Nuna Revv Rotating Convertible Car Seat Review

You have decided you must get a swivel convertible car seat for your growing kid. But you haven’t yet decided if the Nuna Revv 360 car seat is the best option for you. In this Nuna Revv Rotating Convertible Car Seat Review, I assess whether the alluring claims the product listing are actually true.

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And if there’s any little things that aren’t so great about the Nuna Revv 360, stuff no seller of this seat would want me to tell you about, I’ll reveal them all.

But before we dive into the features and specs of the Nuna Revv Rotating Convertible Car Seat and the pros and cons…

Nuna Revv 360 Rotating Car Seat

What’s Great About the Nuna Revv 360

  • Really smooth 360-degree rotation
  • Steel construction, 10-year-lifespan, and side-impact protection
  • Probably the greatest swivel car seat for rear-facing use (up to 40 pounds)
  • Numbered recline indicator level/bubble-free indicator
  • Adjustable headrest, crotch buckle, and harness is no-rethread
  • Removable infant wedge/head & body support insert (not washable, spot-clean it)
  • Tether used rear-facing and forward-facing for greater safety
  • Integrated anti-rebound bar for even more safety during disasters
  • Extremely plush padding and premium-quality fabric; seat pads washable
  • 2 removable cupholders that go in the dishwasher

Here’s the Cons

  • Ridiculously low harness height (14″ vs 16-19″ for competitors)
  • Not FAA-approved
  • Bulky and heavy (use in one vehicle if you can)
  • Insanely low forward-facing weight limit (40lbs!) and height limit (43″ vs 49″ for most others)
  • Price point is stratospheric

What’s the Point of a Rotating Convertible Car Seat?

Have you ever tried getting a baby out of a rear-facing-only car seat? If you’re anything like me, the baby’s soft head ended up hitting the roof the vehicle. And that didn’t feel comfortable at all. A car seat that rotates solves this problem by making loading and unloading easier than ABC.

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Once installed, this car seat rotates 180˚or 360˚, and you can stop the rotation at 90 and load or unload your precious cargo. At 90, the front of the seat faces the door, making it extremely easy to strap baby in or get them out. Your back will thank you if you started carrying your little one in a car seat that swivels.

And if the idea of do-it-once-and-forget-it appeals to you, a spinning convertible car seat could be exactly what you need to get now. If you install the seat via the seatbelt and the seat doesn’t convert into a booster seat down the road, you’d only need to install the seat once. And this install would work for both rear-facing and forward-facing seating. What a revolutionary car seat technology!

Specs and Features of the Nuna Revv 360 Rotating Car Seat

I’ll start with the specs and then move on to the features and finally the car seat measurements.

Specs of the Nuna Revv 360

Rear-facing weight limits: 5-40 pounds

Rear-facing height limits: 43″

Forward-facing range: 25-40 pounds

Forward facing height range: 43″

Recommended child age forward-facing: 2+ years

Lower anchor weight limit: 30 pounds, rear-facing

Lower anchor weight limit: 30 pounds, forward-facing

FAA-approved? No

Its features

Swivels 360˚

Top tether used rear-facing and forward-facing

No rethread harness (this is great!)

Strong and durable steel frame (Steel Strength Technology)

Multi-position (10) head support

Recline positions: 10 positions, 5 rear-facing & 5 forward-facing

Energy-absorbing EPP foam

Two removable cupholders (manual doesn’t say if they’re dishwasher-safe, but Nuna said they are)

Magnetic buckle tongue holders: they keep straps out the way when loading baby

Anti-rebound bar: Yes

Load leg: No

Booster seat mode? No

Side-impact protection? Yes, thanks to the Aeroflex Side Impact Protection System

Fabric and padding quality: Plush, highly breathable, and machine washable (run a gentle cycle, cold water + mild detergent)

True Tension Door for tightening the seatbelt or lower anchors

Made of fire-retardant free materials, which means no added chemicals that could harm your child

GREENGUARD GOLD-certified: Yes, and having this certification means it adequately meets emissions requirements for at least 360 chemicals & VOCs. You and your child deserve a safe environment.

