How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Balance Bike

If you’re patient, can spare a little time, and have an-eager-to-learn trainee, you can teach your kid to ride a balance bike in 10 days. Or up to 12 months if they’re too young. Riding a balance bike is a great way to master balance and coordination skills. And these two skills transfer nicely to …

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Best BMX Bikes for Kids and Teens

If you’re anything like most loving moms and dads, you invested in a nice balance bike for your tot at some point. But that was then. Now, they’re older because kids grow every day. They want to graduate to something more serious. And they won’t stop harassing you until you buy them one of the …

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Best Kids Mountain Bikes for Recreational Use

Everywhere I look these days, it’s like lots of kids have decided that stunt kick scooters and electric scooters are cooler than mountain bikes. But if you think kids are going to stop asking for the best kids’ recreational mountain bike as their next birthday gift, think again. Because…not gonna happen. Also read: How to …

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Bike Storage Ideas for All Space Sizes

tall bed with bikes stored underneath

Whether you live in a large home out in the countryside or in a small city apartment, nothing can deny you the joys of biking. But there’s always the little issue of bike storage. If you live in a New York studio apartment, you may not have as much bike storage space as a multi-bike …

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How to Clean and Degrease Your Kid’s Bike

a man cleaning a bike

That kid size BMX bike or mountain bike you bought as a birthday gift for your kiddo, it needs a clean every once in a while. Clean bikes look nice, and their drivetrains run super smoothly, which means they ride much better. What’s more, proper bike maintenance can increase its lifespan. But how do you …

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How to Clean and Lube Your Kid’s Bike Chain

According to Friction Facts, a dirty bike chain (on a bike used mostly on the road) sees up to 2 percent power loss. Not only is a dirty chain less efficient, but it also wears out faster, necessitating replacement sooner. Cleaning your kid’s bike chain (or your bike’s chain) gets crud and road grit out …

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How to Buy a Bike for a Kid

kids sitting on bikes

How do you choose the right bike for your child? That’s the question this kids bike buying guide seeks to cover and much more besides. Whether you’re looking to purchase to purchase a balance bike for a very young child or a mountain bike for your son, this resource got your back. When it comes …

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