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Every family visit to Disney World Theme Parks with a kid or kids is an opportunity to create lasting memories. But you want pleasant memories, a trip that has everyone in the family saying, “we gotta visit WDW again soon!”

But if the single stroller, double stroller, lightweight umbrella stroller you have isn’t a good fit for Disneyland, some aspects of your trip might get pleasant. In this post, you get to meet 5 of the best Disney strollers so that your stay there can be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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Who Came Out on Top?

Which is the Best Disneyland Single Stroller?

If the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Single Stroller won’t make you and your little one happy, I wonder what will. This thing looks nice in a stroller-like way, is sturdy and durable, pushes and steers incredibly well, and boasts decently sized foam-filled wheels that never go flat.

best singel stroller disney

If you don’t think having non-puncture stroller wheels is an amazing thing, trying replacing the inner tubes on any stroller with pneumatic tires especially without proper tools.

The seat offers amply padded comfort and the straps aren’t too hard to adjust. And you can easily convert it to a travel system by mounting a compatible infant car seat or the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Pram.

The canopy is generously sized and retracts and pulls out well. And the 2 peekaboo windows (magnetic so not noisy at all) on the top makes locking eyes with your little one effortless.

It’s an expensive single stroller though. But comfort, construction quality, ease of folding, being a self-standing stroller design, being infant car seat-friendly, all-wheel suspension, 2 clear look-through windows, all-terrain tires, and being Disney-approved makes it a worthy buy.

*You’ll have to buy an organizer and cup holders if you need them.

Which is the Best Disney Stroller for Two Kids?

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is one of the best if not the ultimate best for Disneyland. It measures 48″ length-wise and 30.5″ width-wise. Here’s the single stroller version of the Duallie, which is a great Disneyland stroller as well.

BOB Gear Revolution 3.0 Duallie for Disneyland

It pushes like nothing you’ve seen no matter the nature of the terrain and has a lockable front swivel that keeps sudden, uncontrolled turning at bay. Plus it boasts a great bumps-and-cracks absorption system thanks to its bike-like suspension system and a bike-style fork.

Its plus-sized pneumatic rubber tires (16″ rear and 12″ front) take on obstacles and terrains of all kinds including snow, mud, bumpy dirt trails, and even beach sand like a pro. Oh, get a decent hand pump and a bike tire replacement kit for when flats happen …because they do if you don’t avoid thorns. You even get adjustable shocks for when strolling with 2 different sized kids.

The canopies are enormous and have magnetic peekaboo windows. And you can adjust the canopies independently. The seats are deeply padded and comfortable, the 5-point harness easy to adjust and nicely padded, and you can easily recline the seats independently. The undercarriage is of a reasonable size, plus there’s more storage pockets on this stroller than on most options.

It’s expensive though, doesn’t self-stand on its own, requires two hands to fold, has no carry strap, and is bulky. But it lasts and lasts, plus you can convert it to a travel system using a BOB car seat adapter (sold separately).

Note: you can’t use two infant car seats or bassinets to carry your twins. Which means you can’t use the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallue to transport young twins to Disneyland. It’s for older twins who are mature enough to use the stroller seat.

But I’ll never understand why BOB decided to not provide parents and their lovely twins cup holders/snack trays and a console for things like a phones, keys, and other tiny items.

You won’t struggle with loving this Disneyland-approved twin stroller.

What if you want the cheapest, most compact umbrella stroller for visiting Disney? Get the Kolcraft Cloud Plus. Don’t let its sub-$100 (at time of writing) deceive you. It’s a full-size lightweight stroller with similar amenities as significantly pricier strollers. It’s a little flimsy, but that’s expected of a stroller that light.

How to Pick Out a Disneyland Baby Stroller

Baby strollers don’t cost pennies. Good ones cost hundreds of dollars, and the finest of the finest can set you back $1000+. The hefty price point makes this purchase one you need to think through with a clear head. In the following how to choose a Disneyland stroller primer, you’ll learn what you should know before taking the plunge.

Its Dimensions Shouldn’t Be Outside of Disney’s Stroller Size Requirements

Many single strollers and double strollers on the market today are fit for Disneyland. But this isn’t saying that your stroller won’t be turned away at the gate. The only way to know for sure is to double-check the actual dimensions of the stroller you’re thinking about.

You need to choose something with a length-wise measurement not exceeding 52″. As for the width, it should be 31″ or narrower.To avoid any kind of little surprises at the gate, make sure to purchase the right size stroller for Disney.

Fortunately for you, all of the single strollers and double strollers recommended here have the correct dimensions for WDW.

Which Stroller Type Do You Want?

Here’s one more thing: stroller type also matters. If you own a stroller wagon or wagon stroller (call it whatever you want) of any kind, I got bad news for you: Disney World banned this kind of stroller a while back. So, do keep that in mind as you prep for your visit to joy-land with your little ones.

