how to clean a graco stroller

Because Graco strollers are some of the most popular strollers out there, they see tons of use every day. Which means Graco strollers can get extremely dirty pretty quickly. It’s critical to clean this popular tot-mover regularly. That’s the only way to keep it looking almost as good as new while smelling fresh and performing optimally.

Here’s a guide on how to clean a baby stroller.

Graco stroller cleaning tips

1. Don’t detach the seat cover, sun cover, wheels unless you really have to.

2. Many Graco strollers have machine-washable seat covers. Set the machine to the delicate cycle. Use cold water and a mild detergent.

3. Drip dry. Don’t tumble dry.

4. Don’t iron any part of the stroller.

5. Form the habit of wiping down the stroller every so often to avoid needing to deep-clean it due to grime accumulation.

6. Do not submerge the safety harness. Instead, vacuum it and then wipe it down with a soapy microfiber. Use a skewer or toothbrush to fish out tiny debris hiding in crevices.

7. Avoid storing a cleaned Graco stroller in humid conditions to prevent rusting and mold growth.

8. If the wheels are noisy, lube them up.

9. Always review the care instructions of the stroller you’re cleaning before attempting any cleaning method.

How do you clean a Graco stroller?

To clean most Graco strollers, first off, unclip the safety device and pull the seat pad off the stroller. If the seat is machine-cleanable, set the washing machine to the delicate cycle and wash it using cold water and a mild detergent. Then, dry out the seat cover completely in the sun. Don’t tumble-dry any part of the stroller unless that’s specified in the stroller manual.

Finally, replace every detached part or component back on including seat cover, canopy, wheels, and storage basket.

For the most part, it’s BEST to clean every part without disassembling your Graco stroller or any other stroller brand.

Read the manual and follow the care instructions

This is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway because it’s super important: read the manual that came with the specific Graco stroller model you’re washing. Why? Because not all strollers from Graco are created equal.

Some options have machine-washable parts including seat pads, sun canopy, and shopping basket. Other models must be freshened up by hand typically through spot cleaning.

Using a cleaning method that Graco doesn’t recommend for a particular stroller model is a surefire path to voiding your warranty.

I bet that’s something you wouldn’t want to happen. Because good Graco strollers aren’t exactly cheap.

A Step-by-step guide for cleaning a Graco stroller

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning a Graco stroller. Please note that not all Graco strollers have the same care instructions. ALWAYS refer to the specific mode’s cleaning instructions from the manufacturer.

Step 1: remove the seat padding (optional)

Well, this step is optional. If you want to give your not-so-dirty Gaco stroller a quick wipedown, you don’t have to remove the seat padding or anything else. In fact, taking any part off the stroller is almost always a bad idea according to Consumer Reports.

If you break down the stroller to clean it, it’s easy to lose small parts. Also, putting the parts back on after the cleaning process completes can prove harder than you thought. And because Graco and most strollers typically don’t have machine-washable parts, cleaning the stroller without demolishing it first makes perfect sense.

Unstrapping Graco seat padding including the headrest can be tricky. Describing the tear-down here might not be helpful. So, here’s a video that shows you how to correctly unfasten the padding of a Graco seat.

Step 2: machine-wash the Graco seat cover

Some Graco stroller models have detachable parts that can be machine-washed. If the seat padding is machine washable, definitely remove it and put it inside.

Graco strollers usually with the care label/tag sewn onto the seat padding. What if the label, for some strange reason, doesn’t include washing instructions? Clean the Graco padding the way you would clothes made of the same fabric.

So, select the delicate wash cycle and use cold water. Look at the care label of a Graco stroller in the picture below. It clearly says do not bleach the padding. That’s because bleaching can weaken the structure of the padding or discolor it.

a graco stroller care label

Step 3: Dry the seat cover and other padding

Do not machine-dry your Graco seat cover. Instead, drip-dry the clean cover. The heat from the dryer could end up damaging the fabric or weakening its structure in some way.

Also, you shouldn’t iron the padding at all. It’s not necessary, plus it’s a bad idea in the same way tumble-drying would be.

By the way, can you dry clean Graco seat covers and padding? No, you should not according to the manufacturer.

Step 4: clean the safety harness

Can you wash a Graco safety harness in water? Never immerse the safety harness of a Graco stroller or any other stroller or car seat in water. Wetting the harness’ straps can compromise their flame retardant and water repellent properties. Most importantly, submerging harness straps can make them less safe when safety matters the most — during a stroller accident.

So, how do you clean the safety harness of a Graco stroller? The first step is to use a vacuum to suck up any loose debris and dirt. To remove grime and tiny pieces of crumbly stuff from crevices, use a toothbrush or even a skewer.

If there are wet cruds on the straps (yogurt?), use something to scrape them off before cleaning the spot with a soapy sponge or cloth. Finally, blot-dry the cleaned area using a dry towel.

After vacuuming the harness, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it down. Remember, don’t dip the straps into water, machine-wash, steam wash, power wash, or hose them down.

Step 5: wipe down the frame, storage, accessories, and wheels

Unless it’s a dirty used Graco, there’s no need to tear down the frame. Nor do you need to detach the wheels or basket.

If the wheels are a total mess, detach them, pressure-wash them, and then wipe them down. Read the manual to learn how to safely attach the wheels back on, especially the front wheel if it’s a three-wheeled jogger or other three-wheelers.

Air up the wheels if they’re pneumatics to the right air pressure. Lube them up too if they’re making too much noise during use.

As for cleaning the Graco stroller’s storage basket, remove your purse and everything else. Then, vacuum off every trace of debris and dust before wiping it down with a damp soap terrycloth or microfiber.

Wipe down the sun cover or spot clean it. Also, clean the tray and cup holders as you would normal utensils.

Step 6: reassemble the Graco stroller and store it

Watch this video to learn how to thread the seat padding back on. Return the headrest back into place. Buckle the harness straps, too.

Consider putting the padding back on before it dries up completely. I found it’s somewhat easier to put it back on when it’s a little damp.

Once the stroller dries out fully, store it in a place whose humidity levels won’t encourage rust formation or mold growth.

Graco stroller cleaning FAQs

Can you power clean a Graco stroller?

It’s not advisable to pressure wash a Graco stroller. Parents hose down strollers all the time, and it’s easy and seems to work. But that doesn’t make it right.

Can you disinfect a Graco stroller?

Yes, you should. Once you finish cleaning each part, whether it is wheels, frame, storage, or seat cover, wipe it down with germ-killing baby-safe wipes.

Can I wash the harness of my Graco stroller?

You shouldn’t dip the harness in water, soapy or not, because that can seriously reduce its protection abilities in a stroller accident.

Can I machine wash Graco stroller Covers?

You can if the stroller manual allows it. If it does, clean the seat padding and canopies on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent and finally drip-dry them. Use cold water for washing and rinsing.