Measurements of the Nuna Revv 360

Nuna Revv 360 dimensions: 21.5″-22.5″ L X W16″ (w/o cupholders) or 22.5″ (w/ cupholders installed) X 22.5-29.5″H (headrest and recline positions determine actual length and height)

Weight: 32.7 pounds

Highest harness height: 14″

Lowest harness height: 6.5″ (with insert) & 8″ without insert

Width: 22.5″ at the widest point (with cupholders installed) & 16″ with the cupholders removed

Nuna Revv 360 Convertible Car Seat Review

nuna revv insert
Image courtesy of Nuna

If you like getting everything you want at the same place, I created a nice little product box above to save you time. Don’t worry, the summary mentions pretty much everything you need to know before buying.

Nuna Revv 360 Weight, Dimensions, and Footprint

With a seat width of 16″ at the narrowest point (with the 2 detachable cupholders removed), the Nuna Revv 360 is one of the narrower rotating car seats on the market today.

The folks at Car Seat for the Littles measured the footprint of the seat by fully reclining it and taking the number from the back of the base to the shell’s front at 32″. This makes it a reasonably compact swivel car seat, and you might be able to fit 3 across in some scenarios (NOT 3 Nuna Revv car seats!).

It might be possible depending on the vehicle you own and the car seats you already have to fit 3 across with this swivel convertible option. You may have to play around with seat position and passenger age/size to get it right.

For example, install the Nuna Revv 360 in the middle of the backseat, then a Nuna PIPA Lite rx beside it, and then have an adult belt-using teenager occupying the outboard position. This might work in SUV but not in a midsize sedan, and you won’t be able to rotate the car seat anyways so what’s the point?

If you want to install the Nuna Revv 360 and still be able to fit another passenger and still be able to swivel it, the other seat would have to be a backless model. This is a big and bulky seat, actually one of the heaviest and most dense I’ve ever reviewed (weights in at almost 33 pounds).

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If you’re hunting around for something you can move between cars quickly and frequently, a rotating convertible car seat isn’t it.

And if you’re wondering if this is a good plane travel companion, stop because it isn’t. It’s not aircraft-approved. Even if it were aircraft-certified, you’d not want to globe-trot with it because it’d be a pain to lug across airports.

Suitability As a Newborn-through-booster Choice

The Nuna Revv 360 is one of the most solid car seats I’ve encountered. It looks as nice as the typical NUNA car seat, but it’s a somewhat more modern look if that makes sense, and the features aren’t like anything you’ve seen. I mean, it rotates a full 360 degrees, a trend that’s steadily been picking pace.

It’s slowly-growing list of rotating car seats, and the Nuna Revv 360 is the new kid on the block. The awesomeness of this new tech is that it makes putting baby in and removing them after a ride incredibly easier.

With this restraint, you’ll find yourself rear-facing for at least 2 years, something the American Academy of Pediatrics never tires to recommend to parents and caregivers.

But will you be able to use the newest arrival on the scene from birth through preschool, until the child is ready for the booster car seat? Sadly no, unless yours is one of those extremely small babies.

Ridiculously Low Maximum Harness Height and Forward-facing Limits

Somebody needs to call out Nuna for making a really expensive convertible car seat that becomes completely useless at year 2-3 for the vast majority of kids.

With a removable and nicely padded infant insert (body and head support insert), a 43″ rear-facing max height, and a 40-lbs weight limit, the Nuna Revv promises extended rear-facing. But there’s a little problem: harness height limitations.

I couldn’t believe that this high-end rotating car seat has a maximum harness height of just 14″. Yes, I said 14″. That’s ridiculously low compared to the harness limits you get with competitors such as much-loved Evenflo 360 Gold, Cybex Sirona S, and 2 or 3 others.