Which is the best kind of stroller for Disneyland? If you have a toddler and don’t need to bring half the house to the theme parks, then an umbrella stroller will do. Many parents choose to buy a cheap umbrella stroller for visiting WDW and leave their premium-quality stroller at home.Why?

Because umbrella strollers are the cheapest type of strollers out there. Plus, these strollers are the lightest options you can find. But there’s one downside to ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers: they tend to be flimsy, which means they don’t last very long.

Also, some models are known to tip over, spilling baby and everything else onto the ground. Be sure to read umbrella stroller reviews to learn which models aren’t too flimsy.

The Right Umbrella Stroller for Disney

Does it then mean that all lightweight umbrella strollers aren’t a good choice for Disneyland? No, some ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers work very well for Disney. And many parents use them.

But here’s the thing: the best lightweight umbrella strollers for Disney aren’t cheap at all. The best options fold down quickly to a compact size for easy use and handling, but they’re rarely bargain counter buys.

They’re rarely those $30 umbrella strollers that are flimsier than the flimsiest thing you’ve ever pushed. For a decent umbrella-style Disney stroller, expect to part with $80 or more. Options around this price point tend steer like a dream.

And unlike the cheapest options, these ones recline to a decent extent with the better ones reclining far back enough for babies who may want to nap. Not that I think they’ll want to sleep while at the theme parks. I mean, there’s tons of fun there and few kids have any use for sleep.

The beauty of this stroller type is that it’s extremely lightweight (most weigh under 10 pounds). And because they hold nice and fast (the same goes for opening them), getting on the bus as well as getting off is a breeze.

If you’re wondering which is the best lightweight umbrella-style baby stroller style for Disney, the Evezo 2141A Full-Size Ultra-lightweight Umbrella Stroller comes highly recommended. Another lightweight stroller that works for toddlers/kids who can sit straight up is the Kolcraft Clould Plus.

It’s Disney size approved, and it reclines, but if you’re looking for something that reclines all the way back, this isn’t it. In general, umbrella strollers aren’t for newborns because they rarely recline to a fully flat position, but the same goes for most full-size strollers.

If your kiddo likes to see everything in front of them during a stroll, this Kolcraft allows you to adjust the seat so that the child seats in a near-upright position. Here’s a list of baby strollers that sit almost upright.

What If You’re Buying for Younger Disney Babies?

If you’ll carry younger babies to the theme parks, make sure to get a proper full-size stroller for one or two depending on your situation. My best pick is a solid full-size stroller that’s super easy to wheel around and steer, and it doesn’t fall apart too soon. If shopping for a younger child who hasn’t developed to a point where they can sit up and support hold their neck and head, get a proper baby stroller rather than an umbrella stroller.

What If You Have Twins or Two Toddlers?

For twins, get a Disney-ready side-by-side double stroller such as the Bob Duallie or the City Mini GT Double stroller.Both are side-by-side twin strollers, but the City Mini GT Double is a tad more versatile.

With the GT Double, you can transport a younger child (say a 6 month old) and a toddler at once. The toddler could sit on the stroller seat which has a max weight limit of 50 pounds. And the 6 month old could sit on an infant car seat parent facing.

To be clear, you need a car seat adapter to be able to mount the infant car seat. And neither the adapter nor the infant car seat comes in the package.

These aren’t the only choices though. However, many parents have tested them over the years, and they have demonstrated great performance each time.

Hold Old is Your Baby? Newborn or Toddler?

When shopping for a Disney-approved baby stroller, consider the age or maturity level of your child. If the baby is a newborn, the best option for your is a stroller that works with an infant car seat. Fortunately, many strollers today come infant car seat ready.

Some deals may include a car seat adapter while others even include a car seat and a compatible adapter. But in the vast majority of cases, you’re supposed to purchase the required car seat adapter and the infant car seat itself. And you need to be careful when buying both the car seat and adapter. They have to be compatible.

Once the baby is old enough to start using a regular stroller seat, you can remove the car seat and transition them to the stroller seat. In my reviews, I included Disney stroller recommendations that work for newborns as well as toddlers/older kids. I’m talking about Disney-approved travel systems or car seat strollers here and car seat-compatible regular single strollers and double strollers.

As for baby strollers, you can assume that the option you’re looking at is JPMA-approved if you’re in the US. But this isn’t always the case when purchasing online. Even though the vice isn’t rampant online, there have been cases where individuals with a depraved mind sold non-certified car seats and strollers to parents.

How do you know that the Disney-approved stroller you’re eyeing is safety-certified? The best strategy is stop handing your hard-earned money to fly-by-night online stroller sellers.

It’s almost always best to deal with well-known companies that have existed for years, building a strong following among parents. Because in the vast majority of cases, non-approved strollers and car seats come in at unreasonably low price points, and this should trigger your BS meter.

Also, visit the manufacturer’s website and view the stroller’s description: does it say that product is JPMA-approved or meets some other credible safety standard? If no, ask the folks behind the site and see where it goes.

