How to Store Kids and Adults Roller Skates

So you have cleaned your roller skates and rollerblades, and they now look as good as new. What is the best way to store rollerblades and rollers for kids and adults?

If you’re like most people, the best place to keep clean skates is next to regular shoes in the closet or elsewhere. But that’s not the only place. In this post, you’ll learn at least 7 ideas on how to store your roller skating gear when you’re not using it.

7 Ways to Store Your Rollerblades and Roller Skates

Below are 7 ways and places to store your rollerskates and rollerblades when they’re not busy on your feet.

1. Store Your Rollerskates in the Closet

This is the most popular storage option when it comes to storing adults’ and kids’ roller skates. If your closet still has adequate space and accommodates tall boots, definitely keep them there. But most closets are almost always full because most of us own too much stuff.

By the way, where do you store your baby stroller? If you store your baby stroller in the closet, I doubt you have enough room for the skates.

But if the closet gets too hot or humid, that’s not where you want to keep your roller skates. If you store them in excessively hot and humid conditions and you do not use them for a long time, they’ll degrade. And they’ll disintegrate into useless fragments next time you try to wear them!

You can use a small dehumidifier to mop up excess moisture or humidity in the closet. If you can’t fit a dehumidifier in there, place it somewhere near the closet’s entry.

Don’t have a dehumidifier? Keep the closet door open. Or use moisture-absorbing substances such as baking soda, washed charcoal, or silica gel. You can also use an exhaust fan to remove moisture from your closet.

2. Store the Rollerskates Under Your Bed

If you have a rollerskate storage bag, toss your boots in after cleaning them and store them under your bed. I imagine you have a small house or live in a studio apartment and have limited space.

One thing to be aware of is that roller skating and rollerblading boots don’t stand up too well to excessive heat or cold.

Too much heat can cause degradation of the boot if it’s of synthetic and plastic materials. High temperatures also degrade the glue, the cement that holds your boots together. That’s the same reason it’s a bad idea to store your rollerskates in a garage without air conditioning.

If you don’t have air conditioning, be sure to remove the skates from the storage bag so they can air out a little. For me, this was once or twice each week depending on humidity and temperature levels.

3. Hang the Skates on a Wall Hook

Aside from your baby stroller and wet-dry garage vacuum, what else can you hang on your garage walls? Your rollerskates and rollerblades, or those of your kiddos. What you need is to find an S wall hook and install it on the wall.

Then, hang the skates on the hook. But if there’s no temperature and humidity regulation in there, skate degradation will continue happening until you remove them or improve the conditions in the garage.

4. Put the Skates on a Shelf

Don’t want to hang your expensive boots from anything as long there’s some height between the boot and the garage floor? I understand.

I know someone whose boots ended up like what you see below. The person owned high-end Rollerblade Fusion skates they’d bought 20 years ago.

One Saturday morning, the sinfully pricey Fusion skates fell and hit the garage floor hard, breaking into smithereens.

Lesson learned? High-end, high-performance skates may last years, but they could also fail you spectacularly when you least expect it. But guess what? There were leather roller skates on the shelf, and they took the hard drop. But these leather boots didn’t shatter, because leather is tough and durable.

That’s why I love my leather and suede roller skates just like my daughter treasures her leather kiddo skates. Well, our boots have yet to take such a fall. But I believe nothing would happen to them — they’d stand up to the crash force.

5. Keep Your Skates in the Trunk

If there’s enough room in your car’s trunk after stashing your stroller or bike in there, put your rollerskates or rollerblades there. But if it’s oven-hot inside your car and your child’s roller skates or your boots are in there, that can’t be good.

Some skaters choose to leave their skates inside the car so they’ll always be able to access them whenever they feel the urge to skate. That’s OK, except dirty, smelly roller skates can have your vehicle smelling awfully bad.

So, don’t keep dirty rollerskates in the car’s trunk. If your vehicle lacks proper air conditioning, find a better place to store the boots, especially if they’re made of plastic and other synthetic materials.

Too much heat inside the car could end up degrading plastic roller skates over time and possibly warping them. But if you have leather skates, heat or cold shouldn’t be too much of a concern for you.

6. Invest in a Decent Garage Sports Equipment Organizer

OK, I get it. You’re not here to be told what to buy. But I’ll go ahead and recommend investing in a good sporting gear organizer that stays in the garage. You can store everything from softballs, your kiddo’s skateboard, your skate helmets, hockey sticks, and protective roller skating knee pads, gloves, roller skates, rollerblades, and more.

Now, there are sports gear organizers that can be had for cheap. But customer reviews reveal most aren’t sturdy enough and aren’t built to support heavy sporting gear. For that reason, I recommend the Kinghouse Garage Sports Equipment Organizer.

Admittedly, it’s pricey, costing somewhere north of $100 as of this writing. Still, this is the roller skate storage idea I recommend if money isn’t too tight for you.

Why Spending on This Skates Storage Rack Make Sense

This storage rack is probably the best way to spend your fitness budget because it organizes your equipment in one place. The result? Easy and quick access to whatever you need to enjoy the outdoors while keeping your home clutter-free.

By the way, the Kinghouse Garage Sports Equipment Organizer has casters. You can easily wheel it from one corner of your house to another. And if you ever need to move, it’s not too bulky. Plus, you can always dismantle this sturdy steel structure to make it pack better.

Small wonder the product boasts a 4.7-star rating after nearly 900 customer reviews on Amazon as of this post’s publish date.

7. Store Them in a DIY Skate Storage

If you own a dexterous pair of hands, consider designing and building a custom skating gear storage. Get some good wood, bolts, nuts, rods, and hooks, nails, and whatever else you need from a big-box store.

I imagine you have all the tools you need: a claw hammer, a saw, a drill, and everything else you might need to complete your little DIY roller skates and rollerblades storage. I mean, you’re a card-carrying DIYer.

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How and Where to Store Kids and Adult Rollerskates: Conclusion

There are quite a few strategies to organize your roller skating gear around your house. Most of the suggestions in this post won’t have you spending a dime. But you can also spend a little money on a strong, long-lasting sporting gear organizer such as the Kinghouse Garage Sports Equipment Organizer. 

You can store your rollerblades and roller skates in your car, closet, or garage, too. But if there isn’t effective temperature and humidity control in those spaces, degradation could take place. Also, some expensive skates have been known to disintegrate upon falling off high storage positions. Leather skates withstand falls much better and remain wearable after the accident.

Alternatively, you can bring a few supplies, basic tools, and your creative genie to bear on the problem.