Can You Lose Weight by Riding a Scooter

Micro-mobility is here. And it’s here to stay. A growing number of us want to achieve more with less. That’s why more and more people are starting to kick scoot, skateboard, hoverboard, or e-scoot to work and a miscellany of other destinations.

Other than saving money and looking like you know what’s going on, are there any other benefits derived from riding a scooter? For example, can you loose weight by riding a kick scooter? This post answers the question you’re asking and uncovers a few more things you didn’t think you needed to know.

Can You Really Lose Weight Scooting?

Yes, you can lose weight kick scooting. Kick scooting is a fun mode of personal transportation, but it’s also a really effective workout. It works the glutes and a whole ton of other body muscles. Some even say kick scooting works more muscles than does riding a bike. And as shocking as this might sound, in terms of burning calories, scooting delivers better results than does cycling or jogging. If you ride a kick scooter for 45 minutes each week, that translates into a 1-pound weight loss.

How Many Calories Does Kick Scooting Burn?

According to a study done at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom, riding a kick scooter for 45 minutes burns up to 350 calories/hour. By comparison, walking expends just 149 calories in the same amount of time while cycling burns 270 calories.

Running burns 100 calories per hour more than does scooting, but running impacts the knees way more than scooting. Being a low-impact outdoor exercise that burns a decent amount of body fat makes kick scooting a great alternative to running.

Kick Scooting Amounts to Amazing Full-body Workout

Not every kind of exercise under the sun burns calories or works the body the same way. Kick scooting adds up to some serious full-body workout. It works lots of muscles, more muscles that cycling does. And because you can kick the scooter using either leg, that element of variety kicks boredom out of the activity. At the same time, you have to work on your balance, and this results in a stronger core over time.

Are you tired of paying hefty gym membership fees along with buying sinfully expensive athletic clothes and shoes? Are you looking for a fun outdoor activity that’s affordable, doesn’t require any kind of special clothes or accessories, and yet amounts to a really effective aerobic workout? Look no further than kick scooting.

Reasons to Start Kick Scooting Today

Have you been thinking of joining the micro-mobility revolution and start saving gobs of money while showing kindness to Mother Earth? It’s time you considered investing into a good adult kick scooter and riding it whenever an opportunity to do so presents itself.

Kick scooters aren’t expensive; pretty much any working adult can afford a decent scooter. There are $100 entry-level adult scooters, but better ones cost $150-$200. If you’re into purchasing the finest things life offers, be ready to spend $250 for a US-made adult kick scooter.Kick scooters are way cheaper than e-bikes and electric scooters.

Kick Scooting is an Environmentally Friendly Transportation Mode

And of course, kick scooters are substantially less expensive and way more environmentally friendly than cars. But there’s more. When you kick scoot to work or down to the local grocery store whenever you can, y0u won’t have to worry about parking.

Save Train/Tram/Sub/Bus Money

If you’ve been getting on the train, tram, or sub, riding a kick scooter will help you save lots of money over time. You won’t get rich by ditching the train, but you’ll definitely save money and improve your personal cash flow in some way. Besides that, carrying a kick scooter into and out of these public transportation vehicles is pretty convenient.

Save Time Scooting

This is a fact: kick scooting is faster than walking. The average person walks one mile in about 20 minutes. The average kick scooter speed hovers between 8-10 mph. In other words, someone who scoots gets to their destination much sooner than someone who walks there, saving time. Not only do you save time scooting to work and doing a school run, but you also burn calories. A 10-minute scoot burns as many as 80 calories, for example.

You’re Less Likely to Get Injuries If You Scoot Regularly

Riding a kick scooter requires you to place the hands on the handlebars and keep them there throughout the ride. But that’s the only thing you’re doing.

There’s also movement; you’re putting one foot down,pushing, and placing it on the deck for the glide before repeating the motion. If you keep alternating your legs instead of over-relaying on one leg, your overall balance improves significantly.

And do you know why people fall off bikes or when doing other outdoor activities? It’s because they have poor balance.

Want to Stick to Your Exercise Regime? Start Scooting

One reason physical exercise doesn’t result in consistent weight loss is that, well, physical exercise isn’t consistent. At least, it isn’t consistent for most people. All too often, people take up a new health-boosting outdoor activity only to give up a month or two down the road.

If you want to stick to your pastime whether it’s roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, or whatever it is, consider changing something about it. Instead of skateboarding all the time, start kick scooting some of the time, building freshness and change into your existing routine.

Some studies have found that varying a given type of exercise in some way makes it feel more satisfying. And when you derive greater satisfaction from an activity, you naturally want to do more of it. In the end, it becomes less likely that you’ll want to quit that activity.

Do Kick Scooters Count as Exercise?

Yes, kick scooting (not electric scooting) offers a great workout. It’s an activity that works a whole bunch of body muscles including the glutes. It’s a heart-rate quickening kind of exercise, one that expends energy and boosts fitness without making the body feel like a massive tank rolled over it. And when you start going up hills on a kick scooter, that amounts to some really decent cardio in the final analysis.

Scooting is a low-impact type of exercise that impacts the muscles less than jogging and cycling do. Sure, scooting burns less fats compared to doing a good run, but running impacts the knees and other parts of the body more. And no, kick scooting is good for the knees, unlike running, jogging, and cycling.

When is the Best Time to Kick Scoot?

Any time is a good time to ride a kick scooter and lose weight or get more fit or whatever. But we all know no one came to this side of the Milky Way Galaxy to kick scoot their entire lives!

That said, there’s always enough time and opportunities to scoot. Why not start doing the school run with your kids every morning and see how you like it? Believe me, they’ll love you more for doing it with them, and the parent-child bond will get even stronger.

Lunchtime is another great time to scoot around. Many people just want to walk into the fast-foot place around the corner and order junk. Because junk food is prepped real fast and tastes good enough.

Instead of behaving like everyone else, why not hop on your kick scooter and look for a restaurant that makes real food, healthy meals? When you scoot around looking for real food, that readies the body’s systems for nutrient absorption, helping you get the most energy out of every meal. Aside from this, after you eat a healthy meal and are full of energy, you’re less likely to want junk food.

It gets even better: some studies suggest that engaging in physical activity after lunch (scooting and other kinds exercise) may improve heart health.

Any other good time to ride that two-wheeled personal transporter? Yes! Ride it down to the farmers market and grab healthy foods for yourself and your loved ones. Do you attend any religious even on the weekend or other days? Scoot to the synagogue, mosque, church, or wherever it is you go.

Wrapping UP

Kick scooting delivers a whole bunch of benefits to the person who takes up the activity. This fun outdoor pursuit represents pretty much a full-body workout that uses the glutes and other body muscles, toning your body better than some other alternatives.

Not only does kick scooting help people lose weight, but it also helps them save money and time while boosting convenience.

Looking to buy a kick scooter for your kid or kids? There’s a vast sea of choices out there, and it’s easy to get down research rabbit holes and get lost…forever.

I wrote a detailed kids kick scooter guide to help you do just that: avoid getting confused and learning how to actually pick 0ut a good kick scooter for your little one.

It may not be the most comprehensive resource in the world, but you’ll at least learn the basics and avoid choosing the wrong scooter for your little angel.


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