Safety is Super Important: Stay Away from Trash

If you’re wanting to purchase a travel system for your WDW visits, be sure that both the infant car seat/cat seat is safety certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

And if you’re traveling to any destination on a plane and you’d like your kiddo to use the car seat, make sure that the car seat is FAA approved. An aircraft-approved car seat has been duly safety-tested using a test known as the “inversion test”.

If you have a non-FAA approved car seat of any kind on your travel system, flight crew on US and Canadian airplanes won’t allow you to use it to restrain baby during flights. Here’s a list of the best FAA-approved car seats for plane travel in case you’re interested.

Bring Own Baby Stroller or Rent One at Walt Disney World?

If you’re the proud owner of the most expensive baby stroller on the planet, I suggest that you leave the thing at home. Instead, use a cheaper lightweight travel stroller or umbrella stroller. Bargain basement options can be had for $20-$30 while better ones cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $80-$150.

I bet not very many people would want to scheme and risk getting caught for an item this cheap. But if the thing costs $1,000+, it begins to feel like the risk of being caught and embarrassed or worse handed over to law enforcement is worth it.

And if your stroller is too heavy, like tank-heavy, or too bulky, it’s best to not bring the thing to WDW. Because you don’t want to be maneuvering such a monstrous contraption through throngs of people when you could enjoy a much easier and happier life at Disney theme parks with a lightweight option.

If you don’t own a stroller or simply want to travel light but still need a nice stroller for your little one, consider renting a stroller. Don’t worry; renting a stroller isn’t expensive at all. Depending on the kind of stroller you need, expect to spring anywhere between $15-$30-ish.

Why Would You Want to Use a Rented Stroller at Disney?

If you have a 5-year-old or generally a kid who’s not always rolling around on a stroller, consider renting instead of bringing your own. When you rent, you get to wheel your older child around while in the theme parks. But once you’re out of the parks, you hand the stroller back and no worries at all.

Any time you need to exit the theme parks, you simply leave the stroller behind. If you still need the stroller at the the next destination, simply show your stroller rental receipt and you get another stroller. It’s that simple and that convenient.

Here’s the thing: a rented stroller means way more convenience than would be the case with your own, especially a heavy one.

Pros and Cons of Renting at Disneyland versus Bringing Own Stroller

  • When you rent, you avoid having to haul the stroller around especially when it’s time to move from one theme park to another.
  • It doesn’t matter where you have  a small car or a mighty SUV since you don’t need to carry the stroller in the car. If you opt to bring your own stroller for whatever reason and you have a small vehicle, check out these small-car baby strollers. I bet all of them are Disney-approved. If they fit small vehicles, they’re are compact and small enough for Disneyland.
  • If your kiddo doesn’t use a stroller for everyday mobility, renting a stroller rather than buying or bring your own seems like a more sensible option.

Cons of Renting a Disneyland Stroller

Disneyland strollers aren’t typically the best strollers ever made. If you want a really nice stroller, you may want to contact a third party stroller provider like Kingdom strollers.

Who Rents Out Strollers for Disneyland?

I like that Disney World owns a fleet of nice and not-so-nice baby strollers, and that they rent them out to parents and caregivers who may need them. But WDW aren’t the only provider. There’s a bunch of third party stroller rental providers to choose from, and there’s a good reason to do business with them as opposed to renting from Disney.

One disadvantage of renting a Disneyland-owned stroller is that if you ever want to leave the theme parks with baby, you can’t do so with the stroller. You have to leave it behind and make other arrangements depending on where your adventure takes you and your LO.

But if the next destination is within Disney World, leaving the stroller at one point and pick up another at the destination is really convenient. If you’re the type who misplaces little things like receipts, be careful while at WDW because they want to see your rental receipt once you arrive at the next destination.

Many people prefer renting strollers from third-party providers though. Because it’s more convenient, plus these companies can be cheaper at times compared to Disneyland. The actual cost depends on whether you’ll use the stroller for a day or whether you’re looking at a multi-day stay at Disney or Orlando. The longer the stay, the cheaper the stroller rental cost per day.

Check out Kingdom Strollers to see what kinds of strollers they have and what the per-day and multi-day prices look like. To be clear, I’m not an employee of Kingdom Strollers, nor am I one of their affiliates. I’m simply recommending a Disney World stroller rental company that provides great strollers and service at equally great prices.

If you choose the right provider (I recommend Kingdom Strollers), they’ll drop the stroller off at your hotel room and pick it up when you’re done using it. Whether you’re staying at an Orlando theme park resort, vacation home, or hotel or a Disneyland hotel or resort, Kingdom Strollers got you covered.

Besides, third-party rental strollers tend to be better quality overall (more comfortable because they’re better-padded) compared to Disney rental strollers.

Features: What Are You Getting Versus Price?

