Disney World Stroller Rules

Imagine what Disney World would look like if there were no rules to guide visitor behavior. It’d look like, well, chaos. Rules don’t always seem fair or even considerate, but they’re what they are and exist for good reason. When visiting Disney World with your little one and a stroller, be sure to understand Disney World Stroller rules. Knowing exactly what to do makes your stay a more enjoyable experience for you and your kiddo.

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Disney World Stroller rules aren’t cast in stone, you know. They get revised occasionally. And this post is all about the most current stroller use guidelines.

8 Simple Disney World Stroller Rules Every Parent Should Know

Rule #1: Make sure that your baby stroller’s dimensions aren’t larger than the stated size limit of 31″ wide and 52″ long. Fortunately, many strollers these days are Disney World-friendly.

Rule #2: If you have a wagon-style stroller, know that DW doesn’t allow wagon strollers anymore.

Rule #3: You’re not allowed to use a stroller of any kind on escalators. It can be unsafe for yourself, baby, and other escalator users. Escalator accidents aren’t fun.

Rule #4: You can use a stroller in an elevator wherever there is one.

Rule #5: Don’t leave valuable personal items in an unattended stroller. Because thieves like seeing DW too!

Rule 6#: You can visit Disney World with your own stroller as long as it fulfills the stated stroller size requirement. You can also hire a stroller at Disney.

Rule #7: Any time you use Disney World transportation, you must get your child out of the stroller and collapse/fold it.

Rule #8: Cast Members are allowed to move strollers around without talking to the owner first.

Let’s take a closer look at each guideline to make sure you get everything right and make your stay/visit pleasant.

1. Get a Disney-friendly Baby Stroller

Disney banned any strollers whose width measurement exceeds 31″ and length exceeds 52″. Don’t worry, though, because most single strollers and jogging strollers these days are compact enough for Disney World. But it’s always smart to check the measurements because  you don’t want to be turned away at the gate because you brought the biggest stroller in the world.

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Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Florida announced the oversized stroller ban on March 28, 2019. Below is a list of 15 double strollers banned from Disneyland/Disney World because they’re too big:

  1. BOB Sport Utility Duallie Double Jogging Stroller
  2. Britax B-Lively Double Stroller
  3. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller
  4. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller
  5. Contours Bitsy Double Stroller
  6. Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller
  7. Graco RoomFor2 Stand & Ride Stroller
  8. Joovy Big Caboose Stroller
  9. Peg Perego Duette Piroet Double Stroller
  10. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight
  11. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller
  12. Contours Curve Double Stroller
  13. Chicco Echo Twin Double Stroller
  14. BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Double Jogging Stroller
  15. Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Stroller 

Does this mean double strollers aren’t allowed at Disneyland? No at all. Some double strollers aren’t too big and are allowed at Disney World. Below is a list of 28 baby strollers allowed at Disneyland:

  1. Bugaboo Donkey Stroller
  2. Bumbleride Indie Twin Double
  3. Britax B-Ready Double
  4. Austlen Entourage
  5. Baby Jogger City Select Double
  6. BOB Revolution FLEX 2.0 Duallie Double Jogger
  7. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double
  8. UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Double
  9. UPPAbaby Vista
  10. Valco Neo Twin Tailormade Double
  11. Zoe XL2 Double
  12. BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Double Jogger
  13. Austlen Entourage Double
  14. Baby Jogger City Select Double
  15. Graco Modes Duo Double
  16. Nuna Demi Grow Double
  17. Peg Perego Book for Two Double
  18. Peg Perego Team Double
  19. Silver Cross Coast Double
  20. Stokke Crusi
  21. Graco Duo Glider Click Connect Double
  22. Maxi-Cosi Lila Double Stroller
  23. Maclaren Twin Triumph Double
  24. Mountain Buggy Duet Double
  25. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Double
  26. Mountain Buggy Plus One
  27. Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Duo
  28. Joolz Geo 2 Earth Duo Stroller

2. No Stroller Wagons or Pull Wagons of Any Kind

Prior to May 1, 2019, you could take a stroller wagon to Disneyland, but the rules changed and you can’t do this anymore. As for pull wagons, the ban against them existed even before the 2019 rule change announcement.

