller traps in heat and makes things a whole lot worse. Unless you want your baby to overheat and suffocate, NEVER place a blanket on a stroller, not even a muslin one.

What’s the Best Fan for a Baby Stroller?

The Xasla Clip-on Summer Stroller Fan came out on top because it allows you to dial in the perfect airflow speed thanks to its 4 speed settings. It’s also highly rotatable, plus the guard is solid and its gaps narrow enough for safety. With a 10,000mAh battery, you can use this stroller fan all day and not run out of charge.

Its a clip-on stroller fan with a really solid base. And it stays in place better than most. Lastly, it’s black, and but there’s a version with blue blades. Limited color options, but if you like or blue, it’s a great fan. And yes, it’s pricey, the priciest option I recommend. But is it worth the money? Oh yes!

Author: Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being Ricky's wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. <a href="">Visit my Facebook profile here</a>, and this is my <a href="">LinkedIn profile</a>, and here's my <a href="">nascent youtube channel.

Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being a wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. Visit my Facebook profile here, and this is my LinkedIn profile, and here's my nascent youtube channel.

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