If you’re wanting to go with a cheap ultra-lightweight stroller for Disney, you’ll pay an abysmally low price. But don’t expect to get extra features such as cup hold holders, parent trays/consoles, foot muffs, great padding, a hugely extended sunshade, or reclining stroller seats.

These features are the preserve of pricier lightweight umbrella strollers. You pay more, you get more. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. To get a full-size lightweight/umbrella stroller that offers as much comfort as any decent full-size regular strollers, be willing to pay more.

Price and Brand Considerations

For a cheap Disney-ready umbrella stroller, expect to pay between $20-$30, but for a better quality umbrella or lightweight travel stroller, you should be OK with forking over over $80.

Brands? Do brands matter when it comes to purchasing the finest Disneyland stroller? Yes and no. Yes because the best finest of the finest options almost always seem to be from the most popular stroller brands. And no because some of the best options come from the least popular companies.

All that said, you can’t possibly go wrong with companies such as Bob Stroller, Baby Trend, Kolcraft, Baby Jogger, Chicco, and many others. But there’s a slim chance that a good company will put out a bad product.

With this little piece of knowledge in mind, you want to spend a decent chunk of time poring through customer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere online. And if you can visit a real shop and test out a few Disney size approved strollers, that’s seven better.

5 Best Disney-Approved Strollers You Can Get Today

Let’s now dive in and see what the mini-reviews below have in store for us, shall we?

1.Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie: Best Twin Stroller for Disneyland

Quick Facts and Features

Product Weight: 33.1 pounds

Maximum weight limit: 100 pounds, 50 pounds for each kid

Max height limit: 44″

Wheels: 3-wheeled design, air-filled

Cup holders/parent organizer? No

Walt Disney World Approved? YES

Unique features: seats recline independently, handle height adjustable, safety strap, big pneumatic wheels

First off, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Dauallie isn’t for very young twins who need to travel in infant car seats. WHY? Because this stroller’s design doesn’t accommodate two infant car seats or bassinets at once. One kid gets to use the stroller seat while the other gets to use the infant car seat. It’s for older twins.

bob duallie for WDW

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is one of the most trusted running and jogging baby strollers for two kids today. It looks like and truly is a heavy-duty jogging stroller designed to dominate demanding forest trails, low-quality sidewalks, high-quality asphalt, and of course Disneyland Theme Parks.

It has 16″ air-pumped rear wheels and 12″ pneumatic front wheel (360˚ swivel) to thank for its impressive performance on different kinds of terrains.

It sneers at snow, laughs at mud, and literally floats over the sand on tranquil beaches. Throw what you will at this jogger, and the monster never capitulates. It gets rolling and keeps moving — fast —, unless you apply the easy-to-use and intelligently positioned foot brake.

I’d expected to see a hand brake on this stroller since it’s designed for running/jogging. Some patches are steep, and you want to be able to feather your stroller before you apply the foot brake.

I’d gripe about the lack of a hand brake, but I couldn’t because the foot brake works like magic. It’s not like any of those awkwardly positioned braking mechanisms that require exceptional gymnastic skills to activate.

The brake consists of a centrally placed and decently sized lever that’s easy to access. And it locks the wheels instantly making sure you stop each time you wish.

Then there’s the hand strap on the right hand of the foam-plastered, height-adjustable (one of the most height-adjustable strollers I know of), anti-slip handlebar. This strap made sure my stroller stayed with me the whole time.

Anyone who uses this BOB jogging stroller after enduring incompetence from lesser strollers for years instantly becomes acutely aware of the difference in construction and overall ride quality. If you’re an active mom, dad, or other caregiver, this is most likely the only stroller you’ll ever need.

Even with two kids onboard, it felt like this thing couldn’t wait to start rolling. I gave it a moderate push on an old, pothole-dotted sidewalk, and it flew!

It may weigh slightly over 33 pounds — definitely a heavy stroller — but it didn’t feel quite like 33 pounds while pushing. This speed demon literally propels itself so you can focus on the run itself and keep an eye on your little ones ensconcing underneath the supremely generous heavy-duty and non-fading canvas canopies.

Deeply faded canopies don’t look good at all. And you’ll appreciate that these highly adjustable sunshades maintain the original color longer than most.

Some strollers have canopies that have trouble retracting or extending outwards, but not the canopies on this Disney-approved stroller for twins. You can pull the canopies as far down as the toes!

The seats have great padding, and each reclines individually, a rarity in many double strollers. Also, the seats offer a decent height limit of 44″ (this is pretty tall) and a combined weight limit of 100 pounds.

Most strollers of this kind have a weight limit of 65-100 pounds, which places the BOB Rev Flex Duallie on the more generous side of things.

How wide is the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie and is it narrow enough for Disney? It’s 30.5″ wide, which is 0.5″ narrower than Disneyland’s stroller width requirement of 31″ or smaller. Length-wise, it measures 48″ versus Disney’s stroller length requirement of 52″ or less.

