Balance Bike or Training Wheels for Kids?

balance bike for kids

Balance bike or training wheels for toddlers? Any time a discussion about balance bikes vs. training wheels comes up, controversy almost always brews. As I put together this post, my main goal was to help parents sitting on the fence decide whether a balance bike is better than a pedal bike with training wheels. Related: …

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Balance Bike or Kick Scooter for Toddlers?

bike vs scooter which is better

Your kiddo has given you every indication they want to be like every other kid in the neighborhood. They’re now mature enough to wheel around on some two-wheeled contraption. But what will it be, a balance bike or a kick scooter? Is a balance bike better than a scooter for kids? This the main question …

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How to Choose a Balance Bike for a Kid

Many parents out there learned to ride a bike on a regular pedal bike. But this doesn’t mean your child must learn to ride on a regular pedal bike, with or without training wheels. A balance bike is a great way to help a child master balancing skills as well as basic motions such as …

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What’s a Kids’ Balance Bike

this is a balance bike

A balance bike is the first-ever bike for most kids. Riding a perfectly fitted kid’s balance bike is tons of fun. Once your child learns to sit on the saddle and glide with the feet sticking out front or rested on the footrest, they won’t want to stop riding. But what on earth is a …

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How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Balance Bike

If you’re patient, can spare a little time, and have an-eager-to-learn trainee, you can teach your kid to ride a balance bike in 10 days. Or up to 12 months if they’re too young. Riding a balance bike is a great way to master balance and coordination skills. And these two skills transfer nicely to …

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Hoverboards for 8 Year Old Kids

With the best hoverboard for kids, your kiddo will want to get out more rather than remain the coach potato they’ve been since discovering TV. They’ll want to get out more and see the neighborhood. Or just socialize with other kids while enjoying motorized, colorful, wheel-y fun. Related: How to Choose a Kid’s Hoverboard But …

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Best BMX Bikes for Kids and Teens

If you’re anything like most loving moms and dads, you invested in a nice balance bike for your tot at some point. But that was then. Now, they’re older because kids grow every day. They want to graduate to something more serious. And they won’t stop harassing you until you buy them one of the …

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Best Kids Mountain Bikes for Recreational Use

Everywhere I look these days, it’s like lots of kids have decided that stunt kick scooters and electric scooters are cooler than mountain bikes. But if you think kids are going to stop asking for the best kids’ recreational mountain bike as their next birthday gift, think again. Because…not gonna happen. Also read: How to …

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Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Has your child been pestering you about buying them an electric scooter? Don’t worry. It happens to all of us at some point. If the kids in your neighborhood are getting around on little shiny e scooters, your little one will definitely want to own one too. It’s the way it is with new-stuff-craving kids …

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