To demonstrate just how surprisingly low the Revv’s max harness height is, the stat is 16.5″ for the Sirona S, which some kids outgrow before booster mode. And when the Evenflo Revolve 360 Gold steps into the picture with a harness height limit of 19″, the Revv 360’s inadequacy height-wise comes into even sharper focus.

Low Forward-facing Weight and Height Limits

I’m struggling to believe that a frightfully expensive car seat such as the Nuna Revv 360 such low stats forward-facing. The height limit is 43″, exactly what it is rear-facing when none of its competitors offers anywhere below 49″. Kids grow up, Nuna, and they do so fast!

The weight limit forward-facing is also a joke. It tops out at a mere 40 pounds versus 65 pounds for the competition. Combine this glaring limitation to the low-harness-height issue, and you wonder what the designers at Nuna had smoked when creating this contraption.

Bottom line: if you’re wanting to purchase a swivel car seat that’ll grow with your child right from hospital discharge date through preschool and beyond, choose something else. And all I hear about the Evenflo 360 Gold is good news.

I like to think of the Nuna Revv Rotating Car Seat as a sort of rear-facing-only convertible car seat that rotates. If you’re down to using the finest products regardless of how long they stayed useful, I must say no alternative beats the Nuna Revv. It’s simply the sturdiest, comfiest, and nicest-looking swivel car seat for rear-facing use.

But wait, does this mean you shouldn’t sink your hard-earned $$ into the Nuna Revv 360? No, not at all.

Who Might the Nuna Revv 360 Work For?

I have nothing personal again the brand. But with the shockingly low harness height and equally low weight and height limits forward-facing working for it, the company doesn’t need enemies. Not that I’d hate on them for any reason.

To be fair, the Nuna Revv has the most solid build of any rotating car seat I know of, and fabric quality and padding comfort are unbeatable. But none of it matters if you can’t use the seat past year 2, right?

However, if you’re planning on adding a bunch little ones to the family in quick succession (about 2 years apart), this thing might be a worthy buy.

With its 10-year lifespan, peerless material quality and durability, the Nuna Revv Convertible Car Seat is the ultimate choice. I can see all your 3 kids using it until year 2 and then you selling it in the secondhand market to recoup a portion of the initial investment. Not bad, huh?

How Easy Is It to Install the Nuna Revv 360 Rotating Car Seat?

With the lower anchors, it’s not hard at all. You most likely won’t need any assistance completing the install. Simply follow the detailed and clear instructions manual to tackle the task. BTW, the lower anchor limits rear-facing is 30 pounds, which is the exact same number for forward-facing mode.

Here’s the best resource I’ve found on how to install the Nuna Revv Convertible Swivel Car Seat rear-facing and facing with either the lower anchors + top tether or seatbelt + top tether. Similar to its way cheaper and useful-for-longer competitor, the Evenflo 360 Gold, the Revv requires use of the top tether rear-facing and forward-facing.

If you’d rather watch a video, I found this video one for you, and I’d say it’s more useful than what Nuna’s put out.

Here’s one little but important thing I need you to know: that the Nuna Revv 360 requires ONLY the lap section of the seatbelt when installing. This is unlike any other car seat I’ve seen. I guess it’s the reason installing this car seat using the seatbelt is such a challenging exercise.

I insist that you read close the resource I dropped above for you because a real car seat technician wrote it and took care of everything you need to do to make the install a success.

Does the Revv 360 Install Tightly Enough?

Yes, the base of the Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat installs tightly enough when you handle it properly. I didn’t buy the Revv 360 (because of its insanely low harness height and I preferred a forever car seat), but I did watch a car seat technician help a mom I’m friends with install it.

The base installed nice and tight after what seemed like a considerable amount of effort. And when the helper tested the install by attempting to move the seat at the belt path, it didn’t move much at all. BTW, a correctly installed car seat of any kind should move less than 1″ in any direction at all times.