What I didn’t like: No cup holders or parent console. But this thing offers at least 6 pockets for essentials such as a phone, keys, and credit cards. Diapers and water bottles?  Store them in the reasonably sized undercarriage. You can also buy a well-fitting stroller organizer such as this one.

Plus you can’t use two infant car seats simultaneously. You need to get the BOB car seat adapter. This adapter features a cup holder on one side and an adapter for the infant car seat on the other side.


bob revolution car seat adapter

Also, it’s a two-hand fold, and I can’t understand for the life of me why BOB didn’t include a strap to make carrying easier for such a heavy/bulky stroller. And no, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie doesn’t self-stand.

It’s an expensive stroller (but still affordable), and stroller theft isn’t very rare at the Theme Parks. Here are tricks to help you quickly identify your BOB and make it harder for thieves to walk away with it.


  • A solidly constructed twin stroller with comfy, independently reclining seats
  • Canopies adjust independently and come fully down
  • Wheels easily removed for easier packing in the trunk
  • Highly adjustable handlebar
  • You can mount one infant car seat onto it
  • Extremely easy steering and great stroller control
  • Substantial pneumatic wheels with abysmally low rolling resistance
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Safety strap for restraining stroller on hilly terrain
  • Magnetic peekaboo windows foster parent/child bonding
  • Lockable front swivel and long-travel shock absorbers for dampening bumps
  • Relatively easy to fold but still two-hand folding
  • Doesn’t pull to the side even with different sized kids


  • Wheels can get pricked by sharp objects
  • Not ideal for young twins since you can’t mount two infant car seats at once
  • You need to monitor air pressure and pump air in as needed
  • Pricey yet no organizers or cup holders
  • Bulky but still slim enough for Disneyland
  • Doesn’t self-stand and no carry strap

Many parents opt to rent the Bob Duallie from Baby Quip or Kingdom Strollers. Rental strollers are affordable, plus renting is way more convenient than bringing your own. But if you prefer bringing your own or can’t find a rental BOB stroller, then by all means brings yours.


2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2: Best All-terrain Disney Stroller

Quick Facts and Features

Product Weight: 21.4 pounds

Maximum weight limit: 65 pounds,

Max height limit: 45″

Wheels: 3-wheeled design, foam-filled

Cup holders/parent organizer? No

Walt Disney World Approved? YES

Unique features: Handle height adjustable, 2 quiet peekaboo windows, and ultra-easy folding

stroller for disney two kids

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is the newer version of the 2016 Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

But what did they improve? The newer version boasts all-wheel suspension and steers somewhat better. It tackles off-road terrain better; the peekaboo window is now silent because it’s magnetic. Finally, the new version looks nicer, it’s available in more stylish colors, and it self-stands.

One thing stood out to me about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 —it’s extremely easy to fold, a single-handed fold.

Size-size, it lives somewhere between a BOB jogging stroller and an umbrella stroller. It’s an all-terrain Disney stroller, after all. Its width is

Being able to fold this stroller with one hand made my life so much easier.  I could hold my older baby, carry a grocery bag, or walk my dog.

To fold the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, simply grab the little pull strap on the middle of the seat. This little feature also serves as a carry strap, which makes carrying the 21.4-pound even easier.

Helpful City Mini GT2 folding tips: #1When folding the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, first unlock the 360˚ front swivel wheel. Otherwise, this thing won’t collapse completely flat.

Folding tip#2: Rotate the handlebar all the way up before folding. If you don’t, this single stroller won’t stand up on its own.

The handle rotates up and down, and it’s rubbery rather than foamy. Short parts and taller ones alike can push this contraption without stressing the shoulders or lower back.

However, opening it isn’t as easy. I couldn’t unfold it with one hand no matter how hard I tried. And this could be a bummer for convenience-craving parents.

You can use it as a travel system by employing the provided infant car seat adapter. This means you can use it to carry an infant, just not in the stroller seat itself — at least not until they’re 6 months old.

BTW, the included car seat adapter is ONLY for Baby Jogger infant car seats. Fortunately, the brand also sells car seat adapters for many of the most popular infant car seat brands.

Think Graco, Chicco, Britax, Maxi Cosi, Uppababy, Cybex, Clek, and Europe’s Peg Perego. You may also use the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Pram/Bassinet to carry babies less than 6 months old and even newborns.

The seat reclines to a nearly flat position, BUT it’s unwise to carry a newborn this way. Note: reclining this Disney stroller is one a one-handed job, but getting it back up requires 2 hands. And the seat doesn’t sit all the way up, which is common in strollers. A small blanket can help create a comfier sitting position.

The buckle and straps can be tricky to use. And some toddlers – (usually 4-5 year olds) with busy little hands have been known to undo the harness.

The stroller seat isn’t reversible and stays forward-facing. Your kid won’t ride parent-facing unless they’re in an infant car seat.