Stroller wagons are a really nice kind of baby gear. They help parents with 2 or more kids (some wagons can even carry quadruplets) get around, kids in tow. The best ones cost a small fortunate, and it’s sad you can’t visit Disney Them Parks and Water Parks with a wagon.

3. You Can Use Your Own Stroller At Disneyland

It’s not advisable to bring your best top-end baby stroller to Disneyland because stroller theft isn’t uncommon even in the happiest place on Earth. But you’re allowed to take your own stroller to Disney Theme Parks. I suggest getting a cheap umbrella stroller for these visits. You won’t cry for weeks on end because someone decided to walk away with a $30 umbrella stroller, right?

4. You Can Use a Rented Stroller At Disney World

One way to prevent Disneyland stroller theft is to not bring your own stroller at all. Many parents decide it’s best to leave their $600 stroller at home and use a rented one.

Where do you rent a stroller for Disney? Disney itself owns tons of strollers for rental, and you can definitely rent one from them if you like.

You can rent a stroller from Disney Springs as well as from all 4 parks namely EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Holly Wood Studios.

How much does it cost to rent a stroller at Disney? For a single stroller with an upper limit of below 50 pounds, expect to pay about $15 for a day. And for a double stroller with a weight limit of 100 pounds, that costs $31 (prices may change so be sure to check when planning your trip).

There’s one little rule you need to know about Disney stroller rentals: you can’t leave any of the Theme Parks with a Disney-owned stroller. You’re required to leave the stroller when exiting and pick another one at the next destination. Pro Tip: You’re supposed to show the Disneyland Stroller Rental receipt at the next destination so you can get another stroller. It means you have to keep that receipt nice and safe.

Are Strollers Rented from Third-Party Providers Allowed at Disneyland?

Yes, strollers rented from third-party providers are allowed at Disneyland, but the stroller’s dimensions shouldn’t be larger than the permitted stroller size (32″ wide and 51″ long).

In Florida, talk to ScooterBug, a Disneyland partner that’s authorized to rent out Disney strollers. For some reason, this company offers rental strollers at a cheaper price than what you’d pay if you rented directly from Disney parks.

Another nice thing about ScooterBug is that the company delivers the stroller to your hotel room whether you’re in the room at delivery time or not.

Other third-party stroller rental providers include Magic Strollers, Kingdom Strollers, Orlando Stroller Rentals, and Best Price Scooters and Strollers. All 4 companies will deliver the rented stroller to your hotel room, but they need you be present in person to pick the stroller. This can be a little inconveniencing, but it’s not too bad.

Using Non-Disney Strollers Makes Lots of Sense Sometimes

BabyQuip Quality Provider is another company that helps with stroller rentals. If you don’t want to bring your stroller and don’t want any of those Disney’s cheap plastic ones, you can always turn to BabyQuip Quality Provider.

This business connects parents and other caregivers with local stroller providers so they can pick a stroller that’ll fully meet their needs. One great reason to use strollers from non-Disneyland providers is that you can exit the Theme Parks with your stroller anytime. And you won’t have to worry about small probabilities such as losing your Disney rental stroller receipt.

Rent a Cinderella Carriage and Give Your LO a Memorable Experience

If your little one wants to feel and be treated like the princess or prince they are, you can invest $300-ish and make it happen. One Florida-based company known as Fantasy Strollers rents out royalty-style strollers that look pretty much like a miniature Cinderella carriage.

The company performs a little regal ceremony for your princess, a real red carpet affair outside the place you’re staying. The exquisitely designed stroller works like any other stroller (rolls around and folds), and there’s a canopy to shield the royal rider ensconced below.

At the end of the red carpet is a sleek waiting for the little princess, and they’re driven to the Magic Kingdom while immersed in soothing fairy-tale music. It’s definitely not cheap, but certain experiences are worth more than the money spent to enjoy them.

5. Cast Members Can and Do Move Strollers Around

Strollers eat up space especially when not parked thoughtfully. And it’s normal for Cast Members to shift strollers around to solve congestion.