Note: If you hold the shell of the seat and try to shove it this way or that way, it’ll move quite a bit. But that happens with all car seats when tested incorrectly for tightness of the base. So, hold the seat around the belt path and give it a shove.

However, we noticed that bumping the seat around the base with a decent amount of force caused it to shift noticeably. And when this happened, the installation got loose around the belt path. The company could do something to address this little issue.

Infant Insert, Harness Straps, Harness Covers, Crotch Buckle, Headrest

Everything on the Nuna Revv looks like $600, and that includes the seat pads, fabric, harness straps, and the provided infant inserts. Compared to the Evenflo 360, Sirona S, it boasts better padding. Nobody knows how or why it happens, but when you strap your kid in, they escape to the land of nod instantly. This option gives luxury and comfort a whole new meaning.

The harness is no-rethread, which means there’s no pain to face when you pull the head support padding up. If there’s one feature parents want to see on any car seat, it’s a no-rethread 5-point harness, and this option offers that. But does it really have to do so at a price point that’s so discriminating?

I like that there are harness covers too, and if the covers on Evenflo 360 Gold and Sirona S are 4 star, the covers on the Revv 360 deserve a 5-star rating. They look nicer and sturdier.

The headrest is adjustable, which isn’t unique, and it boasts loads of comfy padding. The same goes for the crotch buckle; it’s adjustable. But it does fall back into sloping backseats, something magnetism could address. And lest I forget, this car seat offers side-impact protection (Aeroflex Side Impact Protection System).

Here’s another feature I love about the Nuna Revv 360: it deploys magnetic magnetic buckle holders to restrain harness straps that’d otherwise be obstructive when you’re loading in baby. And that’s really neat.

The infant body and head support insert packs great padding, and it helps create a better fit for newborns. The padding is made from merino wool, which I believe is why the brand recommends spot-cleaning them rather than tossing them in the washing machine as you would do the regular seat pads.

Insert fit tip: Test to see whether the newborn fit is better with or without the provided insert. For bigger babies, the fit may be better without the insert.

How Should the 5-point Harness Fit?

A well-adjusted or fitted harness sits at or slightly below the shoulders rear-facing. For forward-facing seating, the harness positions at or slightly above the shoulders.

Padding and Fabric Quality

The fabric looks and feels fabulous, and since it’s knitted it doesn’t struggle with breathing and keeping the environment around tiny tots nice and comfy. The seat pads are easy to remove and machine wash. Nuna says to use cold water and a mild detergent. You’re to run the load via a gentle cycle.

One look at the padding and fabric, and you get the feeling you’re looking at premium comfort. But you’ll have to part with way more than would be the case if you went with a budget but well-rated option instead.

Recline Positions and Level Indicator

One thing the Nuna Revv 360 does exceptionally well is reclining. I’ve battled with a whole bunch of car seats that didn’t recline nearly as smoothly as the manufacturer said, and this one isn’t like that at all.

After the tech I told you about above finished the install, I tried rotating this car seat, and I was able to get it to swivel and lock it into position using only one hand. 

The spin is exceptionally smooth, and the seat didn’t get stuck once. But if you install it too close to a high-backed booster or other car seat, it could be hard to access the swivel feature due to the other seat being in the way.

One thing I laud the Nuna Revv convertible car seat for is its number-based/bubble-free level indicator. If you’ve ever tried to recline a car seat with a bubble level indicator, you must have soon learned it could be a real pain. But the numbered indicator changes all that.

numbered indicator nuna revv 360

10 recline positions are shown on the recline indicator start from 5 to 1 and then 1 to 5. Position 1 is the most upright position, and it’s easy to make recline adjustments from there.

2 Removable and Dishwasher-safe Cupholders

I didn’t expect such a pricey car seat to come without cupholders. Indeed, cupholders have become a must-have feature on toddler car seats, and the Revv 360 is no exception.

If you place very tall cups in the holders, I can see how your LO could knock them over, sending beautiful spills splashing all over the place.

rotation button
Rotation button is found near the cupholders. There are 2 buttons.