The undercarriage isn’t large, but I could still fit a bagful of baby essentials (baby diapers and wipes) easily. I had to lift the leg rest up to access this storage basket.

Want more room for other stuff such as a smartphone, water bottle, snacks, and whatnot? Get an organizer for yourself and a cup holder/snack tray for the LO.

The canopy is massive. What’s more, this canopy boasts two clear peekaboo windows  so you can keep stealing glances at the snoozing little prince or princess.

Is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 worthy it? Yes. At a sub-$400 price point, you’re getting a solid stroller that folds well and a high maximum seat capacity of 65 pounds vs. 50 pounds for comparable options. Plus 2 magnetic peekaboo windows and a better-padded, sturdier footrest. Best part? It accommodates taller kids, providing a max head height of up to 26″ when many offer a max head height of 22″ and 25″.


  • Car seat adapter compatible with ALL Baby Jogger infant car seats provided
  • A folding pull strap on the seat doubles up as a carry strap
  • Non-puncture foam-filled all-terrain tires
  • Handle rotates up and down
  • Folding it is extremely easy
  • An adjustable and sturdy foot rest
  • All-terrain tires that work off-road and on smoother terrain
  • An easily maneuverable 3-wheel stroller design
  • All-wheel suspension for really easy steering
  • 2 magnetic peekaboo windows
  • Seat features decent padding
  • Stands on its own if you turn handlebar all the way up
  • A super high maximum weight limit (65 pounds)
  • Works great for taller kids (maximum head height of 26″)


  • Getting backrest back up requires both hands
  • Under-seat storage basket could be bigger
  • Unfolding stroller not as easy as folding
  • No parent console+ snack tray
  • Seat doesn’t recline all the way up

3. Kolcraft-Cloud Plus Lightweight Travel Stroller: Best Lightweight Disney Stroller

Quick Facts and Features

Product Weight: 12 pounds

Maximum weight limit: 50 pounds

Max height limit: 40″

Stroller Width and Length: 18″ and 31.25″ respectively

Wheels: 4-wheeled design (2 front double wheels), foam-filled

Cup holders? YES

Walt Disney World Approved? YES

Unique features: Cheapest Disney-approved compact stroller, super lightweight

kolkraft disneyland stroller

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus isn’t as lightweight as the world-famous GB Pockit, but it’s extremely lightweight and folds down to a small size. Pack in the trunk, and you’ll have room to spare.

It weighs just 11.8 pounds, which makes it the ultimate travel companion. But here’s the bad news: it’s not small enough to store on a plane’s overhead bin. Chances are that flight crew will ticket it and take it from you as you board the plane. But it rolls and steers nicely through airports.

But the wheels aren’t exactly all-terrain. They are plastic-y, and they struggled when going over bumps when I tested their efficacy on a bad sidewalk.

The upside is that there’s a certain amount of built-in suspension system,. Just not the kind of uber-fine shocks strollers like the BOB Flex 3.0 Duallie or Summit X3 offer.

It folds and unfolds easy, and it’s very easy to carry. But I had to watch a couple videos to learn how to open it and close it with one hand. I also had to find a way to keep it closed once collapsed since there’s no clip or lock for that.

The under-seat storage isn’t very roomy, so travel light. But I easily packed a few essentials in there including a small diaper bag, a small hood, and baby shoes.

The seat padding isn’t great, but the straps were surprisingly easy to thread. Most cheap strollers tend to have terrible straps that are not only hard to work but also don’t stay in place.

I had trouble getting the backrest to sit up straight, and it kept the little rider slouched.  Also, it doesn’t recline much at all for newborns.

Cup holders for both the toddler and caregiver are there. I could easily fit in a water bottle, but I had to force the NUK Sippy Cup into the hole. I know of options that are substantially more expensive but don’t offer cup holders/snack trays.

The handle neither rotates nor telescopes. It works fine for shorter to medium tall folks, but tall parents have to hunch over while pushing. It works best for 5’4″ to 5.8″ users.

Looking for a travel system-friendly stroller for going out to Disney Theme Parks or for everyday around-town strolls with baby? Get something else. Because the Kolcraft Cloud Plus isn’t infant-car seat friendly. But it’s not I expected such a lightweight umbrella stroller to be car seat-compatible.

And not surprisingly, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus felt a tad flimsy. When I hang a diaper bag on the non-extendable handle the stroller almost tipped over. But this isn’t unusual with lightweight strollers of any kind.


