How to Fold a Graco Stroller

Graco strollers are some of the most popular baby strollers on the baby gear market today. Folding older graco stroller models can be a bit of a hassle. In most cases, folding up these older graco stroller models requires using both hands. Plus, the exercise entails a little more work compared to collapsing older Graco stroller models.

But folding up newer Graco stroller models is a lot easier. Most if not all modern stroller models have a one-handed fold design and are quite easy to fold. In this post, I set out to describe the general motions followed when folding pretty much any stroller. Afterward, I’ll show you how to fold older graco stroller models and finally how to collapse newer Graco models.

Finally, you’ll learn a couple of stroller folding tips so the whole process can be less of a stressful chore and more of something you do without thinking.

How to Fold a Strollers (Most Strollers)

Admittedly, different stroller models have different folding mechanisms and may not fold in exactly the same way. With that being said, there’s a bunch of general folding up steps that apply to most strollers. The steps below are uniform folding procedures for pretty much all strollers.

Step #1: Engage the Brakes and Lock Any Swivel Wheels

Start off the fold-up by engaging the brakes and locking any swiveling wheels of the stroller. In baby strollers, the braking mechanisms are typically found around the rear wheels. In many models, activating the brakes is as simple as stepping on the brake lever with your foot.

Not all strollers have swiveling wheels, but most jogging strollers (usually three wheeled) have a front wheel that swivels. For the vast majority of these wheels, all you need to do is to work a lever that locks them into a fixed position.

However, for some strollers feature a wheel-locking mechanism that’s integrated into the handlebar. Still, other stroller models have a button somewhere on the side that you push in to lock the wheels into position.

Note: Some stroller models use none of the above wheel-locking mechanisms. Instead, these strollers need you to detach the front wheel before beginning the fold-up. You may want to take a look at the user manual to learn if this is the sort of stroller you’re about to collapse.

Step #3: Remove Every Accessory Before Folding

Strollers have all sorts of added and removable features and parts. If any of these parts isn’t crucial to the functioning of the pushchair, consider it a non-essential accessory and remove it.

Step #3: Pull the Hood/Canopy Backward

Retracting the canopy is often the next folding step with most strollers. Simply grab the hood at the front and pull it backward. Pull the canopy toward the handlebars.

Step #4: Work the Frame’s Closing Mechanism

All strollers come with a frame-locking mechanism of some kind. Sometimes, this closing mechanism is operated by working a lever or some kind of catch, pushing in a button, or working the handle to release the pushchair’s locking mechanism.

Some strollers may have you operate a push button on the handlebar while also operating a lever somewhere nearby, usually on the side. Again, refer to the manual to understand what kind of stroller frame locking mechanism yours has.

Step #5: Complete the Folding Process

For the vast majority of baby strollers, the handles end up sitting over the front wheel or wheels. Pretty much all stroller models fold at the middle. To complete this final folding action, simply push the handles forward, toward the front of the stroller.

The final step involves operating some sort of latch designed to hold the stroller in a locked position. If this device is functioning properly, the stroller should stay in the locked, folded position until it’s time to unfold it for the next ride.

Remember, these are general instructions for folding any stroller and may not be 100% useful for your specific model. Make sure to consult the manual to learn how the folding process for your model actually works.

How to Fold Different Stroller Brands

Why can’t stroller manufacturers make strollers that fold the same way so parents won’t have to waste time figuring out every new model they buy?

I think this isn’t entirely impossible. But how would these brands differentiate themselves? I have a feeling they really like it when parents spend time watching YT videos explaining how to fold up each one of their many models. I mean, this creates brand visibility.

There’s a vast sea of stroller models and brands out there. And it’d be impractical to list down every model and  brand here and describe the applicable folding process. For this reason, I decided to describe how to fold the major stroller brands in hopes that you own one of these options.

How to Fold Graco Strollers

Older graco models often need you to use two hands to complete the folding action. They’re not hassle-free fold-ups. And they can be kind of challenging to figure out if you’ve always interacted with newer models.

In the next two sections, I describe how to close older Graco stroller models as well as how to collapse newer Graco models.

How to Fold Older Graco Strollers

Step #1: Activate the Brakes

With older Graco stroller models, activating the brakes is as easy as stepping on a lever usually located around the rear wheels. Simply apply downward pressure and that’s it.

Step #2: Lock Any Swiveling Wheels into Position

If your ancient Graco stroller features swiveling wheels, lock them into position.

Step #3: Push the Stroller to See If the Brakes Are Fully Engaged

Give the Graco stroller a forward push to test out the efficacy of the braking system.

Step #4: Fold the Canopy Backward to Collapse It

I don’t need to say more here, do I?

Step #5: Recline the Stroller Seat All the Way Through

Make the seat to recline to the fullest extent. In some older Graco strollers, you may have to operate some sort of catch to activate the recline.