BTW, you should NOT use these cupholders for holding any hot drink according to the Nuna Revv 360 Swivel Car Seat manual PDF.

The manual is silent on whether these nicely shaped cupholders are dishwasher-safe. But I did ask around and even emailed the brand, and they confirmed that it is dishwasher-friendly.

Integrated Rebound Bar for Added Protection

Unlike the Cybex Sirona S, the Nuna Revv convertible car seat doesn’t have a load leg. And according to Consumer Reports, load legs ramp up a car seat’s protective ability during a crash. So, is lacking a load leg a bad thing? Not really. In fact, not all load legs boost car seat safety.

Consider the awkwardly designed load leg on the Sirona S, the one that either dangles above the car floor or sticks out at a less-than-90-degree angle, for example.

Besides, the Nuna Revv offers integrated anti-rebound bar, which exists to serve the exact same purpose. What’s more, this anti-rebound bar makes carrying this car seat from car to car more convenient. Not that hauling a 33-pound convertible car seat around is something anyone could enjoy.

How to Clean the Nuna Revv 360 Swivel Car Seat

Clean your Nuna Revv Convertible Car Seat in 4 easy-to-follow steps. Avoid doing all of the things listed down after the brief cleaning guide.

Step #1: Remove and clean the seat covers.

  • Remove the plush seat covers of the car seat and toss them in the washer. Refer to the instructions manual below to learn how to remove the seat covers.
  • Run cold water and add mild detergent.
  • Run a gentle cycle and air dry.
  • Don’t tumble-dry or iron the covers. Source: Nuna car seat manual

Step #2: Clean the upper shell and base.

  • Wet a clean cloth with water
  • Rinse excess water out
  • Wipe down the shell and base.
  • Note: no kind of abrasive cleansers allowed on the shell

Step #3: Clean the 5-point harness

If too dirty, use a cloth dipped in warm soapy water to clean it. Don’t remove it from the seat.

Towel-dry the harness and air-dry

Step #4: Clean the Buckle

Wipe down the buckle with a damp cloth. Don’t remove the buckle at all.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t remove the buckle or harness. Clean them while still affixed.
  • Don’t use harsh chemical compounds of any kind
  • Don’t use bleach on any part of the seat
  • Don’t iron the seat covers or anything else
  • Don’t lube up any part of the rotational mechanism

Is the Nuna Revv Rotating Convertible Car Seat Worthy It?

The Nuna Revv 360 rotating car is the best high-end rotating car seat out there. It’s like its cheaper counterpart, the Evenflo 360 Gold in many ways, but the fabrics are better and the seat padding a tad more plush.

It also looks great, slightly better than the Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo 360 IMHO, but all 3 options look really nice and modern.

It rotates 360 degrees, reclines 10 positions (5 rear-facing and 5 forward-facing), has a 10-position adjustable headrest, works for newborns and preschools. But there’s a high possibility that your child will outgrow the seat sooner than you’d like. And I’d be surprised if your LO won’t need a second convertible car seat at some point.

Also, it features a number-based level indicator instead of a bubble level indicator. Oh, and the harness is no-rethread and has luxurious and washable covers. Don’t machine-wash the merino wool infant inserts though; spot-clean instead.

It’s pricey, but it’s a great rotating car seat as far as features and construction quality. Since most kids outgrow this car seat before booster mode age, the Nuna Revv is ideal for multi-kid families who might want a durable car seat that could be handed down to a younger sibling.

Author: Joe Waweru

As a medical professional practicing in the United States, Joe Waweru medically reviews every piece of relevant content at, but nothing he says here should be construed as medical advice of any kind.

Joe Waweru

As a medical professional practicing in the United States, Joe Waweru medically reviews every piece of relevant content at, but nothing he says here should be construed as medical advice of any kind. He's also an entrepreneur of some sort, but he prefers to keep this under wraps. <a href="Visit Joe's Facebook Profile here

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