  • Quite easy to steer and maneuver through crowded places at Theme Parks
  • Folds down small and saves space in the trunk
  • A lightweight full-featured stroller with a very attractive price tag
  • A decently sized undercarriage
  • Opens easy and closes easy, but it takes some getting used to
  • Best option for traveling on planes
  • A large canopy for an umbrella-style Disney stroller
  • Narrowest stroller for Disney World theme parks
  • Built-in suspension albeit not remarkable


  • Plastic-y wheels not ideal for demanding riding conditions
  • Fitting a NUK Sippy cup could be a challenge
  • Non-adjustable handle — not ideal for tall caregivers
  • Not newborn-friendly
  • Not convertible to a travel system
  • Hanging a heavy diaper bag on the handle can cause it to tip over

4. Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller: Best Lightweight Tandem Disney Stroller

Quick Facts and Features

Product Weight: 27.5 pounds

Maximum weight limit: 90 pounds

Stroller Width and Length: 21.25″ and 38″ respectively

Wheels: 4-wheeled design (2 double front wheels), foam-filled

Cup holders? YES, no parent console

Walt Disney World Approved? YES

Unique features: Attractive price for a double stroller and roomy storage basket, lightweight, easy-fold


You’ll be moving a lot once inside Disney World Theme Parks or Disneyland. And you need a lightweight, travel-friendly stroller. And the Joovy Caboose Too Graphite could just be what you need.

joovy caboose too graphite disneyland stroller

At 27.5 pounds, the Caboose Too Graphite may not be the lightest Disney stroller, but it’s certainly one of the most compact Disneyland travel double strollers ever made.

The Caboose Too Graphite is a slightly modified version of the regular Joovy Caboose stroller, but they’re pretty much similar in terms of features and function. The regular version doesn’t have a real rear seat for an older child. Instead, it offers a built-in bench seat and a stand-on platform, two nice features that the improved model offers.

I have one design-related quibble about both strollers: accessing the roomy undercarriage isn’t easy with the older passenger sitting on either the bench seat or the rear seat. But when they’re standing on the foot platform between the rear wheels, you can access it. There’s more: you can put stuff on the bench seat when your kiddo isn’t using it.

Here’s another truth you need to know: the roomy under-seat basket isn’t the best it could be. It’s spacious and could accommodate tons of Disney family essentials, but it has a design flaw that renders it completely useless after a while.

I put a water bottle in there, and it rolled right to the middle and stayed. I later learned that due to this weight, the basket had drooped and touched the ground when moving over curbs. I added a decent amount of tent tape on the bottom, which solved the problem, but others weren’t so lucky.

The basket ripped in the middle, losing items in some cases. Aside from this, it’s a decent Disneyland stroller for kids of different ages (definitely not twins).

The front seat reclines, but if you tilt it too far back, that’ll diminish legroom for the rear rider. And that’s a bummer. Plus, the rear seat could be more comfortable.

It’s car seat-compatible, too, which I like. You can carry the younger child rear facing while the older child stands on the platform. And I appreciate that Caboose included a sort of universal car seat adapter that works with a bunch of car seat brands. Very few strollers come with a car seat adapter.

You could also have the older kiddo sit on the bench facing you while the other child sits world-facing on the front stroller seat.

The wheels are non-pneumatic, meaning no flats while at Disney. They’re also all-terrain, which means they can take on pretty much any terrain aside from thick snow. The brake on the rear works, but I don’t like its awkward placement — not foot-friendly — but you soon get used to it.

This is what the regular, rear seat-less Joovy Caboose looks like:

caboose joovy regular

Here’s how the rear seat looks like. It covers the bench seat when installed, but you can easily remove it.

joovy rear seat

Overall: it’s way cheaper than the BOB Gear Revolution, and your front kiddo gets a snack tray. It’s easier to travel with, fold down, and open. Plus it looks nice.


  • Relatively easy-to-maneuver in crowded situations
  • Folds down easily and opens easy
  • An attractively priced travel stroller
  • Cup holders for front child
  • A standing platform for when the rear seat gets uncomfortable
  • Roomy under-seat carriage
  • An extendable canopy that shades the front and rear passenger
  • Travel system-ready
  • Front-wheel suspension
  • Decent max weight limit
  • Built-bench seat and rear seat for carrying older child
  • An extendable canopy that shades the front and rear passenger
  • Maneuvers through Disney crowds better than most


  • Not enough shade for the rear rider
  • Not the best for snowy conditions
  • Max weight limit could be higher
  • Under-seat basket easily tears (isn’t great quality)
  • Reclining the front seat fully eats up substantial room in the rear
  • No parent console
  • Not ideal for twins

5. Bob Revolution Single Stroller: Top-end Disney Single Stroller

Quick Facts and Features

Product Weight: 28.5 pounds

Maximum weight limit: 75 pounds

Max height limit: 44″ and a max he

Wheels: 3-wheeled design, air-filled

Cup holders/parent organizer? No

Walt Disney World Approved? YES

Unique features: Handle is height-adjustable, massive pneumatic wheels, magnetic peekaboo window, extra-large storage basket

bob stroller for disney

If you liked the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie, I bet you’ll fall in love with its single stroller version. This thing is as solidly built as the double model, and it steers and handles similarly.