If there’s no way to quickly identify your baby stroller come exit time, it’s easy to think someone stole it. It’s a good idea to mark your stroller in some way to make locating it easier when it’s time to return it to the provider or travel back home.

You can tie a balloon on the stroller’s handlebar or use a ribbon, a colored paper with your family name and contacts, or a piece of fabric with your details printed on it. You can then sew the printed fabric onto the canopy, handlebar, or any other conspicuous location. You want to use easy-to-spot colors such as neon green.

6. Don’t Leave Any Valuable Stuff on a Parked Stroller

Your smartphone, credit cards, iPad, or anything else that means a lot to you shouldn’t be on the stroller when you’re not there. There are all kinds of people in all kinds of places, even in places such people shouldn’t be such as Disney Theme Parks.

You sure can leave a sippy cup on the stroller, or perhaps of half-full bag of cookies, a diaper diaper bag or baby wipes. But everything else needs to be hidden somewhere else such as in your pant’s or jacket’s pockets.

7. Don’t Use a Stroller on an Escalator; Use an Elevator Instead

Disneyland and many other places that care about the safety of kids, parents, and everyone else ban strollers from escalators. While stroller accidents on moving escalators don’t happen every day, they do, and they can lead to serious injury for the tiny passenger, their minder, and other escalator users.

However, you can use a stroller on an elevator because it’s safe. You and your stroller aren’t moving, plus the stroller and baby sit on a level surface. And there are no moving steps to roll onto.

8. No Open Strollers on Buses and Parking Lot Prams

Most people travel from their hotel rooms to Disney’s Theme Parks via buses. Before getting on the bus, you must collapse the stroller. Of course, you need to get baby out first. Also, open strollers aren’t allowed on parking lot trams. If you pack light, folding the stroller shouldn’t be much of a hassle, assuming your stroller is the type that opens and closes without you fighting with it for an eternity.

Do you know where you can keep your stroller open during transportation? On Walt Disney World’s monorail. The monorail makes traveling a breeze between the Ticket & Transportation Center, EPCOT, the Magic Kingdom, and hotels in the vicinity.

5. Tips to Make Your Disney Trip More Enjoyable

1.While you can rent a stroller at Walt Disney World, it’s not always the best idea. You can’t leave any of the Theme Parks with a Disney stroller. Plus, you have to display the receipt at the next destination.

2. Marking your stroller in a conspicuous way helps deter stroller theft and also helps you pick out your stroller at the end of your stay.

3. Florida gets showers pretty much every afternoon, so be sure to bring a stroller rain cover. If you don’t have a rain cover, you can use a poncho. Bad Florida weather gets even the nicest strollers soggy. And wet strollers are a great way to kill all of the day’s fun!

4. If you choose to rent a Disney stroller, that’s fine. But remember to store that little receipt in a safe place on your body for stroller access at the next destination.

5. Leaving things you value on a stroller at Disneyland is a bad idea.

Final Thoughts On Using a Stroller at Disneyland

Now that you’re familiar with stroller rules at Disneyland, you can plan your next trip better. Remember to prepare for the consistently stormy Florida weather by packing a good stroller rain cover.

Also, find a way to mark your stroller so you can pick it out easier when the time to go home comes. Consider leaving your $1000 stroller at home and rent a third-party-provided stroller. It’s cheap and convenient. Disneyland rents out strollers, but they’re not great quality, and you can’t use the stroller outside of the parks.

I hope your trip goes well and that you build lots of pleasant memories while there.

Author: Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being Ricky's wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. <a href="">Visit my Facebook profile here</a>, and this is my <a href="">LinkedIn profile</a>, and here's my <a href="">nascent youtube channel.

Esther Moni

I'm Esther Moni, a proud stay-at-home mom and a psychology graduate of the United States International University (USIU) . I hate it when anyone calls me a housewife, because what does housewife even mean? Being a mother of two babies and a pup, Bailey, as well as being a wife tires me to no end, but I still manage a smile at the end of it all. And when my boys aren't done doing mischief, I juggle writing a post on parenting or baby gear performance for this blog and running my little counselling office based out in Nairobi. Visit my Facebook profile here, and this is my LinkedIn profile, and here's my nascent youtube channel.

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