Step #6: Pull the Handle Around the Seat or Press the Button on the Handlebar

Some older models have a handle located around the base of the stroller seat. If this is the option you’re trying to close, find the handle and pull it. If this isn’t the case for your stroller, check the handlebars and push in the button at the middle.

Step #7: Finally, Push the Handles Downward to Fold the Stroller

The final step entails pushing the stroller handles downward, toward the pushchair’s base. This motion should successfully complete the folding action.

How to Fold New Graco Strollers in 5 Clear Steps

Step #1: Set the stroller’s brakes, usually found around the rear wheels.

Step #2: Lock wheels that swivel into position.

Step #3: Test the brakes by giving the stroller a push forward.

Step #4: Recline the stroller’s seat until you can’t recline it any further.

Step #5: Find the release handle and pull it to fold the stroller. The release handle for modern Graco strollers is usually found in the stroller where the baby sits.

How to Fold Britax Strollers

  • Follow the following steps when folding Britax strollers:
  • Engage the brakes.
  • Fold the storage basket underneath in.
  • Work the levers found on the side of the handlebars to release the frame locking mechanism.
  • Take a step backward as you fold/push the handlebar forward.
  • Lock the hinges that hold the fold in place keeping the stroller closed when not in use.

How to Fold Bob Strollers

Bob strollers are the mainstay of the jogging world. Parents who like jogging while staying close enough to their little ones really love Bob strollers. Part of the reason these strollers are so popular among jogging parents is that they’re quite easy to fold. That is, these strollers are a one-handed fold.

Here’s how to fold Bob strollers (in general):

  • Press each of the buttons found on either side of the handlebar to release it (the handlebar).
  • Push the handlebar forward until you hear a clicking sound.
  • Activate the brake by pressing on the lever found on the left side around the rear wheels.
  • Work/squeeze the levers sitting at the base and on either side of the handle.
  • Give the handlebar a forward push, forcing it toward a position somewhere over the seat of the stroller.
  • Give the red handle on top of the folded seat to collapse the stroller.
  • Connect the two red buckles found between the wheels to close the stroller and lock it in place.

How to Fold Chicco Strollers

Chicco strollers are also pretty easy to fold. Here’s how to fold Chicco strollers:

  • Set/engage the brakes.
  • Find the release handle (black in color) and lift it. This handle is found somewhere at the top of the pushchair.
  • As you lift the black release handle, apply pressure on the lip of the shopping basket.
  • With one hand holding the handle, reach out and pull the canopy backward.
  • Complete the folding action by pushing in the two push buttons found on either side of the handle.

How to Fold Baby Trend Strollers

Baby trend strollers is another brand active dads and moms love. The company makes really easy to fold strollers and here’s how to do it:

  • Activate the braking mechanism.
  • The stroller may have two push buttons at the middle of the handlebar; press them. If the stroller has trigger-like levers on either side of the handle, pull each lever up.
  • Push the handle forward so that it finally rests over the front wheel to complete the folding action.

Graco Stroller Folding Tips

  • Child Safety: As you collapse or unfold the stroller, make sure that the child isn’t near the stroller. The last thing is for the child’s little head or hands to slip between moving parts and get badly hurt during the folding or unfolding process. Some older stroller models have been recalled because of this very risk.
  • Dry the stroller off completely before folding it: Before you fold a stroller, make sure there’s no moisture on or in any of its parts. This prevents mildew or mold from growing on the canopy, seat, or anywhere else. Here’s how to get mold out of a stroller fabric if you already have this problem.
  • Check the stroller to make sure no strand or other thing sticks out before starting off the fold-up.
  • Make sure the frame isn’t in any way bent. The same goes for any metal catches on the strollers. If any of these parts needs a bit of straightening, handle that before the fold-up. A warped stroller frame always gets in the way, making the process a complete nightmare.
  • Keep all joints and catches on the stroller well-lubricated, especially if the stroller was stored in a place where the lube might dry up. WD40 does a pretty good job, but it’s best to go with the lube the manufacturer recommends.
  • Where you’re certain the frame isn’t warped and no catch or joint’s seized yet the stroller just won’t fold up with ease, it’s time to return the purchase. You probably got a defective product. The worst thing anyone can do is to try to force a problematic of defective stroller to fold. You might end up hurting yourself badly or damaging the stroller.

Final Thoughts On Folding Graco Strollers

How Ddo you close an old Graco stroller? To collapse an old Graco stroller, first engage the brakes. Then, lock any swivel wheels in place and push the stroller a little to test out the brakes. Collapse the canopy by folding it backward. Recline the stroller fully. Press the button at the middle of the handle or pull the handle around the base of the stroller’s seat. Push the handles down to complete the folding process.

And how do you collapse a newer Graco stroller? Set the stroller’s brakes, usually located near the rear wheels. Then, lock all swivel wheels in places. Test the brakes out by giving the stroller a push forward. Next, recline the stroller’s seat until you can’t recline it an inch farther. Then, locate the release handle and pull it to complete the folding motion. For most modern Graco strollers, the release handle is normally found in the stroller’s seat.


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