But it’s a single stroller, which means it’s lighter (28.8lbs vs 33.1lbs) and more compact than the double. It’s still a jogging stroller, though, which means it’s a tad bulky and takes up quite a bit of space in trunks. But you should be able to get on the bus at Disney with it.

One remarkable difference between this single stroller and its double version is its width. While the BOB Flex 3.0 Duallie measures 30.5″ width-wise, the single stroller measures just 25″. Both fit through standard sized doorways, but the single stroller is at least 5″ narrower, making a really attractive Disneyland option.

Another difference is the upper weight limit. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Single offers a really high weight capacity of 75 pounds vs. 100 pounds for the Duallie.

But the 100 pounds is a combined weight limit of the two seats of the Duallie while the 75 pound-limit is for the single seat on the regular Flex 3.0.

Compared to the City Mini GT2 reviewed above, this single stroller has an extra weight limit of 10 pounds, which is nice. Add in its height limit of 44″, and you have a stroller your toddler will use until they don’t want to be in a stroller anymore.

The wheels are large and air-filled, just like they are for the double stroller. Whether you’re pushing through grass, sand, gravel, cobblestone, flying over dirt trails, or maneuvering through the crappiest sidewalks, these wheels do the job. These keep rolling even when you subject them to the harshness of Canadian winter. It’s actually one of the best snow strollers out there.

The 360˚ swivel feature on the front 12″ rubber air-pumped tire helps a lot when it comes to steering, and being a 3-wheel stroller design makes handling even easier. What’s amazing is that this wheel comes equipped with a tracking knob (as is the case with most if not all BOB strollers)  so you can realign the wheel if the stroller veers to the side, which it rarely does.

You can limit yourself to smooth urban sidewalks, or get this Disneyland-approved BOB stroller and go everywhere regular stroller wheels can’t. When tackling bumps and going over curbs, I didn’t need to jostle the stroller like I did with lesser strollers in the past.

But arm yourself with a good hand pump and bike tire replacement kit because you never know when a puncture might happen!

Seat padding is awesome (incomparable comfort) and the backrest reclines to a nearly flat position. It gets even better: I easily got the seat to sit almost upright, which thrilled my son since he could now see the world in front while sitting at an enabling angle.

The canopy is constructed from durable canvas that fades very slowly. It’s large and it adjusted to two different heights, helping me determine how much sunshade my child got from the UPF 50 canopy. It’s water resistant, but if it rains this canopy won’t help very much because it’s not a rain cover.

Both the canopy and the HUGE underneath basket are reflective which keeps you visible. Plus there are a few extra pockets for even more room (6). However, there are no cup holders or parent console, which is a shame for a stroller that pricey.

The handle adjusts extremely well, and the rear brake (no hand brake) stops the stroller nicely and smoothly. A strap on the rotating foam handlebar increases stroller security when riding down hills. But they really should have added a handbrake like that of the comparable Summit X3.

It uses an easy two-step folding process, and the closing is relatively easy. It folds d0wn big, and you won’t store much else in the trunk. On the whole, its a solid buy that justifies the price point, but they really should offer basic features such as snack trays, parent console, and a hand brake.

Finally, it’s convertible to a travel system via using BOB’s Infant Car Seat Adapter. This adapter comes with a cup holder as well and costs $80-ish. You can mount most car seats from the major brands.


  • A narrow jogger that never gets turned away at Disney
  • A very high max weight limit (75lbs)
  • Steers and handles like a miracle
  • Convertible to a travel system if you use the BOB car seat adapter
  • A height-adjustable durable-canvas canopy that doesn’t fade fast
  • A very solid stroller that lasts years
  • Folds and unfolds relatively easily
  • Seat reclines almost flat and also sits nearly upright
  • Adjustable foam handle and chunky air-filled wheels that bashes bumps
  • Large sized basket with easy access
  • Several pockets for small items such as keys and wallet
  • A highly effective foot-friendly brake


  • Heavier and bulkier than most strollers
  • A space-eating stroller design
  • No cup holders, parent console, and foot brake

Best Disney-approved Baby Stroller?

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is probably the best compact Disneyland stroller on the market today. With practice, you can fold and open it with one hand, and it takes little trunk room. It’s somewhat flimsy, but it’s built and tested for toddlers as heavy as 50 pounds.

If you prefer a jogging stroller, get the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie or its single stroller version if you have one toddler. For two different sized kids, get the Joovy Caboose Too Graphite.

But if I had to pick one, I’d go with the All-terrain Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. It’s comfy, not too heavy, folds like a dream, has a massive canopy with magnetic peekaboo windows, and isn’t sinfully priced. It steers and handles awesomely, and it offers decent storage.

Author: Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being Ricky's wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. <a href="">Visit my Facebook profile here</a>, and this is my <a href="">LinkedIn profile</a>, and here's my <a href="">nascent youtube channel.

Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being a wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. Visit my Facebook profile here, and this is my LinkedIn profile, and here's my nascent youtube channel.

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